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When Yogis Party ...

I owe my handsome husband a big one. He saved this weekend from being a total slump after our friday night debacle! He forced me to get out of bed by 9:00am [I have become quite a lazy-lump-of-lard lately!] and we head straight to the gym [where we kicked some major ass]. The afternoon was spent at the self-car-wash. Btw, how much fun is DIY car-wash? I had a blast. It was almost like I was having a party of my own and working out at the same time. I can totally understand why Paris Hilton was having so much fun in the Carls Jr Video now. Only I wasn't sporting a hot-bikini or eating a burger while cleaning my car... [*Hmmm*]

Anywhooo, coming back to what this post was originally intended to be about - Yoga! Anyone who has been around this space knows that Yoga is slowly but surely changing my life, everyday. Besides the obvious benefits of Yoga:
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Breathing 
  • Stress-relief
  • Concentration
There are various other benefits I have reaped which probably cannot be 'bullet pointed' [because I cannot explain them in one word, duhh!]. Well, though all the Yoga in the world cannot stop a worrywart [Read - Me] from worrying but what it can do is make me accept the world [and the pathetic situation it is in] and yet smile all along. On the days when I practice Yoga regularly, I can notice a drastic difference in my attitude than the days when I don't practice Yoga for months. Days filled with Yoga are ones filled with bliss. Nothing in the world can bring my spirits down. I am in pain -> I am smiling, I am bankrupt -> Who cares? I am smiling, people come and say they don't like me? -> Bleh! I don't like them either and I am smiling, someone died -> [Now this is a tricky one!] But then everyone has to die one day, and I am smiling!

Now, come to think of it, I was watching this program on BBC where a Brit woman was experimenting with 'Dope' for a month in Amsterdam and the 'effects' were same -> She was forever smiling! Unfortunately no health benefits though! [Hmmm! So what am I implying here? Errrr, it's a good thing that no kids read my blog]

Well, jokes aside, I believe Yoga makes me more patient, calm and coherent [I cannot prove it but I think it does]. Don't believe me? Try it! [do give it at least 4 to 6 months to show noticeable results!] 

Now I am bored of the Yoga lecture [as I am sure you are too] So let's move on to the Outfit-of-the-Day and say toodeloo! ;) Yesterday evening at The Cove was the 6th Anniversary Party for the Center where I practice Yoga and man! it was a blast. Only if I knew that, that's how Yogis party I would have started Yoga much before. Good food, good music, good wine, some freaky talent show, extremely interesting bunch of people and a dance floor. Go figure! 

I had also cajoled my husband to accompany me to the celebrations and we had so much fun that now he is at least 'open' to practice Yoga with me. [A giant step for mankind ;)] 

Although I had just worn this Jumpsuit less than a month back, I couldn't resist wearing it again, it is so comfortable and chic. It was a lovely Spring evening which shouted "Jump ... Jump ... Jumpsuit" really loudly. Besides I wanted to wear it before the Texan summer arrives and it's officially forbidden to wear 'Black' in broad daylight! This time I paired the Jumpsuit with a bright-neon-yellow beaded necklace and sling backs! [Meetu D - Don't ask me how many shoes I own; I think it would be fair to say one in each color, yet not in every color! :P]

Jumpsuit - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Local Boutique in Austin
Shoes - Shelly's of London


  1. Tanvi, the question about shoes is officially erased now!

    Yoga...what can I say? I had taken easy yoga classes before and found them to be, well--easy! I used to feel good about my flexibility and balance. Then, on your advice I went to this Vinyasa class, and all of a sudden...Hells Bells! I was the one in class using blocks and feeling reeeally challenged. Other than the old ladies in class I was the worst :-(
    But, I am taking a deep breath and going to continue for two months. So the jury is still out on that one!

  2. OMG, interesting story. both you and your husband are very good looking. perfect for each other!
    great review too. i attend pilates, which i think have quite same benefits as yoga :)

  3. DEEDS....last time i saw this jumpsuit i forgot to mention how much i LAUVEDDD it.,,,,,,yelloww luks fab...u look stunning as always,,,,luv mwahh

  4. I would love to take out time for Yoga...seriously!!

    I LOVE the jumpsuit...very interesting pairing with yellow...u look gorgeous!

    Have to catch up up on your previous blogs...will do that in the evening.

    Hope you good :)

    Mwaah n lotsa love!!

  5. You sooo convinced me to give yoga a try again :-p It's on my to-do-again list since such a long time.

    Love the photos!

