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Hats Off!

This painting was so vibrant and eye-catching! I wanted to steal it from the Hotel ;)
Hat - TJ Maxx; Top - TJ Maxx; Skirt - Zara ('10); Slip-ons - Armani Exchange ('09)
In Love with my new Ray Bans ;)
With my ├╝ber-suave brother :)

So everyone knows I travel light. Right? ... I had packed this top to be worn with a pair of shorts but while 'window-shopping' I found this pretty polka-dot skirt for a mere USD 15.00. I couldn't resist and hence the 'window-shopping' turned into a 'real-shopping'. 

Also, those are hair-bands [black & blue] that I am wear on my wrist. So that I can tie my hair when I can't bear the heat [which happens quite often]. A Pony-tail is probably my favorite hair style! 

N.B. For everyone who comes here to catch up on my write-ups along with the outfit-update: I apologize for being a little lazy in writing! Pictures are real easy. Uploading them doesn't take half as much time as writing a decent short memoir! But I will be back, soon! 


  1. You are so cute! Love the ray bans and the polka dot skirt :)

  2. Taaansss!

    Love all those outfits! This one is sooooooo cute!

    The one before this pic...with that off shoulder top..Wow...you are in excellent shape!!

    Happy Family Time!

    And Tanuj looks fantastic :)


  3. looks cute, nice skirt looks cool,
    very nice post

  4. The hat, the sunnies, the dots.. You nailed it! :)

  5. I love the whole look and keep hairbands exactly like this too :)! And pls tell the suave brother- the yellow shoes look very cool! :)

  6. That's such a cute skirt! I love polka dots, and it was a fantastic deal!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  7. i love ur skirt!! big fan of pola dots:-)

    and dont worry abt Kites..have read the reviews so have a pretty good idea abt the story:-)

  8. Love the polka dots, so pretty! Love the sunnies too. Some hotel art is so fab I feel like stashing it with my luggage too!

  9. That's like the most IT color...and so hard to find the right shade of pink...! :-) (I eventually found one!!) Love the polka too! All in all, cute look.

    Can't wait to see your shopping here.

    Also, love the RAYBANS!!! ;-)

    Keep shopping!!

  10. SASSY!!! Love the hat and I'm still enamoured with your shoulders!!

  11. I know where you are in this pic also.:) I want that hat now!!!

  12. Great vibrant colors! Hope you are having a great trip dear! xoxo

  13. I love the top; the colour is so pretty. And the hat is gorgeous! You are seriously fast becoming my new favourite blogger: your outfits are always fantastic.

  14. I do that a lot too... using the hairbands to accessorize the wrist. I normally end the day with my hair in ponytails so I have to have my hairbands ready at a moments notice. I love the skirt and the hat. But most importantly, I love the very sweet smile. xoxo

  15. Dee- Hehe! Thanks!

    Anu - THANKSSS!!!

    style - Thank You!

    Ruhi - Love compliments from you girl!

    Upasna - Haha! Will surely let him know. He has recently caught the bug to buy bright colord shoes! :)

    Ce qui m'inspire - Yay! I like it more now ... hehe

  16. Sonali - I know you love Polka Dots ;) Thanks!!

    Hippie Holly - Wih they would let us take them, no? Hard to find the art which is in the hotels in real market ;)

    Ani - Pink! Pink ;) Yay!!! ... Will slowing disclose the shopping .. :P

    Dusk - I better hit the gym. Havent worked these guns for 10 days now ;)

    Tanya - Hehe!!! Oh Well my secret is safe with you ... Thanks girl!!

    Taj Acosta - Yes, I am ... tim ewith family is loads of fun :)

  17. Sherin - WOW! That's a compliment ... I am honored! Thank You ;) ... You are quite fabulous yourself!!!

    Style, She Wrote - Thanks!!!

    Leah - Hey!!! Really! Wow ... haven't seen a pic of you in a ponytail though!!! ... And thanks for the lovely compliment! ;)

  18. aah reminds me of my polka dot mini which I found so challenging to style with! You did a great job!

  19. Every little counts, I like :)

  20. Just looking thru all your recent "Outfits" and they are ALL super cute. Great style!!

  21. Love the hat, T ... :-))

    Not everyone can get away with that one, so nice:-)

  22. Minal - Thank You!!!

    Meetu D - Thanks! I had missed your comments on the blog!

    Anita - Hiii!!! Thank You!!!

  23. really cute outfit! You OWN this look!

  24. hey!Cute skirt!!



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