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Has anyone been crazy about watching Parenthood, like me [or again I am the only weird one?] It airs on NBC every Tuesday night after The Biggest Loser and I have been hooked on it since the day Pilot aired in March. [6 episodes have been aired so far] Man, I love it. It's my favorite show on television right now, hands down! It's a story of a close knit family of Bravermans. They have two sons and two daughters. I'll indulge you in little details about the main characters to spur your interest, may be?

1. Son #1 = Adam who is married to Kristina. They have a girl [who is your average rebellious teenager] and a young boy [who might have Asperger's syndrome]. Adam is the responsible and reliable one, to whom everyone in the family goes to seek advice! He is my favorite on the show. 

2. Daughter #1 = Sarah [Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame] who has moved back to her parents house with her 2 kids. She couldn't sustain herself financially as her loser ex-husband was no good! Her kids are going through the issues of 'separated parents' and the good olĂ© drama called - teenage! It get's interesting when she is trying to date and be a Mom too. 

3. Daughter #2 = Julia who is a corporate attorney and has a stay-at-home-husband who helps in taking care of their daughter. Daily, she has to deal with her guilt of leaving her daughter behind.

4. Son #2 = Crosby, a slacker with a commitment phobia, suddenly finds himself in a situation which forces him to 'grow-up'.

But the reason I enjoy the show so much is because the characters are REAL and bring life to the story. I did not feel at any time that I am watching television but rather I could relate to all of them as if they were 'real' parents dealing with 'real' issues with just tab-bit [right amount] exaggeration! The show blends in the right amount of comedy and drama, for my taste. 

If you haven't had a chance to watch it so far, please do and let me know what you thought?

I was ready to go run some errands and attend an iWork workshop [to improve my Mac skills ;)]. It was a grey-gloomy day so I dressed to match the weather. Looked outside my window and saw grey sky so got inspired to built an outfit around it. 

Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Promod Click Here to see how I wore the dress previously!
Shoes - Rack Room Shoes
Necklace - Gift from Mother-in-law
Bangles - Gift from a friend [Namrata]

P.S. Anyone who is willing to read lovely words being written about me please Click Here. Fellow blogger Amy @ taste like red has been very kind to me ... !!! 


  1. Very cool outfit! Will have to catch the show. Thanks for the review.

  2. very nice outfit...
    BTW have u seen Brothers and Sisters ? Its sounds so much like this series. I enjoy B&S a give it a gander...

  3. A for Apple, Anita :-)April 9, 2010 at 6:11 AM

    Hey babes!! I ENJOY parenthood tooo...for the same also helps to see the known faces from dirty sexy money and gilmore girls..

    they don't have an apple showroom here..which sucks because can't do all these's sad that people in this region are not creating enough demand for APPLE to consider setting up base here..or it's too small of a market for them..whatever their reasons, I hope they realize there are people like me who are LOYAL and want to be part of a local apple community!

    Do share some pointers on what u learnt.

  4. i havent watched it - cute pics xxxxx

  5. Reading d heading i thought the blog is on us:)

  6. Thats such a fun outfit you have on! Love the dress!

  7. okay, i love parenthood. which of course means it will be cancelled within a few episodes (like love monkey or the black donneleys or dirty, sexy money). and your oufit is of course awesome!

  8. You look georgeous:)

    xo Factory Girl

  9. nope, havent watched it..will try to catch it since u do make it sound very interesting..Love the dress - do we have 'promod' stores in USA??

  10. I really love this outfit! The fitted blazer is beautiful, the ruffles on the dress are great, and the pops of red are fantastic!

    As for the show, I haven't seen it before, but I don't have a TV at the moment, so maybe that's why. I'm definitely going to check it out though! It sounds really interesting!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  11. Meetu D - Thank You! You will enjoy Parenthood. Watch it if you get a chance :o) - You wldn't be disappointed :)

    Lazy Pineapple - Thanks :) I have seen B&S ... This one is different.

    Ani - Oh! You poor soul, living in the country which doesn't appreciate the good stuff :P I will mail you pointers when I get a chance :)

    kirstyb - Thanks :) And Welcome to my blog!

    Mom - Haha! Well. No! I have more topics on my mind besides you guys :P

  12. Noble Beeyotch - Thanks :) and Welcome to my blog!

    Amy - Thanks! I hope the show is not cancelled. I am really enjoying it. Bored of the vampires and zoombies. Nice to see 'real' stories for a change! :)

    msskeide - Thanks! Welcome to my blog!

    Sonali - Thanks! :) Nope they don't have promod in USA. I picked it up on my last trip back home.

    Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks! You are a sweetheart :) And let me know what you thought of the show!

  13. Havnt seen it..but kinda gives idea of Brothers n Sister. But tht sucks too now.

  14. Except that they are 4 siblings, nothing else is similar. B&S started with the backdrop of Politics. This one is all about family, children and parenting. [Reminds me 'again' of our parents and family] It's fun. Has few touching moments every episode. I love it :)

  15. Somehow reminds me of brothers and sisters:) doesn't air here in India .Love the jacket,,is it a tatoo i see ??:)

  16. Smrithi - Thanks :) Yaaaaahh that's a tattoo! It's not B&S. Watch it when it air's there and you will know :o)


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