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Nothing is original! Really?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to sound bitter in this post. I am conveniently confronting the demons in my life. I know 'everyone' reads my blog and the guilty shall feel the guilt! [Am I mean or what? **]

Last year I had discussed the topic of originality. While few had agreed with my point-of-view, some also gave me feedback that - Nothing is original! Point being, that most of our thoughts are inspired and/or influenced by what we see/hear around us. Fair enough! But what about people who are blatantly 'aping' you? Are they being influenced or just plain-olé 'copy-cats'? 
  • I do not believe in numerology and neither do I want to act cool by adding an 'i' to my name. But as you might notice I have an extra 'i' on my website and email address. There is a simple explanation - Google needed 6 digits for me to form an email id, hence my friend Namrata suggested I make it Tanvi, I! And I did. That was back in 2004/2005. To maintain uniformity I used the same ID for the website as well. Now, what do you say when people around me whose name ends with an 'i' starts adding an extra 'i' to their names/blogs/websites?
  • I have been blogging since 2005. However up until January 2009, due to lack of confidence and discomfort-in-my-own-skin, I used to write 'anonymously' under a screen name of - Saanjhh! I also used this word [and spelling] as my nickname on MSN, Yahoo Messenger etc. back in the high school/college days. [The word means 'Dusk' in Sanskrit/Hindi language, and I found this word really poetic] Now what do you say when I see 'someone' I know using the same ID on their chatting portals? [I created this spelling, while most people would spell this work in English as - 'Sanj' ]
  • What do you say about people who copy your tweets and post them as their Status Updates on Facebook without any acknowledgement? ... And I do not mean 'Inspirational Quotes' here. 
  • What about the people who copy your passions/hobbies/interests. Suddenly your hobbies become their area of interest and everything you try ... they follow you ... and claim it was their idea first and that they 'always wanted to do it, but just got started'! Surprisingly the timing bang-on coincides with you! *cynical.eye.roll*
  • Lastly, what about the people who shamelessly go out there and buy the exactly same things they saw in your house. Including, doormats, shower curtains and table covers! Really!!!
What does one do about such 'copy-cats'? How would you confront them? What would you tell them? Wanna share?

Jacket - Macy's ['08]; Top - Urban Outfitters ['09]; Shorts - Gap ['09]
Gladiator Sandals - Stolen [Mom's]
Earrings - Gift [Mom] ... (Grand Canyon as the backdrop)
With my Fabulous Family [Dad missing and being missed *sad.face*]

Care for a Joke? Anyone? 
Advertisement in the news paper - 'For Sale' Complete set of Encyclopedia in good condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Got married. Wife knows EVERYTHING!


  1. I love the detail on your top! The bow is really cute! The backdrop, however, is amazing! Stunning scenery.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Love those sandals! What a steal! :-)

  3. p.s. I am baaaack! All of a sudden my comments are getting accepted again...yea!

  4. love the outfit of the day - as always. don't worry about the copy cats. they just don't have any personality of their own. that's the only conclusion i can come to. it's the exact reason my kitchen is now orange and not the red that i so loved. and i have to say, the orange is way better!

  5. owww this is freaking smoking hot women , i am practically whistling here :-)

  6. nice post. :) I know what you mean. Its important to provide credit to the source. Only ethical people do that I guess. You are looking fab as always. I am your new follower, really enjoy visiting here.

  7. I know this sentiment!! I had a bizarre experience when someone copied a testimonial I wrote for a friend and used it for someone else. I was sooo offended here->

    But the deal is atleast with digital everything, it's hard to keep track of people "copying" which makes it extremely disconcerting! In Uni however, people used to get a zero if they copied, used to make me feel sooo good :D

  8. You're looking ultra cool in this one! :)

    Hmmm...about the is very irritating. Perhaps, you can think of yourself as being so influential and soo inspirational that some people want to copy you.

    I dont know where that comes from...I havent ever copied anyone...(Inspired, yes; but didnt copy them) So dont know...but maybe you can take it as a compliment hun!

