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Featuring: Adriana S. de Moreno

This post is about a new friend I have made recently. Her name is Adriana, who is originally from Mexico but now settled in Texas since about a decade. We became friends because I was a frequent visitor at her über trendy store. Previously, known as "The Shoe Club"; it is now called "Cork" and has all the trends du jour! I can always bet that I would find the cutest dresses and *drool* worthy shoes at this store. 

This fashionista is not only a savvy business woman but also a mother of two younglings and [beat this!] also has a Ph.D in Chemistry! Of course, she exchanged the lab-coat for fashion accessories and clothes! Clearly, the laboratory didn't do justice to her fun & stylish spirit! 

Please don't judge her by the poor quality of my amateur photography. She is über-chic and absolutely gorgeous. If only she would now give me hefty discounts *wink*

 She is always dressed in pieces from her own store. [She is so lucky! *hmmm*]
Not to miss the pretty paisley pattern tube top! *should.I.should.I*
Obsessed with those earrings! 
And this lovely wire ring by Cassandra Collections! 

So I am still contemplating whether or not I should go back and pick up that top as well that a similar ring (Click Here) to the one in the picture. I can't make up my mind. I'll sleep over it and see how I feel tomorrow ... [or so is the plan!]

So on the side note, look what I found while surfing through the People's magazine. My own fashion face-off! Well, of course I can't compete with J.Lo but I am just excited to see her wearing a 'similar' dress. [This was the only picture I could find which shows her dress up-close!]

Any thoughts?


  1. hot top!! love your style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POv, let he know what you think


  2. Because you do it better than J-lo *wink* *wink*

    I love her style.
    Top accessories, everything :)


  3. love that ring.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  4. Love your top which is similar to J Lo. and it is exactly same. wowwww..

  5. GO GET THE TOP! what are you waiting for? if you need an occasion...does the word "graduation" ring a bell?? :-p Return present for being such an amazing support?

    J Lo competes with T Ra! (and T Ra wins hands down) :-p nowwww will u share the paisley top with me?????

  6. JLo's looks dirty, and her hair looks wet... you definitely win this match.

  7. That top is totally awesome! Love the colors. Ring's great too!

  8. Girrrrll... I think you just showed J.Lo what's up! You look great!

    xx rk

  9. love it, so perfect


  10. buy the paisley top:-)Love ur JLo top too..

  11. Wowsa! A copycat JLo dress?! Very cool, I kinda like yours better too ;)

  12. I love her top...arent frills like the ultimate girly thing ever? I also love the chappals she's wearing with them.

    And you my dear, are rocking that dress far more than JLo is! And oh, your nose ring is super hot!

    I cant get over how bloody gorgeous you are!

    I have been thinking and thinking since like ages now to get a nose piercing done but I'm like always very apprehensive as what if it turns out bad! :(

  13. And about Fashion Blogging....you think it will be a good idea? But then what will I write in it?

  14. oh what a great transition! I find ppl who follow what they want to do inspite of all else so darn inspiring! When you are in Delhi next, you HAVE to visit a shop called Paisley :)

  15. oh what a great transition! I find ppl who follow what they want to do inspite of all else so darn inspiring! When you are in Delhi next, you HAVE to visit a shop called Paisley :)

  16. I lovee that wire ring!

    Thanks for your lovely comment darling, it means so much that you like the blog and I hope you become a regular visitor =]

    Have an immense weekend!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  17. Firstly your friend Adriana sounds awesome! Great style AND smart, too; winning combination.

    And I love that dress you're wearing, how cool that J Lo has a similar one!

  18. OWWW Jlo watch out :-) totally loving it , think i love your version better :)
    And i like the colorful tube top from the featured part :) something so boho about it nice:-)

  19. im not j'lo's biggest fan, you carry it off way better!!!

    P.S fab blog! ♥

    Hope you get a chance to visit my blog @ Kayleigh Ann Style Blog

    Plus I just started a competition for a Topshop voucher and mystery prize!... Please enter Topshop Competition!

    Kayleigh Ann xxxx


  21. love her ring!!


    follow if u like what u see?


  22. Now you know what your next career move can be???

  23. Everyone - Thank You for your comments. I am soryr I am not able to check your blogs or reply individually right now. Will surely do that as soon as I get a few hours to spare! Apologies. Appreciate you all coming here and leaving comments :)

  24. Fashion By He - Thansk!!! Will drop by sooon!

    The Goddess of Boho - I love her style too. Always like her on the red carpet!

    Le Jardin - Me tooo!

    Kiran Sawhney - I know, right?! Thanks, though! You are alway son my side ;)

    Anita...- Hahaha! Thanks! I will share anything with you, you know it! ... Also Thanks to your support ;)

  25. Robyn - Haha! In J Lo's defense this is a shot during the shooting so I assume she got dirty for a reason ;) Thanks though!!! :P

    Style, She Wrote - So you mean I shld go buy it? ;)

    rk hall - Haha! Thanks girl! :) I like the support I am getting ...

    Stacy - Thanksss!!

    Sonali - Hehe! I just might ... huh!!! :P

  26. Dee - Thanks!!! I love the unanimous support :)

    Cinderella - Aren't you the sweetest, kindest and the prettiest girl around? Thanks doll. Thanks for all the compliments ... I have this nose ring for almost 11 years now. It's kinda my thing. Some places (here in US) where people don't know my name refer to me as 'a girl with the nose ring' and I LOVE IT :) ... You shld get it! It will suit you very much!!! KISSES!!!!

    P.S. Fashion Blogging will be an excellent idea for you. You can write what you wore and why? How do you decide what to style your outfits with. What inspires your dressing? Etc?! :) Try it!!!

    Upasna - There is a shop by that name?!?! WOW! I absolutely will. Shall tell my Mom to remember it ... hehe ... and it is inspiring when people follow their passions in spite of all odds.

  27. English Rose ♥ - Thanks for visiting me too :)

    Leia - Thanks! I shall let her know what fab comments she is receiving here :) ... and ya right? I thought it was cool too that J Lo had a similar dress! *hehe*

    Smrithi - Hehe! Darling ... I just adrore you! :) ... Thanks for you vote of approval. JLO watch out ... now I am coming to get you ... hehe!!!

    heart charlie - Thanks ... I have to go buy it now! :P

    Kayleigh Ann - Awww! Thanks so much! :)

  28. Lucia Del Pasqua - I absolutely agree :)

    kirstyb - Gotta go get it now, I guess!!!

    Prutha - :o) Thanks!!! Shall visit you soon!

    Meetu D - Fashion stylist? ;)

  29. Like everyone else has already stated above...
    U rock more than J Lo...
    She should take a look at this...
    There is something effortlessly chic n cool about u...

    continue to do your thing...u do it best...n yes, your friend looks every bit worth the space she has got here:-)
    *please give her that discount now...wink, wink*;-)

  30. You wore it way better hon! What's with J-Lo's greasy hair?

  31. That ring is so HOTTT!! We're in love.

    Stop by our fashion blog if you like. We are giving away designer glasses! we hope you love it =)

    xx .sabo skirt.


  32. WHOA Tanvi, just look at you ..Really a fabulous fashion face-off!
    You look no less than that diva..really!
    Ths post was lovely beginnning from your friend in that paisley pink top to the wired ring and your chic dress..HAUTE HOT mama!!


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