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In Love with Lace

Dear Bloggers, 

Please join Bloglovin'. I find it the best way to stay on top of all your posts! I won't ask you to follow me, [promise!] I just wanna follow you all as I do not like Blogger, so much! [Thanks!] And if you are already on Bloglovin' then promise! I am already following you there. 

I am addicted to blogging. I really am! My husband jokes, "You have so many new friends, please don't forget me one day!" [Funny, he is!] My Mom says, "You've found people who are like-minded and you all have a mutual-admiration-club going on!" [We really have a club going on, don't we? Should we start a membership, while we are at it? :P]

In regard to clothes, 99% of my clothes are bought from Sale! racks [I swear!] out of which 90% of them are under $25.00. Besides bags & shoes I do not spend a bomb on anything! I like good quality and I like a good fit  [never compromise on these two things!]. I also have an eye [and luck!] to always find it on Sale! Think about it, if I am gonna be shopping so much I really can't afford full-priced-items [and I don't trust previously owned clothing!]

I have recently started stating the year in which I had purchased the item I am wearing so that you know whether it's still in the store or not. Also this way I can 'show-off' my skill of 'how-well-I-maintain-my-stuff' *wink*

I love all the comments! It's such a 'high' to get feedback. I wake up and before I check my mail [or even facebook ... Imagine?!] I check the comments on my blog! [Crazy, eh?] However, on side-note please refrain from leaving 'idiotic-remarks'. They do not bother me but only reflect on your ignorance [or even arrogance!]. P.S. Anonymous comments are as good as no comments. They absolutely don't count!

On that note, let's check the Outfit-of-the-Day
Necklace - Gift [Mom]; Shades - Ray-Ban [My new ones!] 
Lace top - Silence & Noise [10']; Bag - Bottega Veneta; Belt - Louis Vuitton  
Pants - BCBG [10']; Shoes - Flea Market [London, 09']
Check out the pockets on these pants! 
I bought them against the will of my Mom & Brother! 
What do y'all think?


  1. Oh I love the outfit! Loving the shoes too! And thx for your suggestion about bloglovin. I've belonged for a while but I honestly don't use it. I find it kind of difficult to stay on top of all my blogs so I'm going to give it a shot now :)

    Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. every time i see such fabulous lace work my heart goes out ,for some reason i just cannot seem to find a really good lacy dress or top here , you look fabulous in this :-)

  3. I think the trousers look cool. I infact thing the pockets like these are quite interesting. And the whole outfit is super duper cool! On another note, I've had blogger for so long that I haven't worked as much on Bloglovin' though I am on it..

  4. OMG, I also check the comments first thing in the morning!! it is really addictive. Since I hit the malls pretty frequently, I buy stuff whenever it goes on sale or with coupons. The only time I buy clothes/shoes on full price is when I know I wont be able to breathe if I don't have the damn thing RIGHT NOW!!

    ur lace top is really nice and ur shoes are really cute. I cant see ur bag very clearly:(

  5. I can't stay away from lace too! Actually, don't own many lace pieces, few but good ones! They're especially give me inspiration for a next post :-)

  6. Okay those them pants are rocking the whole ensemble of you!

    And I love love love your shades. I have been scouting for a pair of shades for like ages now, but I just cant find something my heart would cry out loud for.

    I've never really been out on a mission to shop. Most of my clothes have been spotted n gotten in the spur of the moment. So if the things on sake gr8! but if not and I seem to be having a heart attack if I dont get it then other way but buy.

    After that I go find the accessories to team them with.

    About Bloglovin, it was blogger I started with n its been so since the last 5 odd years. I aint giving it up. But you still read me right? So I am gonna think you will make that effort in the future too.. :P

  7. I love the pants....something I would wear without thinking twice...and the look totally rocks...

  8. Infact I have a similar lacy top in black (sleeveless ) . Can you tell me how it can be styled...I have paused sleeveless for a while( my jumbo arms) and its very hot where I live to wear a jacket....and I want the beauty of the lace to yours :)

  9. following you on bloglovin.

    I love the whole ensemble- the net top, pants, necklace, bag, shoes- ooh la la

  10. I love this!! The lace, the POCKETS! ::whistles::

    PS. Biggest fan of bloglovin too :)

  11. LOVE the pants! Good call on picking them up, very very cool they are. The lace looks absolutely lovely on you ;))) Lace is all over the fashion mags but I haven't found a good one yet. The sunnies are fab too as is the Botega bag- posh woman you :))

    I love buying things on Sale, makes me feel like I've won a round against the store or some such :) A good bargain is a thing of joy!

