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Here we go again ...

I love traveling. I really really do! I have been busy with family lately. So excuse me if my posts are heavy on pictures and light on words. But hey! 'pictures are worth a thousand words' Right?

I wouldn't bore you guys with a lecture on 'Light traveling' but...
...can I just say 'light luggage->lighter load on planes->lesser fuel used->cheaper tickets-> FACT!
I love this Jacket [Macy's] and I love this Dress [Banana Republic 09'] and I love my very comfortable slip-ons which I refuse to throw! [Aldo 07']
Specially dig the elbow pads and the box-pletes at the back!
Reached our destination! Time to wind-unwind-wind
It's vegetarian; It's healthy [well, relatively ;)] and D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.


  1. That jacket has some really awesome details! And I love how summery your dress is! The colours are just right, and it looks like it would be something really comfortable to wear on the plane!

    That veggie burger is also looking delicious right about now, which reminds me that I need some food. Talk to you later!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Love the dress the jacket is really special! Ah I should kidnap you when I need to pack or keep repeating your mantra 'pack light pack light'. The burger makes me hungry need some food now!

  3. Great pictures. Vegan burger looks yummy!

  4. Hope you have a nice trip...
    Love your maxi dress!
    Looks great on you!

    Have a nice weekend sweety!


  5. I love your style of dressing and your style of writing. Awesome..

  6. I love travelling too! And your dress is awesome, I'm looking for the perfect maxi but it's so hard to find them!

  7. Love love love the jacket!

    And tech me how to light oack wouldja?! I seem to never get it right!

  8. love ur maxi dress and ur vest..cute look for summer!!

  9. deeee..hvnt been able to leave any comments off lately but have read every single post +every single word. there were lovely posts.
    btw love ur maxi dress.. these are my seasons most fav....
    happy weekend and nice time with family...say my hi to too too....

  10. Damn I love cutaway styles on shoulders like yours! Have I ever mentioned I love your shoulders? Very sexy shoulders! long are you going away for? an hour????????? I obviously do not know the meaning of packing light.

    LOVE the jacket and the bag hon.

  11. I'm the worst case for traveling light though I was able to do it last night... I packed 4sets of weekend outfits in my carry-on luggage which really made me jump with delight.

    You look gorgeous in your maxi dress and I love how you styled it with the denim jacket. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  12. I love travelling as well. It's so much fun. I love the waistcoat you're wearing, and that dress is so beautiful.

  13. nope, not watched it yet..Planning to go on Thursday..really looking forward to it!!

  14. I love your dress. So pretty!

  15. I also travel light. but sometimes it won't be that light on the way back........ wink wink ·····

  16. hahaha i love your reason for travelling light. LOL

  17. Ce qui m'inspire - You spotted all the good things :) Hehe! Thanks!!!

    Hippie Holly - Pleasure will be all mine. I really enjoy packing and organizing .. Hehe!!

    Style, She Wrote - Thanks :)

    Kelly - Thanks hon :)

    Kiran - Thank You!!!

  18. Leia - Thanks :)

    Cinderella - Will pleasure darling! Let me send you the link ;)

    Sonali - Thanks!!!

    Shilpy - Awww! Thanks babes! Glad to hear from you. All is well here ... will pass on your msg :)

    Dusk - Haha! Well actually for 5 days ... Thanks! I like my upper body in its appearance and lower body for it's strength! ... :)

    Leah - Thanks!!! :) I am glad you were able to pack light! ... Makes me feel happy too .... hehe

  19. Sherin - Thanks :) Traveling is indeed so much fun!

    Sonali - Oppss! Sorry~

    Le Sigh of a Fashionista - Thanks!!!

    Enid Amore - *wink* I know what you mean!!!

    Kajal - It is one of the most convincing reasons! There are more ... I will tell them slowly :P

  20. Everytime you talk about travelling light, I always wonder HOW! I think you have some magical power- coz i remember how u used to pack my suitcases. Basically, I can pack ANYTHING in this world, except woolens. I don't understand howwww till now- they just take up wayyyy too much space!

    Like the jacket and the BAGGGGG ;-)

  21. ooo that dress rally looks sooo comfy. perfect for travelling but what makes it stand out is the way you wear it ..With that cute jacket!!
    Love it again!!!! :) Really!!


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