    Take care!


  9. Ohh Tanvi, you know wht hon, just ignore the copy cats or if they get to your nerves, what's sarcasm for daahling?! :P ;)

    Love the top. Love it!! You look hot in tis one!

  10. you look gorgeous in the third picture :) hope u had a great a time:)

  11. Well...what is they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, etc, etc, blah blah boring?

    Some people just have no clue let alone originality so naturally they monkey do as monkey see and...ape...!

    These are the same people that list celebrities as style icons, etc, etc. This is a world that thrives on aping, why else do we need models and celebrities to sell us things? Who cares if so and so famous wears this perfume when perfume smells different on everyone anyway? Is it because we hope to smell like so and so so therefore really...all consumers ape. Why does 'everyone' lust after 'it' bags? I mean, yuck... who wants to be seen carrying something that everyone else has?

    (I've had this happen to me to Tanvi, I've had my writing style 'stolen', hell, I've had my entire resume stolen and my resume was achieved through more than 2 decades of originality and actualisation and damn hard work. A 'friend' stole it and I only found out when a company I was already contracted by rang me to say that my resume was handed in by someone else... who happened to be my friend.

    Have also had this done to me with my hobbies. Also the way I dress but all these things don't bother me so much because well...they can't do how I do. Ya know?)

    So to sum it all up.. there are people out there who think you are the epitome and they want to be just like you. They can't do like you do so don't sweat it.

    BUT first... let them know that you're very flattered they think so highly of you that they would like to be you but like Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod*...there can be only one.

    Then cut them down with your sharp... wit. ;)

    You're one of a kind. We all see that.

    *please don't let me be the only one old enough to know this reference!

    ...and oh I do love your MSN name... :)... I am actualy named Dusk along with the Sanskrit name because I was born at 6pm.

  12. By the way...your quads too make me cry. In a good way :) Gorgeous!

  13. The girl who stole "Saanjhh"!May 25, 2010 at 2:10 AM

    You can say .... "You stole my nick bitch!" :P

    In the copy cats defense....

    People only copy or imitate people they think as superior / better than them.

    In most cases this is due to the following reasons:
    1) The person thinks of you as super cool and is trying to be like you to impress others around him / her.
    2) The person has zero confidence in themselves to be original.
    3) The person just plain simply likes something in your life (nick, doormat, dress, shoe or even a food dish you cook) a lot and making that a part of their life.

    Whatever their personal reason for imitating you, copying is never done out of spite or hatred or jealousy. People only copy people they are in awe of!

    How do I know this? Simple...I used to be one of them!

    These days I get a load of compliments for my witty and spontaneous status updates, punchlines, jokes etc. At the same time I also see a lot of people copying and using these lines...But since Ive been on the "other side" once upon a time, I take it more as a compliment rather than get upset about it! I have to be "uber cool" (as you say) for people to copy me! Right?

    I guess its just a matter of individual perspective in the end......

    PS - I thought your spelling of Saanjhh was very cool and hence never changed it....however in my defense, whenever people asked me how Id come up with this nick, I gave you credit and told them Id copied it from this really hot chick in my college!

  14. Love ur top and as usual u look awesome..I haven't been copied - People/friends have been sweet enough to ask me where I bought my outfit/shoes/etc and that they wanted to buy something similar. Then again, I don't have a rocking style like u do:-) As Dusk said Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..but I do understand it gets irritating after some time. So take a deep breath and cut these people out of ur life..I know it sounds really mean but why mingle with people who upset u??

  15. Okay...loads of things to say:
    In the first burn the screen!
    If my lap top scorches and dies...Can I sue you?;-)

    Your mom has great taste too..those earrings are cool n match to the T...
    And yes your mom n bro are super cute*someone, could I have drop dead gorgeous genes too, in my next birth?*

    And now what to say to the copy cats...
    Darling, you just gave her a whack across her face...
    And if she is still pursues...
    you have two choices:

    If she is malicious and just attention greedy:
    Avoid her like the plague! Some crap is better discarded or they tend to clutter everything that’s good!

