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Phew! ... Finally :o)

Nice shot, eh? ;)
Dress - Gift [Aunt '09]; Cardigan - Calvin Klein [Dubai 1999]; Belt - Express [08']; Shoes - Tehran [07']

Pendant - ASOS [10']; Husband - Delhi [07'] Haha!

I love college campuses. I have been to a few on them while visiting my friends or cousins all around the world. I love the energy and the young crowd. Besides, I love people-watching [hobby!] so it's always interesting to see people running around, getting to their classes, grabbing a coffee, meeting friends. It's the best place to catch some 'serious-street-fashion'. Sometimes I even wonder how these 'poor' [pun intended] students have so much money [and time] to spare on fashion? I seriously didn't. 

Last weekend was my husband's Graduate Convocation Ceremony. He is 100% a Ph.D now [Yay!]. The above outfit is what I wore and below is what other guests wore [strangers!

A reallly old lady - I luurrvved her hat!

No Comments!
Really? For a Graduation Ceremony?
Now ... her I liked. You?
At least was venue-appropriate!

Wish I could take more pictures of the crowd [there was an interesting mix of people there] but we were quite busy posing ourselves and clicking my dear husband in his robe :) He is very 'picky' when it comes to his pictures. So I will have to take his permission before I post any of 'his' pictures! Till then make do with this mobile-clicked-shot which I know he approves *wink*



  1. YOU look fabulous but of course...! Love the first shot!!

    You get really good gifts from aunts, etc!! they seem to know your taste or else you just make evrything they buy look fabulous!!!

    I know what you mean by campus grounds, it's all that "future minds and decision makers of our world" buzz in the air!

    I'm with you re the VPL Canary! What a lovely body she has, great back and shoulders but urgh... I don't like the material of that dress, it's awful unflattering lycra nylon mix!

    I like the blue/white dress... that would soooo fab on you!!

    Congratulations to your husband!! Is he going in to research or teaching (professor)?

  2. Love the first shot Tans! Look beautiful!

    And your dress is just gorgeous....I like that blue dress too...

    Oh, I would love to go back to further...just love the high energy vibrant environment..v unlike work! :) even if there wasnt enough money back then, life was funn..learning was funn!

    Anyways, congrats to Ashish! And wish him all the very best for his future endeavours!


  3. Firstly congrats to you and your husband for his Phd. Wow!
    I loved that hat. And you do look so appropriate.

  4. PHD ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I know why your hubby is a patient guy! :P

    I love your head band, and since I have a humongous thing for dresses, goes without saying I loved your outfit n the blue n white dress too.


  5. And oh such a douchebag to have skipped syaing... "Congratulations!"

    You can sue me. :|

  6. UT Austin? This campus I've been to, and I largely agree...I remember seeing girls totally decked up in very fancy clothes...I rem feeling *how much time* too ;)

  7. I am working at the MS Society of Canada. I worked there last summer and I really enjoyed it, and luckily they liked me enough to ask me to come back again this summer!

    That first photo of you is really wonderful! You look so pretty in that dress! The whole outfit is suited perfectly to a graduation ceremony. The yellow dress however... but tacky for my taste. But I do approve of the old lady in the fancy hat, and the girl in the blue and white dress!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  8. The first photo of you is great great great!!! You look soooo cute and pretty!
    Now about that yellow dress..ok! No comments as you said!
    But the blue&white, I think it;s ok for the occasion!

    Btw Congrats to your beautiful husband! :D


  9. Congratulations!!!!! I love the first picture of yours, you look like such a happy puppy! :) And the pics you took are so sun, the yellow dress very very inappropriate and it looks so tacky! Love the old lady's hat very funky!

  10. Congrats to your husband! Your dress was perfect for the occassion. I can't believe the girl in the yellow dress though, lol.

  11. I love the black dress! How appropriate for the occasion...!

    Congratulations to your husband!

  12. Oh you look lovely! And congratulations to your husband. I agree about the green dress lady and the blue dress lady ;)

  13. You look fab of course Congrats to your husband. You guys are such a lovly couple and it seems that you bring the best out in each other...:)

  14. Congrats!! PhD, wow!!

    u look fabulous and pefectly dressed for the occasion..I loved the white/blue dress..

    u travel a lot, Tehran?? that must have been very interesting..

  15. wow!! how cute you look and you two make a damn cute pair. Congratulations :)

  16. i second your assessments! and your dress is so flattering!

  17. I love your cardigan and outfit. Made you look like a sophisticated high school student :-)

  18. omg- girl with the yellow dress needs to be sent to the beach. LOL

  19. Love where you 'picked' your husband comment!!! You never ever fail to make me laugh ;)

  20. @Everyone - Husband says, ' Thank You for all your best wishes!' He is touched :o)

    Dusk - Hehe!!! Well the gifts I do not like or don't look good on me I pass-them-along to the 'needy' *wink* He plans to stay in research.

    Anu - I know what you mean :o) I would go back to college too, minus the exams!

    Kiran - Thank You!!!

    Cinderella - Thanks dear ;) My husband is indeed a very patient guy ;)

    Upasna - I know right? How do they have so much time in the morning? Unbelievable :P

  21. Ce qui m'inspire - That's great :o) You must be a hard worker!

    Kelly - Thanks girl! :)

    Hippie Holly - Hehe! Happy Puppy ... I like that :) Thanksss!!

    Sherin - Haha! I know right? Thanks :)

    Life! - Thanksss dear :)

    Leia - Thanks :)

    Tanya - Awwwwww! That's such a sweet compliment. I love it. Thank You!

    Sonali - Thank You! Thank You ;)

    jso style - *blush* Thanks!!!! *giggle*

    What Would a Nerd Wear - Thanks :)

    Meetu D - Hehe! ... I was trying to look Mrs. Ph.D ... I shall settle for the 'sophisticated high school student' look :)

    Kajal - I KNOW!, right?

    Minal - Hehe Glad to be at your service *wink*

  22. Hi Tanvi...
    The black dress looks made for you-falls down perfectly over your curves:-)
    And that pendant is absolutely WOW!

    Also fun to watch was the disaster in yellow:-)
    Needless to say you hubby looks like a dish himself
    Made for each other...touchwood!

  23. first things first.... i love your outfit!!! u l'il shopoholic!! :D
    Congrats to ur husband!!!

  24. Love the dress and heels. you look perfect !

  25. Congratulationss to Dr Ashish and you!! From whatever I know, you have been a very supportive and patient wife and you equally deserve a pat on your back! And tell him, HE LOOKS CUTE in the robe...'seedha saadha GENIUS'.

    First picture is sweet. Anish peeked into my screen and added: "She looks so NICE!" :-)

    Liked blue dress stranger.

  26. Shit! Shit shit shit!! TANVIIII (ROARING FIERCELY) Why the hell didn't you let me know somehow anyhow that you were going to be in Austin!!! Shit!! I was there for my friends grad ceremonies!! Shit!! Grrrrr!! We could have met and clicked a shot or two! :( I'm going to cry a bucket now.

    P.S.: You look gorgeous. But that won't help my sadness.

  27. congratulate Ashish on his graduation!

  28. suruchi - Thanks :o)

    Spardha Malik - Heehe! Yeah! you got that right - Shopaholic = Me ;)

    Deepti - Thanks girl!

    Anita & Anish - *blush* THANKS!!! ANI U R THE BEST!

    Tamanna - Thanks! and sooooo sorry girl ... coming over to your blog and explaining ...

    Swati - Thanks :)

  29. Omg! Congratulate him from my side!
    Looks like quite an occasion.
    And you look lovely.
    I bet you looked like the hottest wife around, didn't chya? :)


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