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Things on my mind...

Husband came home, we had early dinner and fell asleep watching television at 6pm in the evening! Now, you can imagine how the rest of the evening went ... We woke up around 10pm and I thought, "Damn! There goes the whole night and the first half of my lovely Saturday!" Oh! well, we did end up watching - Edge of Darkness - which was due since 3 months! 

You put a dotting father and a sweet daughter in a story plot, and bang! you have successfully found an audience in me. It's the emotional shmucks like myself, the script writers cook up scenes with tragedy, emotional loss, and pain for. I automatically take over the character of the daughter [from the movie] and the start viewing the movie as if it was me and Dad playing the roles on the big-screen! Nothing can stop me from choking up on scenes where the father is expressing his unconditional love [through words or action] for his beloved daughter. 

Coming back to the movie - It's a murder mystery slash conspiracy theory in which Thomas and Emma [played by Mel Gibson and Bojana, respectively] find themselves entangled in. Thomas is a homicide detective who is trying to investigate a brutal murder of his daughter Emma, who is a research assistant at a Government funded Nuclear Research Facility. Enough said. I am sure now anyone can put two and two together.  The story has many predictable twists and turns. It is a little slow in places but not bad to fill a sleepless Friday night! Gibson's performance was heartfelt [but don't take my word for it 'coz I am partial towards him!]. I believe, he always excels in characters where he has a heart of gold [and I am a sucker for people who have a heart of gold]. So that is that. 

Lastly, I read Karan Johar's last Blog Post and couldn't help but thinking he is definitely my 'evil-twin'. For all my non-Indian readers, he is a famously celebrated Hindi Movie Director who has directed and produced many 'colorful & successful' movies in the last decade. Google him if you fancy and you would know. 

Whether I have liked his work or not, he has always managed to entertain me in more than one way. Be it as socialite, talk-show host, director, or even a plain opinionated human being. I have to say that I am liking him now more than ever. Earlier he seemed like any other, full-of-himself celebrity who thought the world revolved [and rotated, both] around him. However, in last few years he has developed an uncanny quality of making fun of himself and being true to who he really is [even if it means admitting that he is self-absorbed and narcissist]. And that's where he has connected with me, I am someone who appreciates honesty, more than anything! 

After reading his last post, I am absolutely sure that we are oh-so-alike. Always, put forth your short comings before your strengths in front of the world. Say the truth, as it is [before you are forced to!]. Do it with panache, dignity and if possible, humor. Some traits of my personality I find in him, too. 'Well played Karan, well played!'  

This post has become much longer than I intended it to be. I am guessing result of a longgg sleepless night ahead of me. Let's quickly wrap up with the Outfit-of-the-Day!

Husband got home early and was all full of energy and was like, 'Get ready and let's go out!'. In my mind I am thinking, 'Where!?' but then I got ready nonetheless and we ended up at this shopping complex we hadn't checked out before [husband was wearing a white shirt which inspired my look]. It would make a great place to walk around on a pleasant day but the sun didn't allow us that afternoon [Hence my frowning expression in the first pic]. However, I didn't miss an opportunity to click pictures [for your benefit ;)] against the red back drop. Goes well with the neutrals, don't you think?

Top - Banana Republic 
Skirt - French Connection [Reallly old!]
Bangle - Local Boutique
Necklace - Gift from a friend [Anita Sunder]
Shoes - Jessica Simpson Collection


  1. Very nice look! Love the neutrals and amazing red background..very well composed!

    I read Karan's blog and he rocks! He writes so well and his self-deprecating or self-analytical pieces makes me like him..

    Hope rajneeti is a good movie..been some time since I saw a good one..

    Enjoy your weekend..

  2. I haven't seen that movie yet... I love suspense thrillers and I guess this is a must-see.

    I love your look... very relaxed and so chic.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. Love this look! The bangle is great!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad that I've been introduced to yours and I'm looking forward to following along. I'm your newest follower :)

    Have a great weekend, love!

  4. Love the way you think and articulate your thoughts babe! Read your blog every now and then and it's always such a refreshing change from the mundane reads floating around everywhere. Great job xx

  5. I always thought Karan was unintentionally funny due to his bald-faced arrogance so it’s good to hear that he is able to laugh at himself.

    And I’m in love with these shoes! Fab outfit!

  6. Great post. xoxo,

  7. Entertaining post, lovely pics and those "swiss balls" look so fun! Remind me to NOT take my boys there...they will be jumping on those structures like monkeys! Your shoes are amazing.
    Dare I ask how many you own???

  8. Ani - Thanks :)

    Leah - Thanks! Welcome to my blog. Hope you have a good weekend too.

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - Thanks! I am glad you stopped by too ...

    Khushbu - Thanks darling! Good to see your name here ;) Hope you'll make it to our girls weekend away!

    what i would have worn... - Haha! You know who Karan is? Wow! Well, he has changed with age you know :P

    Samantha - Thanks :)

    Meetu D - Thanks! ... and shhhh don't ask me that publicly. It's a little embarrassing. I'll tell you privately :P

  9. u look spiffy!!i love how ur accessories pull the whole outfit together..If you have a closer shot of the necklace, do upload it too..


  10. Your shoes are so cute! Love the prints!

  11. Hi Tanvi!! I'm so happy to run into you!! Blogger friends! :) Love your skirt, no matter how old you say it is! :) And I have a girl-crush on Katrina too!! She is way too classy! :) Keep posting !! I'm so followingyou!

  12. One of my fav outfits on you :) the skirt is heavenly:)

  13. Lov your shoes n bangle.Its going so well with neutrals!
    Waiting for the movie,its been really ages seen ne interesting movie.V shall see that together.
    Love u.

  14. Love, love your bracelet. So chic:)

    Lol Factory Girl

  15. Sonali - Thanks! Will ask husband to click a close up of the necklace ;)

    CCWai - Thanks!!! Welcome to my blog!

    Tamanna A. Shaikh - Hey! Thanks :o) You are so sweet. Btw, we are both in TX too! I glad I run into your blog toooo

    Mom - Yes! One more month! See you soon and paaarrtyy ;) Haha

    msskeide - Thank you so much :o)

  16. LOVE your shoes :O :O :O
    really enjoyed reading this post too :)
    great blog miss!
    stop by some time xx

  17. Cute shoes!

  18. kirstyb - Hehe! Thanks ;)

    Margaret - Thanks! That was sweet! Pleasure having you here! Drop by anytime ;)

    t - Shoes seem to be a hit! Thanks :o)

  19. Love your look, the shoes are perfect and I adore the necklace too.

  20. WOW those shoes + accessories are hot!! You can't really go wrong with a fresh white + khaki duo, but the pieces you added really make it extra chic ;)


  21. Hippie Holly - Thank You :o) These are one of my fav. pumps indeed!

    raven - Glad you dropped by my blog! And your compliments are making me extra happy. Thanks girl!


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