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Maa is how we address 'Mom' in Hindi language. 

My grandmother, whom I call 'Amma' with affection, is the perfect picture of a 'cuddly-loving-protective-grandma'. She is someone who is always full of affection and compassion for everyone, no matter what time of the day/year it is! She has seen some difficult times in her life [and continues to face them even today] but the smile from her face has never weathered. All this time I have known her, I have never heard her complain or whine about life and its hardships. She is an example of strength and positivity. One of her most charming qualities, is her interminable faith in all her children [It's really cute]. Happy Mother's Day, Amma!

I often meet my girlfriends and hear about their persistent struggle to strike a balance in their relationship, with their Mother-in-Laws. However, me, with the risk of sounding providential and/or prosperous, would say that my Mother-in-Law is a very affectionate and caring woman. From day one she has welcomed me in her home and heart. She is a mother of two sons, hence has always loved and treated me like her own daughter. She too has seen some difficult times in her life. I truly admire her for how she overcame the obstacles and strived to bring up her children in an arduous environment. Happy Mother's Day, Mummy-ji!

I have already written so much about my mother. But the more I write is less. The way my father defines her is the best, "You have got all the intelligent and creative genes from your mother!" But I know today that I have got more than just brain & creativity from her. I have learnt resilience, patience, and poise from her. I have learnt how to stay young and yet maintain dignity. Most women are scared of the thought of turning into their mothers. Me?- I wish I do! Happy Mother's Day, Maa!



  1. love it, so perfect

  2. Touch wood for you! :) I quote ma all the time, and I suspect my dad would have similar things to say abt me and her...

  3. You're so lucky to have such a supportive group of women in your life!! Happy Mother's Day to you! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. got a little lazy with the blog:-)

    u are truly blessed to have these three wonderful women in ur life:-)

  5. ohhh yess ur soo right !!! i lovee dis blog .. hope taiji read it too !! :) she wud be soo happy !!n ur rigght our grandmoms are sooo adorablee !!! :)

  6. Aww, so sweet. It's always a blessing to have strong loving women in our lives :)

  7. Hey been here first and really liked your stuff. You have a cool blog done with all pics (must say you look amazing in some of them)

    Will try to drop by often

  8. Great pics... wish my mom & I were that close...

    Mon Mode Blog

  9. Great post!
    Amma is sure a strong lady with pride and pious.
    Your MIL is adorable.She is full of praises.Loves to complements.
    Last but not the least,am proud 2 b your mother.

  10. Happy Mother's Day!! :-)

    What a heart-warming post :-)

    Yes, indeed, mothers are the BEST. They just understand and are our only TRUE GUIDES. :-)

  11. I call my mom Ma, and my grandmother Nana. Hope you had a lovely mothers day.

  12. Such beautiful pics. You have a beautiful family.:)

  13. This is such a sweet post!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful women in your life. (I think you're especially lucky to have a lovely mother-in-law who you get along with, hehe).

    I hope your Mother's Day was fantastic! xoxo

  14. Such a beautiful post Tanvi hon... you are blessed but also deserving. Not everything is luck.

    I too am 'lucky' enough to have a fabulous mum-in-law. And my mother is just... the most amazing woman ever.
    I've always been more like my father but as I get older, I recognise that I am becoming my mother and that for me (as you say too) is an excellent thing.

    I am always humbled by my childrens love for me. I am lucky that they don't hold back in showing their love and affection. It happens. I've seen it happen with others.
    I have older children but age hasn't made them aloof, it's made them closer. My beautiful daughter and I have such fun together and my sons are just wonderful (ok so I'm biased but it's true!).

    I hope that I will be a mum-in-law that gets loved like you love yours.

    ps. is that your mum with you, bottom row, middle pic?

  15. Stacy - Thanks You! :)

    Upasna - Aren't we the lucky daughters ;)

    Fashion Cappuccino - Thank You and to you too! Hope you had a good weekend :)

    Sonali - Thankful to God! P.S. Miss You ard here!

    soomya - Thanks doll! I made MIL read it :) I hope she was glad! and Yes! Grandma's are the BEST!

    Hippie Holly -Strong women have positive influence, at least on me ;)

    Pesto Sauce - Why! Thank You! Please do drop by often ;)

    Zanah - :o) Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you again!

  16. Mom - I miss you! Come soon!

    Anita - You said it! They Guide us, Help us, Support us. We owe them everything :)

    Robyn - Oh Wow! That's good to know. Ma is universally common I suppose. I had a good Sunday. Hope so did you :) - Thank You :)

    Jennifer Fabulous - Hehe! Well I don't know about lucky or not. But I really have no reason to complain in my life :) Happy & Content!

  17. Dusk - You make my heart warm with your comments. May be I should put them on my post for the world to read :P ... You know I am quite sure you will be a fun and fabulous MIL.

    And you are right not everything is luck. One has to work towards making relationships work and try to focus on the positive and look for good in people!

    You are such an inspiration in so many ways. People in your life are truly lucky to have such a fabulous woman ard them :)

  18. Awwh this mothers day post is beautiful!! I love how you addressed all individual for the mother in laws lol...its a daunting aspect of meeting but if they love you, they just love you! :)

    as for the whole trying to keep up with the "sleeping pattern" lol yeah, its not going to plan..haha..:p

  19. Taaans babes!!

    I got access to Goo acc. So you can close the open option.

    That was super sweeet of you luv..thanks!

    Loved your post...thats so sweet. (Touchwood!)

    Also - wanted to add (though this isnt a post on fitness) that whoever has seen me after a while is telling me I have pulled down! :) I go yaaaayyyy!

    Though I started running a lil before I got hooked onto ur post....ur blog has helped me stay motivated and do it religiously :) and though a 30 min jog and an occassional swim is all I can manage, I have stayed at it!

    So thanks, and keep it up - your enthusiasm and positivity and zest for life...!

  20. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such fabulous women. And more lucky that you have a great relationship with your mom-in-law. Not all women are lucky as you.

    And I love how your dad describe your mom and you... intelligence and beauty are in your genes. xoxo

  21. Also Tans...Hope you count your blessings every night :)*touchwood again*

  22. Thanks for dropping by!

    Sweet post! It's great to have a loving family. My mum and I are close and I'm very thankful for that but I don't like my monster in law.

  23. soo perfect , the guess is kind of next to impossible :-)

  24. LINDSEY MAK - Thanks Gal! True, if they love you, then they just do :)

    Anuuuu - Yay! You finally made it. Super cool :o) I am so glad about your healthy life ... keep up at it! Mwaahhh!

    Leah - Thank You! I do Thank God always for all his/her blessings :o)

    Lucia Del Pasqua - Thanks girl!

    Sunaina - :o) Thanks for dropping by tooo

    Smrithi - Hehe! Will disclose the secret soon ;) Thanks babes!

  25. Lovely dedications here, Tanvi! I love your pictures in the green sari! Also, it's very difficult to guess who your mom andmom in law is from the tiny pics! :)

  26. Oh and your hubby graduated from UT? Wonderful? When? Which year? Which track? :P Oh and I loved all your previousposts too! Especially love the Kors shoes!! :)

  27. I love love love your blog!
    Your pictures are amazing and i just can't stop looking!
    Will be back for more :)

    Hope your can check out mine and maybe follow

  28. Tamanna A. Shaikh - Thanks Doll! He did his PhD in Pharmacy and graduated in Dec'09 :o) What are you studying?

  29. Kendr▲ - Thanks so much! Such a sweet compliment :o)

  30. What a great tribute to all these women!!!

  31. Meetu D - I hope they all feel the same way :)


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