  6. Haha i like the car wash pictures interesting story there :) also i cannot stop drolling over the yellow shoes there :)

  7. Loved you Men Vs Women Blog :)

    And Prenthood hasnt hit India as yet :( Will be a while before it does...Kinda reminds me of Brothers and Sisters...dont you think. I really liked that show, but lost track (thanks to my work hours :( )

    And Im really looking forward to rajneeti(though i aint a katrina fan!)

    And Babes, you sure have become famous in the blogging world. Congrats on your award...And Like I say, keep it rollin'..You're doing great!!


    Also, would love to see you in more dresses/ skirts...


  8. Omg i love your playsuit and yellow sandals, so georgeous:)

    xo Factory Girl

  9. Is the belt part of the jumper?? really love the glitzy belt..


  10. loved your outfit...you look gorgeous. Wish i could also find a handsome and a Rich guy like yours who can take me shopping and buy me new stuff for the outfit of the day ...

  11. You guys are such a gorgeous couple!! I love your yellow shoes! xoxoxoxoxo

  12. I am a Bikram yoga devotee, tunes me in, tones me up!

    Love this look on you, you look hot. Oh sorry, I mean..."that's so hot".... :)


  13. First of all thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it!
    You guys look so nice couple!!
    You are sooo cute!

    Btw I loooove your shoes!!!


  14. Love the outfit. And yellow is like my current favorite color!! So sunny. You won't believe this but I had put on the almost same outfit on our car wash expedition on Saturday! Ha ha! Cheater, you beat me to it!! :D
    Thanks for your comment dear. It made my day!:)
    P.S. : You look absolutely fetching (British accent) :P

  15. Meetu D - Hang in there. You will soon witness the magic :) It will give you a whole new perspective for all your patients!!!

    Vinda Sonata - Hey Thank you soo much! Pilates is great too. I try and do PIlates at least once a week. The way it stretches you, nothing does :)

    S - Thanks!!! You are a sweetheart!

    Anubha - I miss you! Thanks doll for all your lovely words. Daily. And I might have become a tinny-winny bit famous but I will never forget my initial readers ... Haha! It's all just creative let-out zone babes. Try it, may be you'll like blogging too!

    Vintage Obsession - Thanks!!! Let me know your shoes size. If it's same I wouldn't mind sharing ;)

    msskeide - Thank You!!!

    Sonali - Belt is part of the jumper. In fact it is the only reason the jumper is any good at all :)

    ellise - Haha! Thanks. But my husband doesn't buy me stuff for the outfit of the day. I simply wear random things from my wardrobe! But I do wish you find a Rich and handsome and a good hearted husband :)

    Fashion Cappuccino - Thank You! Welcome to my blog!

    Dusk - I do Bikram Yoga as well! DO love it .. nothing like breaking into a tub of sweat! :) And thanks for the compliment!!!

    Kelly - You are welcome! And Thank You for visiting my blog and your amazing compliments.

  16. Dip-Tea Haha! Aww! Oh well next time you can give me a heads up and I won't steal your thunder... haha... and super duper thanks for the compliment in the 'Brit' accent !! :)

  17. Tanvi's car wash!!! how sexy!!! =)

  18. Love the shoes such a wonderful pop of colour :)

  19. sweety to wear random stuff from your wardrobe ,first you need to buy that random stuff to put in your wardrobe :o)

    so you should thank your husband who affords everything for you and acknowledge him.

    waiting for your next outfit of the day


  20. Hippie Holly - Thank You! Yellow makes me happy :)

    ellise - Haha! Alright you win. But what about the stuff I own before marriage? Ok!Ok I am only teasing. I do acknowledge my husband and his big-heartedness often. You just have to read my previous posts :)

  21. This outfit is killer! I am totally coveting your shoes which is a very un-yogic way to think!
    My mother-in-law practices yoga every day and she swears it has practically cured her arthritis. I always intend to take it up but the studio’s here in the Middle East aren’t really up to par. Maybe in the next place we live...

  22. @ ellise, you are so true finding a rich and fabulous person is not easy and mrs. fabulous is really really lucky to have all qualities in one.

  23. what i would have worn... - Thank you so much! And you are right middle east is a little brim on fitness. Unless you are in Dubai, of course. Well may be soon, huh? :)

    kate & ellise - My husband finds is amusing that you guys assume he is rich! :o) He says he is a almost at the poverty line [thanks to me :P] ... And how come neither of you think that I might be earning for myself too? [Just curious? ;)]

  24. Hey! u have tact of dressing up...mix old with new etc...
    Yellow with black looks chic.Lov the shoe.

  25. Lady I am absofuckinglutely loving this!
    Jumpsuit is the hotness.
    Black plus yellow equals to double hotness :)

  26. The Goddess of Boho - You made my day :) THANKS!


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