    But maybe she's a genuine fan...if she is doing out of an 'awe' inspired by to her and set the records straight!
    If you don't like it...let her know to stop doing it!
    Take care:-)

  16. kool sandals gal! :)

  17. haha, love that joke!

    and you & your family are so cute :)

  18. Love love love your top!!!!
    The bow is really cute!

  19. I just try and let it slide. It's the internet, and there isn't really much I can do about it. Example, 4 different people have copied my Friday blog posts in the last two months. Well, 4 that I know of. Want to know how I know? They messaged me to tell me that they were going to be doing the same thing for their friday posts from now on, but that they would credit the idea to me in the first one. Okay.... what am I supposed to say? What right do I have to tell random internet strangers that they are lazy and should come up with their own ideas. So, I just let it slide. Or maybe I vent about it on posts like this. Just remember that this is out of your control. You can confront people if it will make you feel better, but if it won't then just let it slide.

  20. Hey did you know about this...

    You're listed here :)

  21. imitation is the highest form of flattery dahling ;)

  22. People may able to imitate the way you dress, your doormat or even your interests.... but they can never imitate you as a person (your personality, thoughts and life experiences. in marketing terms it's call "competitive advantage")!! Maybe nothing is original, but everyone is original!!

  23. Wow! Well, I knew I was being really outright and straight forward when I was writing that post but I DID NOT expect this kind of response. May be a little 'Ya Ya! Deal with it' kinda stuff!

    It sucks that SO MANY people have had this happened to them. I better suck it up and deal with it with my 'wit' 'sarcasm' and by just 'being-fabulous' as YOU ALL suggest!

    Imitation is 'may be' a form of flattery [for some] ... but it is also a form of 'robbery' ... sadly criminals in this case can't be charged 'coz you are not physically hurt. But at least letting 'them' know that 'I KNOW' that they COPY ME makes me feel better.

    I hope somewhere it is written that I have the right to protect my thoughts :) ... Oh! well!! now at least it's out of my system. Thanks for sharing everyone!

    Special mention - amy b.s., DUSK, Upasna, Sonali, Surubhi & Robyn!!!! [THANKSSS LADIES!]

    The girl who stole "Saanjhh"! - Appreciate it!!! :o) No hard feelings, I was only listing it as 'one' of the things I have had stolen. I do not hold any grudges, though!

  24. AND EVERYONE, who thought I looked HOT in these pictures! It's the magic of my brother's fancy Canon! I am still the same-plain-olé drab *modest.wink*

  25. This is something I have pondered quite considerably. I had a roomate in college who ended up being a total copycat on everything I did. She would buy the perfume I was wearing, started dressing like me, talking like me, wearing her makeup like me. It was annoying. I think people get obsessed with others and want to follow in their qualities, because they admire us at first. Although we all have some tendencies to copy certain things ( I mean hello, some people have amazing ideas that make our lives better) but then there are unhealthy copiers who are trying to steal your light and shine because they can't seem to produce it on their own. All I can conclude is that we must guard our most valuable heart dwellings, and do the best to shine out our talents and passions freely, whether or not someone tries to copy it or steal it is on them. Stay true to your gifts and the sun will surely shine on you for who you really are. And that is brigther than any copy could ever light.

  26. i loved ur copy cat piece....the eye rolling was the best part ;P

  27. Hello Tanvi! I am a fellow guest blogger for J's Everyday Fashion while she is away. Not sure about you, but I am totally flattered to have made her short list! At any rate, I wanted to be sure to hop over and check out your site. I am with you 100% on originality, which you seem to have completely going on yourself. This shirt caught my eye, among other things. I look forward to following along with you now and seeing more fun outfits! Best, Whitley at the Queen City Style

  28. 6Followed your recent tweet here; didn't realize how old the post was -- but it's a good one. People who steal other people's ideas are pathetic. They are so pathetic that I can't even get angry at them because the rest of their lives must suck. I wondered for years about the "ii" until you explained it to me in person. BTW, have a happy holiday!


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