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The Pink Wedding

I was never a girly-girl so I didn't ever have any imaginary 'perfect-wedding' ... but I always wanted [still do!] to get married in a church wearing a white gown with lots of lace and a longggggg veil! 

I am an Indian Hindu, and our bridal outfit means one of the bright primary colors and a walking parade of gold and diamonds [as many as you own!]. Don't get me wrong, I love our wedding customs and rituals equally but a white gown has it's own charm. It might have something to do with all the princess stories and western movies ... who knows!?

I attended my first Church wedding this weekend and it was oh!-so-lovely! A grand Catholic church, pristine marble flooring, beautifully carved wooden interiors, and a handsome groom at the altar waiting for his gorgeous bride [such a dream sequence come true!]. What I most appreciated was the planning and perfection with which the ceremonies eventuated [ Hindu wedding can ever follow an itinerary! Never!]. Everything was perfect. Everyone was on time. Nothing went wrong. The bride didn't run-away either :P 

Although we did end up high-jacking her limo. Flashback time again ... We were all informed that the 'Limo Bus' would pick us up and transfer us to the Church from the Hotel Lobby. For the first time, in the history of our 10 years of friendship, we all [5 girls and 3 husbands] were ready before time and waiting in the lobby [clicking pictures]. After few minutes a gentleman in a chauffeur uniform came and asked us if we were the the wedding party waiting for the 'Limo'? We all said, "Yes!". It's was a fully loaded real-ass-limo. We were all veryyyyy impressed [Obviously our friend was treating us as royalty]. Although some of us [cynics] did ask the chauffeur if he is abso-f-ing-lutely-sure that this 'Limo' was for us? We checked out itinerary again and it said 'Limo Bus', so we didn't argue much as we were über eager to start enjoying our ride [with some more pictures, of course!]. Only after few miles the chauffeur received a call saying that the bride was waiting for her 'Limo'. Damn! We had misunderstood the 'Limo Bus' for 'Limo'. We all knew we were in trrr-ouble. Our friend was not a 'bridezilla' [thankfullybut this was something that would definitely turn her into one. We turned the 'Limo' back immediately to the Hotel. One of my very smart friends [Priscila] suggested we get-off the 'Limo' a block before the hotel to avoid embarrassment [and the wrath of the bride!] and it was a good thing we did [Thank God, Pri!]. 

Remaining of the wedding followed by the 'amazing' reception [with delicious food!] went quite smoothly, contrary to any Indian wedding I have ever attended before. In an Indian wedding everything happens in the reverse order and something is bound to delay it or go wrong [the groom wouldn't be on time, or the bride would be stuck in traffic, or some 'very' important aunt or uncle would be missing to do their respective duty, etc. etc.]. We first have the reception and food and then the ceremony, which is only attended by the few guests who have the will and stamina to stay awake till 4:00am [some have no choice! :P]. Where as here I noticed that only few friends and family attend the Church ceremony. Although the parents of the groom were a little late in arriving but that didn't affect the timing of the ceremony. Everyone else joined in at the Reception to party and celebrate their union with some music and drinks, followed by an 'after-party' for the bride-groom and their friends! 

It was so much fun that I think it's worth getting married again [to my husband, it self!] :o) 

The Beautiful Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz

Delicious Cake

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to catch the bouquet! 

Debbie 'The Funny Bridesmaid' says,"Life is too short to have one drink at a time."

The Beautiful ... 'Beautiful' Bride

I know it has already been a longggg post and I am not sure if anyone is still interested in 'my' outfit of the day after seeing the bride! Clearly, I cannot beat her gorgeous flowing gown but here's what I wore ...

Dress by Tracy Reese

Shoes from a Local Boutique

With my Handsome Husband

With my fabulous friends

A crazy moment with the Bride & Groom


  1. vavaVOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!! You look GORgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. I was reading "yeah, yeah, uh-huh, true, lovely, how pretty, etc" then wham! Your photo!

    That blue! Your hair! Your smile! Your body!! Seriously hot Tanvi! Love your husband's coordinated complementary look!

    ...and what's uncanny is that I am about to post new pics featuring a wedding sari... hmmm... I do like white dresses but for me, nothing beats the vibrance of a Hindu hued wedding.

    My husband is not Hindu, we didn't have a Hindu wedding but not an 'anglo saxon' one either so I wore a best of both worlds sari! Asolutely bejewelled of course!

  2. wow!! I have to agree with Dusk!! ur outfit completely knocked me off!! u look absolutely gorgeous and I would not have picked a better pair of shoes to go with this dress..being a regular reader, I knew u have a good shape but this dress really highlights ur stunning figure!!

  3. I think it does have something to do with fairytales/ western romances ...I LOVE wedding dresses (though Indian weddings are a lot of fun too :))

    And do you always show up in blue on weddings? :)- Lovely dress though!!

