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For the love of food!

Few weeks back when I was visiting my friend in Boston [the one who is completing her MBA and thinks I am shallow?] we discussed many [a bit tooo many] controversial topics. One of which was about 'the modern women'. She told me that in her batch she had come across many females from different countries and cultures who in her judgement tried a tad-bit hard(er) to prove that they are at par with their male peers. Under no circumstances they would want to be seen as a 'homely-kinda-woman'. My friend said that they never helped out in any chores or activity which was 'supposedly' a role of a traditional woman [cleaning, cooking, organizing and sorts!]. I found this bit of information a little absurd. The way I see it is that everyone is equal! No one has to prove anything to anyone, specially if it's not necessary and no one at all is discriminating against you [definitely not at the MBA course in one of the Ivy League Universities]. 

It's acceptable if someone doesn't enjoy cooking. You do not have 'to cook' just because you are a woman. Therefore, similarly, you do not have 'to not cook' just because you a woman. In fact, I would even go ahead and say embrace it! That's what sets you apart from your male peers - your femininity! Why just single out cooking and cleaning? Duct tape your boobs and just go out there and look like a man altogether? 

In fact, while I was there, my friend's 'study-group' had students from China visiting them whom they had to entertain. Hence they planned a big-lavish-meal which was *drumroll* cooked by boys! The spread included crab-cakes, shrimps, salad, pesto pasta, lobster and brownies. Since I am a vegetarian, I only had the salad and pasta, both of which were delicious. [The guys made the pesto sauce pronto, right in front of me!]. I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E. or what?

Lastly, equality [of sexes or individuals] doesn't come from proving - it comes from believing

So today, instead of the clothes how about I share the food I cook in my kitchen or more like experiments I do in my Kitchen! [My husband is a scientist! Does the metaphor seem wittier now? No!? ... Well, never mind then!]

Stir-fried Broccoli, Cabbage and Potatoes

Spicy Fried Rice with veggies 

Multi Color Pasta with veggies (again)

Coriander Chutney (Work in progress)

Stir-friend Spinach, Peas and Potatoes


  1. Where am I classified? I really don't know how to cook. But I love to eat. And those dishes you concocted are so yummy. They made me hungry. xoxo

  2. I love to cook but not on daily basis..what were u wearing when u were cooking all this delicious stuff? I bet u have thousands of different kinds of aprons and special cooking shoes:-)

  3. on ur Hrithik comment -

    me too!! me too!! I think there should be a law that Hrithik should appear bare chested in all his movies:-)

    I am planning to go for Kites next week..let me know how u liked it..

  4. Yumm! That spicy dish looks delish! I love to cook, but I don't always have the energy or the time. Thankfully I have a husband who doesn't mind cooking either! score! xoxo

  5. I totally agree with you! I don't cook because I'm too lazy, ha :-) but sometimes I do love to try and cook something delicious for myself not because I'm a woman. I mean, I love being a woman!! We have so many options and we can enjoy life as much as males do! Anyway, those stirfrys are making me hungry! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

  6. I wish I was able to cook something but the truth is that I can't neither do a toast for myself. Yeah, quite sad! But the food of your pictures looks MUMS!

  7. Oh I do love some controversial topics!
    - Adele

  8. Tanvi hon...the more I read and get to 'know' you, the more I think "yeah! my kind of woman!"

    ...I love your candid writing, love how you seem to write as you speak and... I disagree with your friend. How are you shallow??
    You are honest and constantly seeking and apologies to your friend's parochial point of view but.. a life well lived is a life that has been lived in balance.
    That means part gravitas and part frivolous. I love the way you live your life. You go get 'em Tanvi.

    I'm like Leah (you're so funny hon!)... I can't cook but love to eat!

    I don't cook as some sort of feminist statement -although I am a feminist and I believe that my first comment on your blog was about this- I don't cook because I can't cook and because I have never had to cook!
    Through circumstances of life and lifestyle, I have never had to cook so I truly do not know how.

    ...have always been surrounded by cooks... and now... my husband is an excellent cook, he is the cook for the family plus my mum lives with us and she makes amazing curries and my 2nd son is an apprentice chef and all the other children cook and my friends are all amazing cooks... I've just never had to cook so I don't know how.

    I make really good reservations though.


  9. Wooowww!! Everything looks amazing!! I'm totally visiting you to Houston now!! :) :P

    I think women are special exactly because they have to cook and clean! :) I love cooking for my bf and friends. Cleaning is not really an option because I prefer the home spick and span. So I just think it's personal prefernces. I am with you in this. Absolutely. And what's more, even the boys do the same! It's not about the sexes anymore, really, if the so called feminists get it!

    Great post. Keep up the diversity honey! :) xoxo

  10. This looks amazing. Definitely more work than I put into my own kitchen experiments. Also, tri-colored pasta is pretty much the only kind I will ever buy. Good call.

  11. They look sooooo good. I cook and then sometimes my husband cooks. It's a team effort and if you enjoy cooking then you should do that he might enjoy washing the

  12. oh YUUMMM I am so hungry now!
    and as for the femininity part, I agree. I think the need to justify and prove something suggests discomfort in one's own skin- which I think is what needs to be worked at, as opposed to classifying chores...

  13. YOu knw what those arent just dishes you cooked...they look like they food art or smth!

  14. I *love* how everything is vegeterian :D haha.
    Your a veggie too?
    The stuff looks way to delicious btw!

  15. Leah - You are classified under fabulous women :) Thanks ... I love cooking!

    Sonali - Yeah! Me too ... not on daily basis ... just when I am in the mood :) ... I was wearing pyjama's probably. I always cook and take shower coz I hate the cooking smell in my clothes ;) hehe ...

