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Harmony in Fashion

Who sets these rules for fashion and styling? Who decides what you can/can't wear? And most importantly why do we listen to them? What I truly don't get is the concept of "what's in" and "what's out"! I won't lie, I do read a lot of fashion magazines/websites but believe-you-me when I tell you that I shop only on the basis of personal preference and good fit.

Here's a thought
- Everything you wear doesn't have to be 'in-fashion' but definitely has to be 'in-perfect-harmony'. The outfit should look pulled together and chic regardless of whether it's the punk or the classic hollywood look. I prefect to have one point of focus in my outfit. As mentioned before in one of my previous blogs, I work either with a color or with one specific item [top/skirt/shoes] while putting my outfit together. How do you do it?

Skirt - Gift from my very funny & sweet friend, Megha

Top - Urban Outfitters [Same as worn here

Nechlace - Francesca's; Belt - COS; Hairband & Bangle - Local Boutique [It's amazing how the hairband is matching my top! It was a pure coincidence and I hadn't even realized it up until now!]

Shoes - Really old, bought while traveling some place!

My husband called this a 'Hippie/Bohemian look while I think it's more like 'I am ready to-go-do-Tango! look :) [What do you think?!] This is my most favorite piece of clothing. My friend [Megha] gifted it to me [for absolutely no rhyme or reason] during one of my visits to the Motherland [again more than 5 years ago]. Since then I have worn it on numerous occasions and felt really sexy and feminine. In fact, every year I make special effort to wear it at least twice but not too often 'coz I do not want to harm the lace in any way! Below is an account of how I have worn this skirt over the years [these are all the pictures I could dig-up!]



  1. i am the first to comment again...yeahhh
    i like the skirt. You have the panache to carry it.

  2. You look gorgeous!!...and yes yes YES to everything you say (which makes that an agreegasm!!! eek. sorry. :D). "In-Harmony" is how I too dress and sometimes that means breaking all these so called "rules".

    I love this skirt and your shoes are just to die for!!! I also very much like this skirt with the white polka dot shirt. You look lovely honey!

  3. Awwww!!!thanks stunner!!!

  4. Love the skirt...falls beautifully on u...
    Also love all the pic coming on the right margin as a part of your recent looks...

    Hey what does your tattoo on your feet say?
    Looks awesome is all I can gather:-)

  5. Those shoes are lovely! I love the bold contrast of the red and black!


  6. i love the way u carried the skirt the MOSTEST in ur this post..

    oh how i love that hairband..it looks like you cut a piece of your top and stitched it...

    basically the chains..the top and the hairband and the flowing skirt...perfect combination...and verrryy harmonious :-)

  7. Kiran - Thanks ;) Love you comments!

    Dusk - Hahaha ... Agreeasm ;) Thank you so much. Your comments are always a treat at the end of any post!

    Megs - Kisses! Keep the gifts coming and I will keep writing about you ;)

    Suruchi - Thank You!!! I am glad you noticed the right margin as well. Tattoo says Life is read straight and Death if read up side down! :)

    Teresa - Thank you! I am a shoe lover ;)

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thank You!

    Anita - Really? You didn't like it on your Bridal Shower? Hmmm ! Thanks. I know just how everything came together. I liked the hair bad too ... it's really cute by it self as well! Wanna borrow? ;)

  8. Gorgeous flowey skirt! I love bohemian things right now.
    And yes I have fun at prom,thanks for asking :)

  9. OH I agree with Kiran, some poise to carry a skirt which is all lacy...looks stunning on you. I loved the hairband btw was thinking of getting something similar myself...delhi's scorching hot these days...

  10. love ur lace skirt..have been looking for the perfect black lace one for ever!!

    Even though I believe there are no rules for fashion, there are certain things I keep in mind when dressing (i)no panty lines:-)
    (ii) never follow trends blindly
    (iii)bra is not meant to be seen by anone
    (iv)always wear heels:-)

  11. Love the skirt, it's very special and right you are more tango than boho :)Love the shoes too!

  12. ohhhlala .. I love your look. you look gorgeous as always.

    love div

  13. You definitely look like you are ready to dance tango! And I loooove those shoes! xoxo

  14. Cute top! :)


  15. The Urban Fashion Gal - Thanks Gal :)

    Upasna -Thanks! And yes! Delhi heat needs hair bands :)

    Sonali - I like your rules! But heels? All the time? HOW? ;) Though I wld like to ... :P

    Hippie Holly - Thank You! Thank YOU ;)

    Divya - Thanks doll! Long time, eh?

    Taj Acosta - Hehe I only wish I knew Tango! I wld definitely be dancing then :)

    t - Thank U :o)

  16. I likeys :)

    P.S. those shoes are the *hotness*

  17. The Goddess of Boho - Looks like everyone only likes my shoes! *hmmm* Thanks though :P

  18. Dude i loooove that skirt! and yeah awesome shoes too :)

  19. I love the shoes...love at every sight..!

  20. <3 the look. Especially the first photo..


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