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Refund, please?

Disclaimer: I am sick. I am grumpy. I use the words hate (thrice), detest, dislike and 'bloody' in this post. Probably my least 'positive' post ever. If you are having a good day, don't read it. If you do then don't complain, for you have been warned! 

I hate the visit to the doctor. Simply hate it! Detest it, actually! Why? 'coz ...

a) It forces me to face the reality that I am unwell ... a feeling that I absolutely dislike!
b) It makes me super-vulnerable 'coz I feel the doctor might know more about me, than I know myself. Also, 'coz he/she would be in my personal space [checking my breathing, heart beat, pulse, etc.]

However, what I hate even more than the visit itself is that when finally I manage to gather all my courage to face the 'bloody' doctor, he/she is not able to diagnose my ailment. Now what is that all about? Why are they the highest paid profession, again?!?! [Oh ya, 'coz they save lives!] It's not once, not twice ... this has happened to me enough number of times that different doctors [even in different countries] have had no clue as to what was wrong with me and kept prescribing me useless medicines [like I was their personal guinea pig]! And I can't even ask for my money back? No ... really! If they can't even diagnose me, let alone curing me - at least have the decency to give me a refund [and my blood back]! No? That's all the blood they sucked out of me...

While I was not in best of spirits, I did make a decent effort to look presentable for my Doctor's appointment. 

Jeans - Miss Sixty; Top - Macy's
Necklace - Flea Market (Ladakh)


  1. That is a lot of blood!! I hope you feel better soon..Ur top is really gorgeous and even on ur sick days you look far more fab than most of the bollywood babes..I will take ur hairstyle over Aish at Cannes:-)

    abt the shopping comment, the more I look at fashion, the more I want to buy:-)so blogging has been harmful to my wallet but good for the country;-)

  2. forgot to say, are those Fendi shoes?? wow!!

  3. Yeah, Im not the biggest fan of the doctor either..I try to avoid them as much as I can and feel as though i have donned the attitude of if im supposed to go that way then im supposed to go....

    lol, uhm...yes its not the most positive outlook but sometimes i think the more medicine we put in ourselves the worse we actually make it..i dunno i just dont trust those people in white coats ;)

    p.s THANK YOU SO MUCH For the follow hehe :D

  4. Tell me about it...

    Gorgeous shoes btw

  5. brrrr! Lot of blood!
    The worst for me, is when I have to go to the dentist...
    I'm afraid!!! And guess what? My boyfriend is a dentist... :-P

    Your Fendi shoes are to die for!!!!!!

    Have a nice day sweety and be well soon!!!!

    Many many kisses!!!


  6. Damn woman. This is what you look like when you're sick????? I agree with with what BSD says!

    You know? I've never thought about it but yes... you're right! Refunds should be given!! Maybe not from the blood bank...

    Also agree with your reasons why you hate visiting the doctor. I'm not big on the medicine either.

    Most importantly though... I hope you get better soon hon! Is it a transeasonal cold? Ongoing ailment?

    haldi (turmeric) in hot milk (preferably soy or rice)... cleanse that system right out!

  7. Doctors, Doctors, Doctors! It sucks being sick!! A visit would only be worth it if the doctor was as cute as McDreamy :-p

    I hope u recover soon. (have a lot of hot hot water.) And I can imagine your plight, because you have always had the hardest time with diagnosis and treatments. Not Fair!! Hopefully, you find a doctor who is GOOD or you naturally recover.

    Take care and keep dressing BRIGHT!

  8. Holy cow that is a lot of blood! Hope you're feeling better. I hate being sick too and avoid doctors and instead self medicate. Giving blood is such a nightmare, I'll make a horrible vampire. Love the top, perfect to perk up one's mood and the Fendi shoes are lovely!

  9. look at you, so pretty!
    nice blog, i like here!
    follow there please!

  10. You sure look good to be sick. Love the colors in your top... Oh and yes Tom Ford shades are my fav. :) Hope you feel better...

  11. Wow that is the best outfit I've seen going to the doctors in foreva! I drag myself there in yoga pants and a tshirt. uggh just thinking about it makes my sick! lol. Hope you feel better dear. xoxo

  12. Fabulous Dr's office! I give you credit for dressing up at all!! I'd wear sweatpants :)

  13. I went to the DR yesterday, and left feeling just as frustrated. At least you looked cuter than I did at your appointment.

  14. @ Everyone - Thank You for all your wishes. I am feeling a little better today! And I like to dress when I am sick coz it makes me feel better ;) Hehe!

  15. hahaha it's actually hilarious! I was in a bad mood and this cracked me up- esp the last part- bringing me back to my happy self!

  16. Awwww! I am glad! I am doing a little bit to social service here .. Hehe! But why bad mood darling? Some pissed you off? Want me to go give them a piece of my mind? ;) Hehe


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