  12. Those pants are worth the little disagreement that u may have had..
    Goes to show it always makes sense to go with your instincts:-)
    The look great on your little frame:-)

    And there's already a mutual admiration society formed...
    You didn't know about it?
    You are an active member of it n so are we;-)

  13. WOW!!! your shoes are just amazing!!! Love them!

  14. i liked yr look...the shoes & pants look realy nice...good work

  15. Loving the top half... sitting on the fence abt the trousers though... maybe coz its not my style... tried this look with a skirt? Or shorts?

  16. I love Bloglovin! And I love your outfit tooo :D

  17. I LOVE everything about this look!! On you and on me too!! (as in I'm coveting all the pieces and WANT them!).

    You look so fab, sexy and kinda dangerous too...! I love the 'edginess' of the pants and I love lace mixed with 'edgy'.'m not good with Bloglovin! ;)
    I forgot I had it. I just use my Dashboard (blogger?) and see all the new posts... but the problem with following so many wonderful addictive blogs is that if you miss a day, you have soooo much catching up to do! I mean it's now 1:42am!!!

    I love what you say. Everything you say I'm always nodding my head in agreement. I'm like that with clothes too. Oh yes I have many designer items but I too know how to shop.
    ...We're like sales whisperers!!

    I do actually op-shop purchase a lot, I like the concept and execution of recycling.

  18. I love these pants! I have almost identical ones from Benetton in a dark taupe color.

    As a person who likes to buy clothes I can keep for a long time, I am loving your idea to include the year of purchase! It's easy to run out to H&M and buy the latest maxi, but it is much more difficult to still rock some dress you picked up 10 years ago and still make it look fresh!


  19. loving the lace top sweets! the shoes are pretty fricking killer too! xo- karrie

  20. I want the PANTS!! I so so so want them! Will they still be in the store??? If you ever bored of ur clothes, im a PING away :-p (only if i FIT into them!)

    Can't wait to go shopping with u in Bombay or London..there are hidden treasures..and i huntttt for things and I know you wud surely have the patience and not go only to the tried and tested places.

    Shoes wow me every time and so perfect with the OOH LA LA..drool drool bag! :-)

    For me my most precious clothes are the ones that I have got a good deal or i find "value-for-money' (in my eyes ). And sometimes they can be as reasonable $10! Keep up the smart shopping!

  21. I am in love with lace too! That top is amazing, and it looks fantastic on you! Plus I love the colour of your shoes and bag! They look so pretty with the cream colour of the lace.

    I think the pants are pretty cool! The pockets are ridiculous (in a good way), but I don't think they're the kind of thing I'd wear because they would add a lot of volume to the already-widest-part-of-me. They look great on you though!

    I just joined bloglovin' (hopefully I'll be able to figure out how it works), so you're welcome to come follow me now!

    I love sales clothes!! I try to buy most of my clothing on the cheap (even when I make my own, I always look for fabric in the sale section first), so that every once in awhile, I'll be able to shell out a little more money on something really special (usually a dress, coat, shoes or bag - those are things that I think need to have a little more money spent on).

    I think you should try to get over you thrift-phobia! I know that I went through a period of not wanting to wear someone else's old clothes, but now I like to think of it as having a piece of clothing that has a history! Once you get used to the idea of vintage/thrift, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Every trip I take to the thrift store is like a treasure hunt, looking for the pieces of clothing that are in the best shape, have the most character and fit me well. I have found some amazing wardrobe staples for dirt cheap at places like Goodwill and Value Village. If you're nervous about thrifting, maybe start with something easy like a pretty silk scarf. And make sure that you wash everything before you wear it!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  22. I am enjoying the date of the outfit as that info adds a whole new dimension to the clothes.
    Speaking of membership, there must be some way to make money off the number of hits you get!

  23. Tanvi my sweety!! Loved reading the point by point notes. I am on Bloglovin too and I think it's great!! I could have been addcited to blogging just like you but ugh grad school! And yes, we should definitely start a club of desi bloggers in US or something (lol it sounds sooo cheesy !! ) but seriously.

    Love your pants. No regrets. :) The shoes are fab too!!

    And I love your honesty about buying stuff from sales racks.

  24. Love love love it! Especially the lace tee. Oh the styling possibilities...(imagining myself wearing it right now)


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