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Paisley and Me

Hand stamp for printing traditional "paisley" design

I thought, if anything, I would know myself quite well by now [since I live with myself 24/7] but as it figures out not-so-much! I recently realized a pattern [pun intended] which seems to be all over my life! Nonetheless it is an amazing feeling to learn something new about yourself out-of-the-blue. I am very excited about my discovery, right now!

Remember from my last post the bed spread that I can't get over [which I bought on Sunday]? Well, that [now, famous] bed spread made me realize that I am crazy about 'Paisley'. Right after that I have found the pattern of 'paisley' all over my life and hadn't even realize it for so long! [Feels weird and exciting at the same time]

Let's start with the bed-spread, first

Oh! My lovely lovely bed-spread :)

My Life-line [Organizer]

This is close-up of one of my Indian outfits! It's one of the oldest ones I own but refuse to part with. May be I will wear it one day and post a proper picture [or may be not ... keep guessing? ;)]

Well these are my Yoga slippers ['coz I only wear them to Yoga class, don't know why though!]

Last but not the least, my wedding outfit! Full of paisley and it wasn't even intentional .. hmmmm

So there, now you see what I mean? It's absolutely bizarre that I didn't notice this trend up until now! [No regrets, though. Now, at least I know what I 'like']. Here are some interesting facts about Paisley I found [I mean I googled them, of course!]
  • It is a motif of Indian and Persian origin
  • In Sanskrit language, the design is known as mankolam [ma means mango and kolam means rangoli pattern]
  • The pattern is also similar to the Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity
  • It was named 'paisley' after a town in Scotland by East India Company
  • It had been used vividly by Herm├ęs in their last year's collection with Indian theme. 
  • You will also find it spurt every now and then in Marc Jacob's scarfs and Juicy Couture's collections 
  • It is an eternal part of most of Vera Bradley's collections
And now for the outfit-of-the-day

It was a dull, chilly, rainy evening. Hence, the layers. For the first time I decided to go by the pool and read but was bulldozed out by the bloody-mostiques. *grrrr* Anywhooo, a simple outfit! Top is same as what was worn here. Nothing 'really' exciting, if you ask me! [Oh! and this is my first time clicking pictures with a timer, so be kind! :)]

Skinnies - Miss Sixty
Top - Ann Taylor
Cardigan - Calvin Klein
Necklace - Thrifted [Tehran]
Shoes - From somewhere in the world [!?!?]


  1. Lovely bed-spread!!!
    Nice colors!!!
    As always you look very cool!
    Minimal but great!!



  2. AAM-azing Paisley, Anita :-)April 21, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    by the way...i loveee paisleys too! (i usually call it 'ambri' which i think is derived from 'aam'/mango) i think they are very delicate, feminine and yet abstract and a unique SHAPE. I love the slippers...and the bed HAPPY! perfect summer colors!

    amazing choice! :-)

  3. Love the lehenga. The color is killer.

  4. awe I love the wedding pic!! So pretty you look doll! I think this pattern is very cool! I don't see it very often for some reason. Now I probablly will!! xoxo

  5. Chic pics.
    Cool discovery...!!!
    Loved d bed spread colors.
    Gud nite.Sweet dreams:)

  6. love the bed colors :) and nice post.
    check out my new one

  7. i love paisley!! and that bow on your top is so cute.

  8. Being in India we don realize the importance of these things...

    will surely get one for my self:)


  9. If Only my husband read this post of yours, he will be so proud of you. He would give you 200/100 marks and some medal. You know he is sooooo fond of paisley himself. And there is a reason to it. You know he i in business of shawls- specially kashmiri shawls and stoles. He thinks that the best pattern in this world is a paisley. And I quite agree with you both. There is something nice, elegant, rich and interesting about it.
    Love your bed spread, organizer, slippers and even the wedding outfit.
    Your outfit for the day, as always is interesting. And you have done a good job with self timer.
    I am quite getting addicted to your blog.

  10. oh God! All my Kashmiri roots are grinning. We're honestly too full of paisleys (btw Paisley-the town has the highest population of Kashmiri craftsmen outside of Kashmir- that's for trivia effect :D), but I don't ever mind it :)
    I LOVE the fact that you're wearing a beautiful wedding and allied shades are such an overkill...

  11. I am also a huge paisley fan. And wow you looked beautiful! at your wedding! The layers on your outfit are such a great way to do warmth without bulk, and those are hot shoes!

  12. Lovely :) digging every piece of what your wearing :)

  13. wow - such a unique color for marriage..u look gorgeous in ur lehenga!!


  14. I love paisley too, although i dont think i have as much of it as you do! lol. I like your top.

  15. Kelly - Thank You! :) Minimal is 'classic' I feel. You can never go wrong if minimal!

    Ani - Ya! Aambri ... Yeah heard the tailors call it that ... it's the best pattern in the whole wide world :P

    Dip-tea Thanks! I am a sucker for always being different from the world!

    Taj Acosta - Thanks! *blush* Now you will definitely see the pattern ard more!!!

    Mom - Mwah! Aren't you the sweeetest ;)

  16. Anita Putri - Thanks babes! I will surely check it soon!

    What Would a Nerd Wear- Thank You! I too was attracted to the bow while buying it ;)

    myrrh goldframe - Thanks! Shoes are my vice!

    Anamika Sureka - I know what you mean. We appreciate things more when they are not near by :)

    Kiran Sawhney -Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You definitely made my day. Your husband has good taste like you :)

  17. Upasna - Oh really? Thanks for that trivia. I like trivia. And I am glad ppl appreciate my color choice for the wedding lehnga. I too think red/pink are over done.

    alltumbledown - Hey! Thank you for all the lovely words. Welcome to my blog.

    Smrithi - Thanks doll. I like that you like ;)

    Sonali - Yeah! :) A disorder to stand apart, you can say!

    daisymay - Haha! Thank You for the compliments! Even I didn't know I had so much paisley up till now. Welcome to my blog.

  18. i have manyy paisleys too i sumhow lovee itt n u frgt to add in the list of international brands even Ermengildo Zegna and now Canali bth menswear luxe brands have lots of Paisley's in thm :) ... btw the wedding outfit was gorgeeousss :) and im still stuck to your Yellow DRESS loved itt ... :)

    il too Share with You my Paisleyss in Pics :) muaahhh

  19. Soomya - :) More similarities ... Yay! Oh well, you know I do see all the mens wear with Paisley but I pay attention to only what interests me ;) But you are right! And thanks for the compliments. Making my day ... everyday! :)

  20. The bed spread is soooo pretty as is the yoga chappal. I love paisley too. Your wedding lehenga is adorable :)

  21. I love paisley too! The last time I came home from a wedding in India I sat and drew the mendhi patterns from my hands so I could use them in future artworks.
    And the bow on your top is so cute.

  22. Hippie Holly - Thank You! :)

    what i would have worn... - Even while doodling it's my fav. pattern to play with :)


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