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Story of exaggeration!

Few days back 'someone' [who shall remain unnamed] told me that I add 'sugar & spice' to [in other words exaggerate] my stories while narrating them. Of course, I do not agree. Simply put -> I am not exaggerating, that just happens to be my version of the story [truth!?!?]. You wanna tell your version? Start your own blog! [Fair?] 

However, the comment got me thinking and I realized that conversations, written or verbal, are simply a matter of passion and personality. Just to clarify, this is me having a conversation with you, where you can't talk, only comment! [I know, life isn't fair, always! :P]. Some people state facts with absolutely no pizzazz while others like to engage their readers [listeners] with some ethos. Also, in my opinion the use of adjectives does not qualify as a means of exaggeration, it is in fact, a means of expression! 

Let me elaborate with an example ... [Why? 'Coz I wanna!]     

Basic Facts of a Story - 6:00pm, Saturday, Two Friends, Shopping Mall

Question asked was , "Where did you see these two girls before?" and this is how some 'stereotypical' people would have responded, according to me:

An average person, who is inattentive for most of his/her life, with zero personality would say, "I do not know what time is was but I 'think' I saw those two girls at the mall. I have no idea what they were doing. I was a little preoccupied."

A News-Reporter-kinda-fact-stating person would say, "Ya! On Saturday, I did see two girls at the mall. I didn't recognize them from anywhere but they were definitely there!"

An interesting person with a flare and personality would say, "I saw these pretty girls at the mall in the evening. They were dressed swell! I wish I had stopped them and asked where'd they got their shoes from! Oh Well! Why do you ask?"

An exaggerating-sorta-person would say, "You know what? I did see them at the mall in the evening. I wonder what they were doing there? Must be either meeting guys or shopping. What else would two girl be doing at the mall, right?

So there! Needless to say I fall under the category of 'an interesting person with a flare and personality'. [How cool is it to have your own blog? You can say whatever you like! Ha Ha! :P] Bottom line, I do not believe, I exaggerate. I love to orate a story with some spunk ... It's not intentional, it just happens ... 

Over to the Outfit of the Day!
Scarf - Forever 21 [09']

Tank - CK [06']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Shoes - From somewhere in the world [?!?!]

Dressed to be comfortable and enjoy the pleasant weather God has bestowed up on us. Spring came, Spring left, now we have downpour! But I am not complaining. It's a perfect weather to go for romantic drives, and walks :) ... So we are off to watch Kick-Ass [The movie] right after we gobble down the delicious Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza [Yummm!]. 



  1. Ughhh these people are such HATTTERS!! They spend their precious time criticizing people's blog with uninteligent coments like that because they have nothing more interesting in their lives to do, I actually prefer to read blogs that is written well and captures my attention with creative writting, and I wish I had that kind of vocab and could write like Tavi or a reporter, I would much rather describe things with interesting and inteligent words than with just basic writting. It makes for a more exciting and interesting blog. I see these popular blogers like Sea of Shoes and What I Wore take out their coments sections because people like this go around hating on these blogs and leaving offensive criticism, but why do that? If it bothers you so much then DON'T READ BLOGS!

    Anyways luv your blog!


  2. Love the post. Esp love the creative photos of the M n M's!

  3. I agree totally with Flowerchildstyle. That is one of the reasons my subtitle says what it says. I say, come on people, where is your sense of 'anything'! :)

  4. I love your fantastic shoes! Pretty ,pretty ,pretty! Xoxo

  5. Ok..strange. I wrote a long comment and it never got published :(

    Let me start over…and try and remember word for word :)

    This is an interesting post…and please don’t let the nonsense criticism ever get to you babe…you rock the blogging world…not that Im an expert…but I love to read it…you keep it real, regular, interesting…fun. Keep them comin!

    Now a recap-

    Loved your ‘My happily Ever After’ blog….awesome! Great for you that you channelized your energies into something productive…positive and healthy…it shows on you…your hard work and dedications has truly paid off…!

    And loved you in that salwar and pink top Tans….very meee :) you looked lovely…


    Lotsa love!!

  6. Salute!
    The good thing abt u is you take critics possitively.Great going.I think ppl love masala:)Hahaha.
    I love these colorfull gems.Yum...

  7. Awesome post.

    Loving the shoes and loving the pizza!