  4. The wedding started on time?!!!
    wow I can't remember the last time I attended one of those weddings! :P
    Looking gorgeous Lady.
    And I agree with Dusk.
    i love hoe the two of you are colour coordinated.
    Oh and I lobe the funda, life is too short to have one drink at a time :D
    tTotally going to adopt it :)

  5. I love the church. Oh it is so beautiful. I love your outfit. Have already complemented you guys on fb.

  6. WOW, thats a crazy story especially the part about you guys getting her Limo..haha...atleast you'll have a story to tell in the future to the "grandkids"..hehe you also looked gorgeous..I love the cut of the dress you wore and that blue defiantly radiates wonders out of you :)

    Thank you for your compliments on my photography, its truly appreciated..and also for wishing me luck this week =] keep in touch !


  7. Hey Tanvi..... Looking superrrrrrrr! Loving the blue on you!!!

    -- Nandini ... (you know which one?!)

  8. You look AMAZING!!! GEORGEOUS!!!!
    This blue dress looks great on you!


  9. Lovely pics for a lovely marriage! Beautiful bride! Xoxo

  10. Wow! My jaw dropped to the floor. You look gorgeous! Hotness! :)
    Ditch your guy, marry me Tanvi!! (I am such a creep!!) Ha ha!

  11. Sexy flowers..loved the decor..whatever little you posted pics of..and u looked stunning..absolutely!!very pretty and so well coordinated with hubby!!he looked great too!!
    Miss you two!!

  12. Dusk - Wow! I haven't ever received a comment on my blog that was that long and that pleasant! Thank You! If a fashionista like yourself approves of my style then that means something ;)

    I do love Indian wedding. I really do. But since this was a rare occasion I was extremely excited and thrilled to be part of it :) Saree is,hands down, my fav. outfit!

    Sonali - Thank You to the power of million :) Blogging is so good for my soul. Haha

    Upasna- Haha! This was the second wedding I attended after my own. First was at a court where I wore a dark denim dress! Hmm so Blue has been my color. :P

  13. The Goddess of Boho - Thanks Doll! My husband will be very happy to get so many compliments from the ladies ;) That funda indeed is tooo cool!

    Kiran - Thanks! :o)

    LiNDSEY MAK - You are right. We, indeed have a story now! :) I am definitely going to follow your work. You are going to be famous soon :)

    Nandini - Thanks!!! And I know which one this time .. Haha

    Kelly - Thank You, babes!

    Cocó - Thanks!!!

    Deepti - Haha! You are funny and I am flattered! :P

    Megha - We miss you too babes! Thanks for all the compliments!

    kirstyb - It tasted divine too. Had 2 slices :P

  14. Hi Tanvi... can look pretty as well as write well...
    Is there anything that u can't do?

    U stole the show in your little gorgeous blue thing...
    It looks good on you or you look good in it...that's the question now...

    The wedding looks awesome too...
    Loved the decor and must compliment you for having the taste for details...

    The bride too looks drool-worthy
    Your husband compliments you to the core*touchwood touchwood*

    Awww...u make me wanna have a Christian wedding too now...
    My 10th year celebration just passed...may be we could cook up something similar for the 15th;-)

    In the meantime...stay gorgeous and stylish as you are

    P.S. Also loved your shoes:-)

  15. Taj Acosta - *blush*

    suruchi - Hahaha! You are so sweet! Well there are a lot of things a cannot do but I never tell people what those are...hahha

    I was attending my first church wedding! You shld totally try it for your 15th Anniversary! Would be so cool...

    My husband also like to dress in co ordination with me. He is very sweet that ways.

    Keep dropping by and making my day! P.S. You write so well too ...!

  16. Congratulations to Mrs and Mr. Ruiz and may they experience BLISS throughout their wedding.

    The cake is are sweet...bridesmaid is is memorable..husband is WOW...friends are 'awwww'... crazy expresion= PRICELESS :-p

    Limo experience is hilarious! Right out of the movies!

  17. OH MY! How can I forget...THE BLUE DRESS IS BREATH-TAKING!!!!! I LOVE IT!

  18. Fabulous! And I love how yours and your hubby's outfit matched.

    I love Indian weddings... I guess the best weddings I shot were Indian weddings. I love the colors and the customs. There is never a dull moment in the whole ceremony.

  19. Love the write-up! I love your outfit and how it coordinated with ur hubby's tie! BTW, what happened to the tatoo on the foot?

  20. ohh lovee the way u described it ... i tol u ur too good !! i felt i ws in the limo the wedding church !! :P n the decor n d flowers so fab!!! n u bth myy hott couplee !! love ur loookkk :) p.s i love ur shoess !! :)

  21. BTW, your dress for the wedding is one of your best outfits ever!!

  22. Anita - MWAH! You always make me smile. I love your comments and always look fwd to them. The wedding was perfect!

    Leah - Thanks! Yes, true .. Indian weddings are full of fun and drama ... Never a dull moment FOR SURE! Love them for sure.

    Meetu di - Thankssssss ... Hehe! Yeah we did nail the perfect-coordinated-couple-look :P The tattoo is on the other one! P.S. You can't see but I am *blushing*

    Soms - Thanks! I am glad I lived up to your expectations. I love dressing up and so does my hubby! :o)

  23. THAT Dress is the business!!! You did that girl! You did that!!!!!!1


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