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Perfect Sunday!

Which-Wich is my favorite Sandwich place in the whole-wide-world. This is the sandwich to die for ... to lose battles for ... to miss airlines for ... to cheat for ... [oh! ok, that's a bit too much but you catch my drift, don't you?!Day or night - I can have this whole thing all by myself - any time - any where! We had gone for a Sunday morning hike and from there we headed straight to have this delicious medley of veggies & pesto & hummus in mouth-watering-crunchy-soft-breakroll ... yummm! [I am hungry again! Darn! It's closed at this hour!]

Top - Banana Republic [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty - [London 09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']; Belt - Gap [10']; Shoes - From Tehran [07']

After that filling brunch-sandwich we indulged in some shopping [and second day in the row I didn't buy a-single-thing *drum.roll*]. In the evening we chilled at Starbucks with some friends who were visiting my city with their family. This is what I wore for coffee on a warm-summer-evening :o)


  1. Such a simple outfit, but so chic! The shirt looks fantastic, and the necklace adds great detail!

    That wrap looks amazingly delicious. I could totally eat one right now even though I just ate my lunch.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. beautiful necklace!;)

  3. These photos are so pretty! I love the simple outfit ;)

  4. You make simple things stand out- The necklace, preeety sandals, simple shirt, even the sandwich stands out. For me you a supermodel.

  5. I really love that necklace on you:)

  6. I love the tan belt. I have one I diiiiiiiggggg it to the zilch!

    The best thing I like about your style sense is that your nude make up gives the whole ensemble a wonderfully chic look. Very few ppl can pull it off.

    And hey, I love sandwiches over almost anything. So you are so taking me to that place when I'm there!

  7. I have had that kind of emotional attachment to a sandwich... I like to believe we all have.

    LOVE the fab accessories and shoes paired with such a classic look. It draws your eyes all of the place.

  8. Love that necklace you are wearing..and I have the exactly same belt from GAP only..I wear it with everything - dresses, jeans, shorts ..

  9. that sandwich just looks delicious...I love sandwiches too..but the closest here is a subway...but i can imagine hummus and pesto and it must have tasted incredible....
    and this look of yours is my favoristest... i just love jeans...crisp white shirt look ... its simple but it totally rocks..and its so my are looking amazing....

  10. wow!! the sandwich really looks great and so do you!! the necklace looks very interesting..can you post some close-ups?

  11. Oh i love the sandwich! *this close to lunch time anyway*
    And very smart attire, iLike

  12. I misssss the sandwichhhh!!! I want one!!! I hope it opens here.

    Shirt it crisp and nice!

    U glowing as usual TANVIIIIII!!!

  13. Yummy yummy!!! Oh ! Why are you doing this to me!!!??

    WOW! The perfect outfit! Jeans with white top!! My favorite!!!
    You look gorgeous!!!
    Love it!

  14. Hi Tanvi
    First you put up a pic of a sandwich to drool into and then your own...
    Is that a deliberate attempt to confuse the readers and onlookers?
    Kaun zyaada delicious hain is as baffling a question as “to be or not to be” for poor Hamlet...
    *those shoes are ahem,;-)*

    That wich does look to die for...
    Why in god’s name all god things illegal, married or fattening?

  15. Damn I am hungry now too! Love the outfit and the necklace makes it perfect!

  16. Love the outfit, simple and chic...

  17. I want to have that sandwich. ;-) Tans pls send that over - looks absolutely delicious babes. Great blog - keep up the good work. xxx

  18. Everyone - Sorry for not being able to reply to everyone individually ... but THANK YOU :)

    Sonali - I will post a closer picture when I wear it next time. Don't have any right now :(


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