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Family Reunion

Mother-ship & Brother-ship docked the ports few days back and life has been a one big party ever since. For those who haven't read my previous posts in their praise please click the blue underlined words and catch up! [If you wish :o)] Else in brief, we all are Pisces who love to shop, travel and pamper ourselves. [That's the way to live, we say!

Since married life started every time I meet someone from my 'pre-marital-life' I fall into a turbulent waters of 'who I was back then' mixed with 'who I am right now'. Sometimes it even gets hard for me to distinguish myself from my past to present. Oh! Well, but I love having my family around me. I take them for granted. I love them to death. They are the only ones who [still!] bear my tantrums and obnoxious behavior! 

The day they landed we were supposed to take a flight and meet them in Houston. But as usual, Mother Nature intervened and messed up our plans. Due to a bad storm Houston Airport was closed down for the day and all flights coming in or out were cancelled. Oh! but my determined husband didn't let Mother Nature hold us back from a family reunion and said 'Screw the flights, we'll drive down!'. So we drove three hours [Well he drove and I slept :P] with the risk of hitting the storm on roads ourselves [luckily we didn't!] and reached Houston around 2:00am. After that my poor-poor husband went to drop the car to the Car Rental which was closed down due to no electricity [Storm! Mehhh!]. He dropped the keys in the Night Drop Box and hitch-hiked his way back to the hotel. Phew! 

We all reunited in the morning. God Bless my husband [Yes! Yes! Ladies he is VERY sweet & caring! A total catch :o)]  You will probably hear more stories about our adventures and continuos bickering in the coming posts. So stay tuned in *wink*

This is what I was wearing 'uus toofani raat' [That stormy evening!

Dress - Mango [Same as worn here and here]

Trying to manage my zul-fien (hair) ... It's was stormy day, remember? 

(Finally! a decent shot) Red Slip-ons - Inc. [Delhi]

My new fad - The Frog Ring
Acquired during my travels to New Orleans few weeks back!


  1. I'm glad to hear that everything worked out in the end so that you could be with your family!

    Your dress is super cute, I love the stripes. And that frog ring is amazing! It's absolutely adorable!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks dear! :o) That was quick .. heheh!

  3. Welcome on board sailor!!! :D
    I love navy style!!!!
    You look amazing!!
    I want this frog ring as well..


  4. You are Lucky girl...fantastic husband, great mom and brother and now a family reunion. wow...God bless you,

  5. Hi, Tanvi
    Here from Hooly/sally's blog. I totally loved your space.....Its so addictive that I read all your archives non-stop. And many people would have told are so honest and inspiring...and loved your fitness going to adapt a few from you too..I badly need a fitness regimen....great rock :)
    keep doing the amazing work.....

  6. Yay to family reunion! Ain't nothing better than to hang with ones family and catching up, hope you Pisceans (me, my twin and my mom are Piscean too!!)have a fab old time :) Love the dress and the frog is too cute :)

  7. love your hair women and you look gorgeous here :)
    P.S waiting for a particular post :-) wink wink :)

  8. Happy family and my mom are pisceans too....

  9. Great dress and looks fabulous on you! I like the sandals w/ it too..:)

  10. Wow I LOVE that frog ring. It's too awesome!

  11. I love family reunions... glad that you get to spend time with your mom and brother. And your husband is so sweet... a good catch indeed. Hahaha!

    I love your Zara dress... the stripes called my name. It's really pretty.

    Have a great day and enjoy your bonding time with the family. xoxo

  12. Sailor Girl!!! Tanvii I can tell you are a beautiful person from the inside out. Can I just say girl power...:)

  13. i love that ring!! i'm a total freak for all animal jewelry!!

  14. Frog ring = love.
    Who you've become = awesome.

  15. I love the pockets on this dress - so adorable..ur ring is cute!! have fun with ur mom and bro!!

  16. This dress remind me one from D&G s/s 09, it's amazing!

  17. Adventures with the family. I can definitely relate. Also, great frog ring.

  18. The ring the ring! Gimme the ring!

  19. Nice blog !! love your taste :D

    I'm a fashion photographer.
    visit to see my archive you will love them !!

