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Tricks of the Trade

On one of my many sleepless nights, I was surfing through the blogging world[addiction!] when I stumbled upon this blog - My Silhouette - which I really really liked. It reminded me of when I had started blogging and the goals I had set for myself. In between, though, I think I didn't follow my own rules but thanks to Bess, I am back on track from here on, now. Here goes ...

1. Avoid The "Yellow Pages"
Blogging directories are a waste of time. Everyone wants more visitors, but it'sunsatisfying to look at page statistics and see just a bunch of random clicks. By not listing my blog on a directory, I can watch it grow through reputation and word of mouth. Having a few new stumblers everyday is much more exciting than 100 viewers just clicking through a directory!

2. Dress Code!
Less is more! The less skin showing, the more that is left to the imagination, which keeps people coming back for more. I've been turned off by so many blogs where the posts are just too long. Keep it short and sweet. The less I tell you, the more you'll want to know!

3. If I Don't Love it, You Won't Love It
You should love every post you put out there and want to read it over and over again. If you don't enjoy reading it, others won't either! Make sure you are proud of your post! Heck, if the post entertains the author, its bound to entertain others.

4. The Mom Once Over
Don't post anything you wouldn't want your mom to read. Avoid word vomit for a much cleaner page. This means swears, misspellings, and adult content. If my mother wouldn't be proud of my blog, I shouldn't be either.

5. Personal Lock Down
Do not get too personal in your blog for two reasons. First, it is not interesting to read other people's drama. Second, you blog is open to the public. Don't write about things that may come back to haunt you. Keep the personal things locked up in a private diary,not a public blog.

So do we all agree with her, or is it just me


This is a perfect example of how fashion keeps coming back and my clothes never go bad ;o) The cargo pants and top both are at least 5 years old [if not more] and since military print and nautica stripes both are in this spring ... voila! I paired them together. You like?

Cargo Pants - Zara
Top - Esprit
Necklace - Francesca's 
Shoes - Michael Kors

Have a nice Weekend, y'all!


  1. these 'rules' are exactly how i think.!!

    i especially hate reeeeally long posts- really distracts me and i can't be bothered to read everything!!

    Great post xx

  2. Interesting advice...!!

    You know what... blogs are so addictive and there is SO much out there that I don't end up 'missing' reading anymore.. Because I am still reading- just a different medium and a different genre.

  3. I love this list of blogging basics. A lot of them are so simple, but things that can be forgotten over time. Thanks for posting them.

  4. WAHOO! Thanks for using my post! Love it!!

    I am totally honored!


  5. Not just my mom , my entire extended family goes through my blog :-) you know how it works with relatives in India right :)
    Totally loving the shoes , why am I noticing the tattoo like now ?is it a new one ? nice nice :)

  6. I confess am not a writer but anyone who can talk,read n write can become a writer.
    i love the way u express.

  7. love those heels! they are so glam!

    btw, what does ur tattoo say?

  8. Sarah - Thanks! ... I agree with you on longg posts! I see them and get scared! :)

    Anita - Well, I like reading blogs but also books. It's not a replacement for me but I hear what you are saying :)

    Robyn - You are right! Tht's what I thought, they are easy but so easily can be forgotten!

    Lucia Del Pasqua - Thank You!!!

    Bess Seidler - Oh! Don't be silly. You totally nailed it with this post and it was definitely in my benefit to read it and share!!! So Thank YOU!

    Smrithi - Hehe! Sneaky! Naah doll it's an old one. Been there for almost 7 years now. YOU like?

    Mom - Mwah! I love you no matter what :)

    anks - Thanks! The tattoo is an ambigram ... is says LIFE if read striaght and Death if read upside down! :)

    Hippy Holly - Thank You :o)

  9. Like the rules, like the outfit. I esp like that you mix the footwear colors!

  10. diva, i must learn mix match from you!!!!!!!!

  11. I like :)

  12. Thanks Meetu Di! I think more than often I build a outfit ard footwear ;)

    Enid - Thanks Girl! So when are you visiting me ... to learn? :P

    Thanks Minal! :)

  13. Really? Your tattoo says that? awesome! Can you put a close up of the it? Where'd you get it done?

  14. LOVVVVVVVVE!!!! I love combinations like this... badass meets glam!

  15. I love, love this outfit - u not only combined different patterns but also different color families.. i admire anyone who can combine patterns...way beyond my capabilities!!I am going to steal ur gorgeous red shoes:-)

  16. totally agree! i try to follow a similar set on my blog
    check it out!
    xx jb

  17. Very true and wise! I've never even heard of a blog directory! I don't know, it's easy to get off track and blog for the wrong reasons like attaining followers. I want to do it because it makes me happy to be creative. If I'm not being creative then I'll know it's got off balance. Great post! xoxo

  18. anks - Will get a close up for you soon :) I got it done in Delhi ... 7 years back!

    Dusk - :) Thanks!

    Sonali - I am sure you disapprove of the red straps showing but it took guts from me to do that, trust me ;) ... and I am also learning and experimenting with mixing patterns .. It's been fun so far :) P.S. What's ur shoe size? ;)

    jb - Will drop by soon. Thanks for your comment :)

    Taj Acosta - Thanks! It was a good re-enforment to stay on the right track :)

  19. I love love love this outfit! Nothing matches but it does! I wish I had every one of these pieces!

  20. ur blogs, crisp n short... which make me cling here & again...
    keep d ravishing way!!!
    nywez nice neck-piece..!

  21. these are some cool tips..thanks for sharing..appreciate it!


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