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Bickering Session

An usual family scene:

Mom - I think ... lallaalal
Me - I don't agree, I think ... lalallala

Mom - But I think .... nanannana
Me - But don't you think ... nanannaan

Enter Brother: (who assumes we are having a heated discussion)

Brother - Ok! Chill! Chill! 
Me - What's your problem?

Brother - Just change the topic na ... It's getting on the wrong track!
Me - Why should we change the topic? This is our conversation!

Brother - Well, I think you should 'coz Mom is getting stressed!
Me - Well, she is not! I know her!

Brother - She is ... I know her too ... She is my Mom, too!
Me - Well, she is my mom first 'coz I am the first born. 

Then we both go our own ways for 2 minutes, shrug it off and then ...

Me - Are you hungry?
Brother - Ya! Do you wanna to get some snacks/ice cream?

Me - Ya! Let's do that ...

Happy Ending! ... **

Smiling with elation :)
Top - Zara ('08); Shorts - Gap ('09); Slip-ons - Aldo ('07)
Blurry! But I like this shot!
Not-to-miss: Paisley Carpet


  1. My my! Look at you :)
    The top's adorable, so is the smile! :D
    Oh I'm in love the sunglasses!

  2. hey the glasses look wunnerful...and great put-together-top, love the colour mix...

  3. I love that shirt! The blocks of colour are so fun. Such a cute, summery outfit!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. So funny! And such fab colors. You're popping off the page!
    ps did you know that I wasn't actually following you until just now? How crazy is that? I went to look for you in my blogroll yesterday and you weren't there!!! I think I've just always gone back and forth with you through comments. Sorted it now though. Xo

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Luv u! U looking amazing in the pics. Whats the difference..New camera or what? ;)

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That's classic! And so true!
    My brother and I are like this, so are my kids..... in fact I've made the mistake of telling them to stop fighting and they've said "huh? who's fighting? we're discussing"!
    ....and hahahahahahahaha re your Paisley love too!!!

    I LOVE your damn sexy shoulders! Love this whole look, the colours on you, totally digging those 'infinity' glasses too!

  7. Haha! Sweet!! And very typical T & T 'discussions and sessions" :-p I missss u guys!!

    Top's funky- love it!

  8. I love your shorts! Are they stripes or smth?

  9. Those sunnies are so cute! Love the outfit!

    xx rk

  10. Love that top and the sunnies are so fab and look so good on you! The paisley carpet is pretty pretty pretty!

  11. Love the style of your sunies and the top is too awesome!

  12. love the colourfullnes of this outfit!x

  13. love the colourfullnes of this outfit!x

  14. you have such a pretty smile :D

  15. Are you in Las Vegas ? I love those glasses...:)

  16. Loved everything that is on you :) the orange is soo cool and the shades heart heart :-)

  17. Kiran - Thanks! It's from Zara.

    Karishma - *blush* Thanks :)

    Upasna - Thanks! I love them tooo ...!

    Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks babes!

    Natalie - I am glad you sorted it now :P ... Thanks!

    Tanuj - Hehe!! Shhhhh! It's a secret ;) Thanks!!!

  18. Spardha Malik - Thanks :o)

    Dusk - I guess all siblings are similar then!! ;) ... I like the shoulders too ... wish my legs were more leaner .. I am working on them though ... U R very inspiring :)

    Ani - Miss You too!!! Thanks :)

    Cinderella - Thanks! They are stripes indeed! :)

    rk hall - Thanks :)

  19. Hippie Holly - Thanks :) Paisley is crazy everywhere!!!

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thanks dear! :)

    Breshna & Rona - Thanks :)

    Leia - Aww! Thankssss!

    Tanya - Hey!!! I am :) Good observation huh ;) Thanks though :P

    Smrithi - Thanks doll! You are always too kind with your compliments ;)

  20. i am in love with ur top!! and ur shades totally rock!! but seriously, ur top is sooo drool worthy!!!

  21. Sonali - Thanks Girl! When you appreciate my stuff... I feel validated from the 'Style-BLogger' ;)

  22. Haha I know those bickerings well! :) The top is super fun!!

  23. Hi Tanvi...
    Now, now...if food could end all battles just like that;-)
    Especially my battle with the bulge:-(

    That smile looks great on you...greater than the great outfits..
    Wear it always:-)


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