  20. Love the dress and loooove the ring! Frogs are so cool to me and you hardly ever see them in jewelry. Which makes them all the more appealing to me. Luhuv. xoxo

  21. Good grief, sounds like a mess! You have such a sweet husband to help you out though (and drive and hitch hike..) Cute dress too!

  22. Like the post Tans!! :)

    I guess we didnt interact a lot after you left India...but I think I know you...knew you then and know you now...I feel you have become a better 'better' person post your marriage...its great. Thats what life is all about I guess..growing up, becoming wiser, smarter and more mature

    You're doing great!

    Happy reunion to you!

    And ya, Ashish sounds just fab *touchwood*


  23. You had an adventure before your adventurous trip! WOW! Sounds exciting. I am sure at that time, it would be chaotic and annoying, but when you look back at it, it adds to the uniqueness and memorability of each trip. Ashish is the best, no doubt :-)

    Do share some photos of sweet mommy and hot tanuj the model!

    Can't wait to hear more about ur trip.

    Dress it too too cute! :-)

  24. nice blog.....and abt ur looks ...u looks pritty very pritty...superb writting ....yaar great job !! ooops let me tell u abt me ...Hi I M Dr. Vish i m Doing Ph.D. in Mass Comm. ...i love to make my kind of friends love writting, Danceing and reading !!
    i really like ur writting skills ....great job yaar !!

    JAi HO Mangalmay hO

  25. The dress is super cute on you.Love your fabulous ring!

    Have a fab weekend!


  26. Hi Tanvi...
    Correction...helloo gorgeous Tanvi:-)

    Are u sure u didn't cause that storm looking like that?;-)

    And what I like most about your fashion blog is the interesting masaaledaar write, now...if we could just get that bit on the bickering...
    Then combined with those awesome red slip-ons ...perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect:-)

  27. Ooh I love this dress and you certainly rock stripes! Horizontal stripes at that, which is a hard pattern to rock but you definitely rock it!

    Your husband is a lovely man and he's married to a fabulous woman.

  28. Hey Tanvi, Your family IS fun!!
    Is the Frog your new fad or rings?

  29. Kelly - Thanks doll :)

    Kiran - Thanks! I do Thank god for all his/her blessings :)

    Rupa. - You truly made my day! Thanks for such wonderful words. I am glad you enjoyed reading and actually stopped by to say that. Thanks for the positive feedback :)

    Hippie Holly - You have a twin! Wow! How exciting :) ... Love it ... Pisceans ROCK! ;)

    Vintage Obsession - Aww! Thank U Thank U! ... UR special post is on it's way ;)

  30. Victoire - Thanks!!!

    Tangerine Fairy - Hey! Thank You :)

    Walk The Sand - Thanks! Looks like I made the right decision in buying it ;)

    Leah - Thanks for your lovely words! I am indeed having a great time with them! :)

    Tanya - Thanks Girl! That's such a sweet-heart-warming compliment! Totally Girl Power :)

  31. Spardha Malik - Hey! Thanks :)

    RepublicOfChic - Awww! That's so sweet! :o) Thanks!

    Sonali - Thanks :)

    Nathalie Maggiori - You are right!!! It does :)

    Robyn - Thanks :)

    Dip-tea - Sure! Come and take it ;)

  32. STREETFSN - Hey! Thanks :) Will surely drop by and check :)

    Taj Acosta - Yaha!! I know ... that's what attracted me to them I think .. their rarity :P Thanks :)

    Dee - Hey! Thanks!!! ... It's been thankfully smooth so far after that storm :)

    Anubha - Thanks ANU! Love you. Love your kind words :) ... It's always good to share these stories with you :)

    Ani - Already shared the stories with you ... Will share the pictures soon too :) MWAHH!

    Vivek - Thanks!

    nuheila - Thanks!! Happy Weekend to you too!!!

  33. suruchi - Thankssssss! You are tooo generous with your compliments ... but I appreciate them non-the-less. Blogging is a perfect medium for me for everything writing-and-fashion combined. Glad you enjoy it :)

    Dusk - Thank You Dusk! ... Always a pleasure to read your comments. Makes me smile :)

    Meetu D - The Frog ;)

  34. Phew! How crazy. At least you looked chic during the crises. That dress looks like Chanel hon.


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