    P.S. I am with you on Hrithik *pun.intended* ... I will let you know how I liked it FOR SURE! :)

    Taj Acosta - Same here ... I don't let my husband enter my kitchen coz I am a cleanliness freak but when he cooks ... it's delicious :)

    Fashion Cappuccino - Thanks girl! :) I am glad you caught my point! Women Power! :P

    Nathalie Maggiori - That's quite alright! I am sure you don't do it co you wanna prove a point! It's just your choice ... Thanks for the compliment!!!

    Adele - Oh! Don't we all intelligent women? ;)

  16. Dusk - Wow! Life surrounded by chefs ... sounds delicious :) ... Lucky, Lucky You!!! Thanks for your kind words!!!

    I didn't 'have to cook' either ... but I did cook basics while I was in hostel or working ... But after I got married I had a lot of time at hand and I found cooking almost therapeutic. I enjoy experimenting. My specialty is innovative and quick food! I can't do anything extensive or hard ... but quick-easy-and-healthy is my thing :)

    Husband is non-fussy. Loves to eat everything and is good at complimenting and encouraging ... so I enjoy it even more.

  17. Tamanna - Thanks doll. I am in San Antonio and you are welcome anytime :) ... I am a cleanliness freak too!

    Robyn - Thanks!!! I love colors. Even in my food. Everything will always be multi colored. Just like to keep it pleasing even to eyes!!!

    Tanya - Absolutely, right! Cooking and Cleaning go hand in hand :) ... hehe!!

    Upasna - Happens to me too ... get hungry just by seeing the pictures of food :)

    Cinderella - Awww! I am flattered ... Thanks doll!

    The Goddess of Boho - Yep! 100% Vegetarian = Me :) Are you too??

  18. Yum, all the food looks simply yummy! I find the argument fairly moot, just because one likes to cook doesn't make them sticking to gender appropriate roles. Does that mean that men who cook are feminine? Weird! I love food and I love to cook, but cooking everyday is such a chore but since I live alone I have to cook more often that I would like to!

  19. Yummy Food!!

    I think that whole excuse on equality and inequality is overdone. If women still use that to show that they are a victim, it only proves that they are inferior (but not due to their gender, but due to their own personal characteristics and attitude). Whether male or female, inner strength, determination, interests should guide decisions and not pressure, living upto a society-formed 'image' and judgmental conservatives.

    basically...EMPOWER GIRL POWER :-p

    Can't wait to see more pictures of ur trip! :-)

  20. Love this one Tans!
    I think I feel proud as a woman who can cook, clean, it all!

    And love what Dusk has to say about you...!

    And those dishes look yummmmm!


  21. That multicolor pasta looks amazing!! I never really cooked until I got my own apartment this year, and discovered that I actually really like it. (It feels kinda nurturing feeding people.) ;)

  22. That food looks tasty!

    And the whole women cooking thing, I think it's kind of silly to say that it promotes a stereotype, because I think that everyone should have to know how to cook. I don't particularly enjoy cooking, but it's something that needs to be done, so I do it. I don't think that men should be able to play the "I'm a man, so I don't have to cook card", it should be split more equally.

  23. I forgot to say how delicious your 'experiments' look!! The first stir-fry is making my mouth go crazy!

    Also forgot to say I completely agree with what you say about gender stereotyping.
    Women who think they have to be a man (and an archaic man at that) to show how emanicpated they are need to grow some ovaries.

  24. Its really silly all this discussion about gender stereotypes. You should do stuff that makes you happy. Let it be cooking or career making. Love the food photos. Yumm! Making my tummy growl. Well. Time for some pav bhaji! Revenge complete. :P

  25. you know what's aunts get on to me because I don't cook enough and my husbands a better they think it's weird!! LOL

  26. The food looks amazing! And it's making me hungry.. wish I could cook! Great blog sweets!
    xo- karrie

  27. Totally agree with wht u say! Food look yumm!!! I am hungry now
    Keep in touch

  28. YUMMM this food looks so good.

  29. I agree. Feminism is about equality for both men and women. It's about having the choice to do or to not do the traditional "gender role" ..for either a man or a woman! It's about non-assignment, so pointing out that a woman shouldn't do something bc "that's what women are expected to do" is essentially the same as "gender" role assigning in the first place. Whew.

    (btw - gorgeous dishes! lol)

    xx rk

  30. Hippie Holly - I found it moot too! It was totally stupid to not help out just o prove a point! ... Some people!

    Anita... - You said it! Agree 100%!

    Anubha - Actually I feel proud too! Feel empowered for I can do it all :)

    Style, She Wrote - I know!!! There is a sense of nurturing when you cook for others :)

    Ce qui m'inspire - I am with you on this. You shld know it for sure, whether you do cook or not it's a necessity.

    Dusk - Hahaha! I like that 'grow-ovaries' comment :)

    Dip-tea - Wish everyone could make their life simpler and think like that - Do what makes you happy and not for any other reason! P.S. I want Pav Bhaji too .. Hope you clicked pictures?!?! ;)

    Tangerine Fairy - I can imagine! People can't take it when men are more active in kitchen than women!

    Hello*Pretty - Hey! Thanks for the compliments :)

    miss_vogue - Thanksssss!!

    rk hall - I like what you said feminism is about non-assingment! EXACTLY ! Hope these stereotypes will disappear soon. Specially women stereotyping themselves!!!


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