  8. I LOVE your jeans. Perfect. And that pizza's making my mouth water. yum.xoxo

  9. - I hear you girl. It doesn't bother me, although does make up for good post-material. Anything that gets my juices flowing, right?

    Meetu D - M n M's are part of our weekends :)

    Dip-tea - I am glad I can find so many partners in crime :)

    Nathalie Maggiori - That did taste good, too! :)

    Cocó - Thanks Girl!

  10. Cute outfit!

  11. Anu, Anu, Anu - I miss you around here babes! Thanks for all your support, always! That 'salwar' is indeed YOUR look ;)

    Mom - MWAH! Thanks for ALWAYS commenting ... And these are the American version of Gems [MnM's] but one and the same thing.

    Walk The Sand - Thank You! :o) I am totally a SHOE person!

    Daphne - Hey! Thanks! I love Pizza. They are simply the best. And there is nothing like a perfect fitting jeans, right? :)

  12. The Urban Fashion Gal - Thanks :) Welcome to my blog!

  13. love the scarf and im an MnM addict too :)

    hope you have had a nice weekend !!

  14. Ah treat to the eyes and the stomach ::) loving the scarf and the shoes ,heart heart sigh :)
    P.S your pants are on there way :)
    Will mail you pictures of the pants and courier details :)

  15. hahah I love this! I'd have to say I fall within your category too :)

    And I so love your outfit. Fab shoes and your pedi is amazing!

    Have a happy Monday! :)

  16. I love the first pic - u look very content and happy:-) cute shoes..


  17. It's called having a creative imagination and memory! All great writers do it! The way I tell a story and the way my sister tells a story are 2 diff things. But I bet cha mine is way more entertaining! Love your writing, love your stories. xoxo

  18. Don't let one ignorant comment get you down. I want to be entertained when I read blogs. I personally don't care if the stories I read are true, but I tend to believe that they are. Just be true to yourself, and start comment moderation if people get sassy with you.

  19. oh i've had so much of this! People claimed I was far too open on my blog. (well considering it was mine, I didnt see the worry). Initially it irritated me, and then I decided to shrug. :)

  20. First of all, thank you very much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. :)

    You look soooo cute in these pics!!
    Casual and simple but very stylish!
    And top's color is great on you!

    Why do you post all these yummy stuff?!?!?!? I am on a diet! :-p

  21. Interesting post... I think I belong to the category you belonged to also. And there's nothing wrong with adding sugar and spice to your post... it makes reading a lot more interesting.

    I love your cool laid-back look. You are so pretty! xoxo

  22. Oh I always exaggerate! Sometimes I even make stuff up off the top of my head. It makes life more interesting. For example did you know that I’m really a princess? Seriously! My seven year old neighbor made me a cut out paper crown. It’s real if I say it is!

    And I’m on a detox so those last pictures are torture right now!

  23. michelle - Thanks :) Oh! MnM's one of my vice's :(

    Smrithi - Thanks babes! Owe you one BIG TIME!

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Hope you had a good Monday too :)

    Sonali - Don't know about content and happy ... but was excited for the weekend. Also, it was my husband experimenting with new shots :)

    Taj Acosta - Thank You :) It's good to know my blabber is appreciated ... Hehe!

    Robyn - I appreciate it. I wasn't really bothered by any comments. It just motivated me to write a post :)

    Upasna - Babes! I feel the feel you feel! ALWAYS! :)

    Kelly - Sorry! I think everyone is on a diet and mad at me. But weekend means FOOD ... haha! Will try and post pictures of healthy food now, cool? Thanks for the compliments :)

    Leah - Aww! Thanks! That made my day!

    what i would have worn... - Oh! Sorry! Will try and be considerate to fellow dieters from now on :) ... and thanks for appreciating my stories!!!

    Elaine - Thanks! :o) Hehe! I am glad you are not on a diet and I didn't spoil your day too ...

  24. Love this post.. How boring would life be without a little embellishment! ;0)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  25. Yours Descriptively, Anita :-)April 21, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    i love the m&m's!!! is that ur quota for each meal?

    like the whole vest with scarf thing especially the color..the only thing left was being a scarf junkie and i think i am getting there! :-p

    very interesting piece on presenting exaggerating..and being descriptive is different from IGNORE the others and keep the SPUNK coming :-p

  26. Ohhh def loooved this post! hahaha


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