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Critics are Crazy

Yesterday, I went to watch Sex and the City 2 (SATC 2) [and Prince of Persia, back-to-back ... but that's not the point]! Without indulging in the what the movie was about, I would only say that the critics have gone crazy! I do not understand their problem! Lately, they seem to be 'way-too-critical' of all the movies for all the wrong reasons. Every movie seems to disappoint them, and entertain me! 

How about being a little more subjective than just simply-writing-off a movie as - Nay! or Grade C! I would totally understand if they critically explained what was good versus bad in a movie. But what they do is write-off the movie in the hope of being taken seriously as a critic! 

SATC2 is exactly what it is supposed to be! It takes you back in the world of Carrie and her friends [who are dressed in fabulous clothes and drool-worthy stilettos!] There is abso-f-ing-lutely nothing wrong with the movie. Yes, it is sexist. Yes, it is racist. But hey! it is entertaining and just a movie. So relax! There is nothing earth-shattering-ly surprising or shocking that one didn't already know. It's a rom-com of sorts for crying out loud! 

Bottom-line: Fans of SATC wouldn't be disappointed [unlike the critics!] If you fancy couture-fashion, women-bonding and sexual-innuendoes, then you are in for a ride [and an entertaining one at that!]. 

...and this is what I wore to take this ride ;)
Tunic worn as Dress - Manan [Delhi, 2007]
Necklace & Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - BCBG

P.S. I also recommend Prince of Persia to everyone who enjoys Fairytales! and hot-hunks aka Jake Gyllenhaal ;)


  1. I too am waiting for sex and the City 2. love your complete ensemble. Love your blog.

  2. You look super fabulous. I don't care what the critics say, I'm watching the movie and I will enjoy it. xoxo

  3. i'm quite sure I'm going to like it- SATC ie! :)

  4. The stilettos are equally drool worthy!

  5. On the richter scale of 1-10 hotness you rate... off the freaken' chart!!!

    Your legggggssssss...and I don't think I have ever mentioned how much I (also) love your smile and your accessorizing!

    Okay... as much as I LOVED SATC the series and did enjoy the first movie, I'm worried about this one.

    My girlfriends and I are going to see it this weekend, looking forward to it but also thinking hmmm, will all that superficiality make me uncomfortable?

    then I will have to slap myself and say, hello? this is pure escapism. aka FUN!

    also looking forward to seeing Prince of Persia.

  6. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your movies!

    I'm really loving your shirtdress, they're always so classic! But I'm especially loving that you added so much colour to your outfit with just that necklace! It really makes everything pop!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  7.'re looking WOW in this one! This is one of the best recent the touch of color you have added with those cool accessories.

    Liked the post before this one...the pink harem pants and the top!! you looked lovely!


  8. Purfect length to flaunt purfect legs :o)
    I <3 ur blog Tans !!!

  9. With SATC no matter who says what the hardcore fans will flock to see it. I cannot wait to watch the movie and go back to the world of Carries, shoes and amazing outfits! Talking of, love the tunic and everything you have on. The shoes are awesome!

  10. I'm not a SATC fan: I've actually never seen an episode of it.
    I love the dress you're wearing! And the shoes are lovely.

  11. Tanvi you look awesome! I haven't seen PoP but I loved SATC2. I agree that it didn't really have much of a plot, and that was probably disapointing for fans who have been watching SATC since it first started. I did used to watch the show but only when I was much older so I didn't feel as "let down" as those who wanted more about their lives. I went for the fashion and that's what I got! :P

  12. I would also have worn killer heels for going to see this movie!

    Remember to join my Les Jumelles give-away on my blog!

  13. awaiting more blogs and lots of pictures frm u tanvi.. i simply admire and love ur dresses and combinations...

  14. Those are such hot heels! Yeah went to see sex in the city 2. It was better than what I thought. Actually. I'm so glad Liza got a bit in it too.

  15. Love the outfit shots. I want to see the Jake film.

  16. Liked both the movies.SATC is more entertaining.You r looking sweet.
    I admire the photographer too.

  17. You look gorgeous!! I love the shoes. Oh and I can't wait to see SATC!

  18. Great look! Love the shoes. I can't wait to see it.

  19. I like that you have a strong opinion about this! I didn't like the movie at all, but I am capable of articulating why since I am not a movie critic. I loved the fashion, but that was about it. I know more people who liked it than didn't. Just me I guess.

    LOVE what you wore to go see it. I love any excuse to get dolled up for something as simple as a movie.

  20. The necklace is so HAPPY and colorful! Shoes spell 'let's dance!!' Love look so angelic and pretty! :-)

    Can't wait to see SATC..though i dont know if it will release here..and it it releases how badly censored it would be..moreoverrrr will they even display the title of the movie itself without blacking out the word 'sex'!

    Will let you know once I see it.

    I agree with you. Sometimes critics are too critical merely for the sake of living up to their title. They try tooooo hard.

  21. wow!! you have stunning legs!! hmm, not sure why I didnt notice them earlier.. love the dress (I am a big fan of shirt dress) and the shoes are to die for!! this is goin to be my fav. outfit..

    I am dying to see PoP, not the same enthusiasm for SATC2..yes, the clothes will be great but dont find the storyline interesting anymore:(

  22. Hi Tan...
    Sex and the city is my absolutely fav series along with Desperate Housewives*now that explains all my mad banter*
    I loved the look of all the women there...
    Secretly pined to be Carrie Bradshaw
    And look a little*okay a lot* like her in that cute little dress...
    Love the work on the eyes too..
    You should so that more often...
    Sexy n flirty...totally going with the mood n the movie...

    N yup...Mr. Critics...please take a hike!

  23. Kiran - Thanks :) The movie is worth it!

    Leah - Thanks :) Let me know how you liked it!?

    Upasna - Can't wait to hear your verdict!

    anks - Thanks!!!

    Dusk - Oh My! That's some compliment :) THANKSSS!!! It's a decent time pass movie with good fashion! You'll enjoy :)

    Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks dear :)

  24. Anubha - Thanks! Thanks! Thanks ;)

    Viintii - You are a doll! Thanks!

    Hippie Holly - Thanks soo much ;)

    Sherin - Really?!? Well then you won't like the movie :P ... Thanks for the lovely words :)

    Leia - I agre with you :)

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thanks! :) That's a lovely giveaway. One of the best I have ever seen.

  25. sheeba - Thanks!!! Good to hear from you after so long.

    so jade - Hehe!!! Yeh she did :) Thanks, though!

    ellie - Thanks!! It's a good movie too!

    Flashes of Style - Thanks!!!

    Mom - You are a great company :)

    deep_in_vogue - Thanks :)

  26. Faridah - Thanks :)

    Robyn - Thanks!!! I appreciate your honesty and it's absolutely respect it ... :o)

    Anita...- Hmm! U shld watch it where it's not censored! ... And Thankssss for the compliment. Mwahh!

    Sonali - Thanksssss!!! .. Well it's just the pose. I dnt have that grt legs ;) ... and PoP is high on fairytale charm ... and SATC is good on fashion quotient :)

    Suruchi - Hehe!! Yeah I am lazy with make up! Rarely do any ... some day sI wake up looks as if I am ill or something then I messit up with a lot of Kajal ;) ... Will try and do it more though :P Thanksss!

    Dip-tea - Thanks :o)


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