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Lunch Date

If you had met me 10 years back I would have told you that I dread even the thought of 'married-life' because I believed life would change thereafter, and I might not like it. Phew! Oh! Well! I did get married and life has changed indeed, but I LIKE IT! [Here's why] You see, I am a Piscean and hence a dreamer! On top of that I love reading. [So what does that mean?] I fascinate about fictional situations from books happening to me in real life. I am loving my 'married-life' because [more than once] these fictional situations have come true in my life & It seems like magic ;) 

Today, I met my husband for a Lunch date at our favorite Thai Restaurant. That only happens in books, and movies [in my world]! Till today, it had never occurred to either of us [me or husband] to meet for a Lunch Date in between a working week. However, since two days I have been a little under the weather, my husband was making sure that I had a proper Lunch. Hence, the idea of a Lunch Date! :o) [We are thinking, may be we should make it a fortnightly ritual, if not weekly!

My fortune cookie today, read "Your ability to trust fuels your ability to love". Who all agree? ;) 

Below is what I wore for our short & sweet date! 

Black Cigarette Jeans - Urban Outfitters 
Kurta (Shirt) - Cottons (Delhi)
Faux Pearl Hairband - Target
Necklace - Gift (Mother-in-law)
Shoes - BCBG



  1. Ah! Shoes! I like...

    You look great!

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  2. Love the shoes! and great idea lunch dates are so refreshing- anything in a work week !

  3. what stunning shoes!! u so need lunch/dinner dates to keep the romance in the marriage:-) Hope u are feeling better..

  4. This is a cute outfit! The yellow is such a lovely colour with your skin tone, and I love the detail of the headband!

    And really cute date idea! Any time you can squeeze in time to spend with loved ones is always a fabulous idea as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully you'll get to have more of these dates in the future because it sure sounds like you had fun!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  5. I need more yellow stuff in my closet, your tunic is gorgeous!

  6. Too sweet!"

    PS: was going through your older blogs again and thoroughly enjoyed them!!! :)

  7. Lunch dates are gr8! Hubby and I have been doing them once a week for the last 16 years :))

  8. i love this post tanvi

  9. Amada - Aahhh! The shoes! My true love ;) Thanks!!!

    Upasna - Thanks babes!

    The Goddess of Boho - You have to remember I am sick :P So simple is the only way I could go ;) Thanks doll!

    Sonali - Thank U! Thank U! It looks like shoes are always a winner in my posts ;) I am going to go see the doctor today!

    Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks dear! Good to see you after so long! I did have fun. I am gonna be doing it often for sure :)

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thank You! Yellow is slowly starting to be my next to fav. color ;)

    Minal - Aww! Really! :) Thank U! Thank U! You always make my day, always!

    Meetu D - You two the love-birds I shld be followin' then ;)

    Sneha - Thanks! :o) Good to hear from you!

  10. aww lunch date hoe cute is that now :) love the boots and faux pearl i totally like :)

  11. Perfect outfit for a lunch date! :)

  12. Hey,get well soon my dear daughter!
    I want 2 c u all hale n hearty.
    Loved ur yellow tunic paired with smart shoes.
    C u soon.Bless you.

  13. Copyright your blog right now! :)

    You look like such a proper dilli ki ladki here :)

  14. Great realization! I love meeting my husband for lunch it feels so fresh! And fab outfit my dearest! xoxo

  15. Thanks for your lovely comment! Adore this outfit :)

    xoxo Maria

  16. Love the shoes. very hot! And great article btw, thanks for sharing :)

  17. Smrithi - Thanks :) My husband is super romantic!

    Deepti - Thanks dear!

    Leia - Thanks! Glad to have you here!

    Mom - Mwah! I will be hail and hearty by the time you are here don't worry! :) See you sooooon!

    RepublicOfChic - Hehe! I shld huh? :) Will do :P ... Dilli ki ladki ... That sounds good to my ears!

    Taj Acosta - Thank You! How lovely are you comments!!! ... and it seems all couples meet on Lunch Date except I didnt realise :P

    Maria - Thanks dear! :)

    jso style - Thanks for dropping by! I am glad you liked the article. It's so practical.

  18. so cute you guys had a lunch date!

    ps: I am a piscean too - and indeed a dreamer ^_^

  19. Awwwh you looked beautiful! Love the entire outfit :)

  20. That sounds so sweet! :-) So 'right out of hollywood"! (these things don't happen in bollywood without a dance sequence :-p) Ashish is a sweetheart!

    Hope u are feeling better!

    Love the yellowness and shoes are simply SMART!

  21. I love love love the yellow kurta, very very pretty and I love how you've turned a kurta look into such an interesting look. Lunch dates in the middle of the work week sound fabulous, something I want to include in my future.

    The shoes are gorgeous!

  22. A Casa da Vá - Pisceans ROCK ;) .. Thanks!

    Style, She Wrote - Thanks!

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - Thanks!! Missed you ard here.

    Anita... - Thanks my first love ;) Ashish is indeed the best ... He loves you too :P ...

    Hippie Holly - Inspired by your blog! I miss dressing Indian :)

  23. i still dread marriage...liked the attire. cool post :)


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