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The Packing List

My vacation doesn't begin from the date of travel, but from the day I start making 'the packing list'. I have been a 'list-person' from the time I can remember. I need a list to get moving on anything ['coz I like ticking things off]. However, I would like to believe that I am a practical and light traveler. I do not believe in carrying luggage weight on the basis of 'what if?' and 'may be!'. I have a clear-cut pattern that I follow and so far it hasn't failed. There are a set of questions I would ask myself before packing:
  1. How many days am I going away for?
  2. What's the weather like?
  3. Is it is a leisure or adventure trip?
  4. Am I staying at a hotel or at a friend/family's place? 
  5. Am I traveling by car/plane/train?
Once I have all these questions answered I get started on my packing list. Ideally if the trip is for 4 or less days, I prefer to carry only hand luggage because a) it avoids wastage of time upon arrival and b) I just hate to carry big & heavy bags around unnecessarily. 

I put together outfits before hand so that I am definite that I am not carrying useless stuff. I calculate 2 outfits per day [Day and Evening]. Mix-n-match items to make most outfits out of the same pieces, or carry simple light dresses to reduce the weight. Under-clothes are also planned at the same time so that I do not end up with wardrobe malfunction! Pair of pyjama's or lingerie is a personal preference, I guess! Also, I always pack a pair of light work-out shorts and t-shirt 'just-in-case'!

Minimal is the mantra here! Scarfs, belts, socks, and so on are basics but when it comes to jewelry & shoes I try to make sure that I have the most comfortable pair of shoes which will also go with most of my outfits [which I have already put together!]

I have a toiletry bag which is always ready with travel size 'everything'. I never use stuff from this bag in daily life. As soon as I am back from one vacation I replace whatever was finished immediately. [Just trying to reduce the margin of error here!] Since I do not use make-up, not much thought goes into it while packing. Mostly I carry a mascara and a mineral foundation for emergency! On daily basis I only wear moisturizer with SPF, gloss and Kajal [Kohl pencil].

The night before traveling I pack remaining for the necessities:
  • Camera, Memory Card & Charger
  • Phone, Battery & Charger
  • Laptop & Charger
  • iPod & Headset
  • Sunglasses
  • Ticket/Passport/Documents 
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Money/Currency
  • Medicines, if any
  • Umbrella?
  • Book/Magazine/Novel
So that's my packing list. Do you have one, as well?


No special reason for the outfit. I wanted to wear this skirt since long so paired it with a grey shirt! I was divided between a bright color sandals or similar tones. I went with these because I always wear contrasts, so for a change I thought 'matching-matching' isn't a crime either [;)]

Shirt - Target
Skirt - BCBG [Same as worn here]
Shoes - Payless


  1. Wow. I wish I were this organized. I have nothing even close to a pack list. Great skirt too.

  2. Thanks for the packing tip... I tend to overpack most of the time. Well. let's say, all of the time. Like right now, I'm packing for my US trip for May and I already have one suitcase filled with clothes. And the shoes are not there yet. Hahaha!

    I love your outfit for today. The skirt is fabulous and the top is so pretty. You look so elegant and so chic in that ensemble. xoxo

  3. Boston looks super sunny! Hope you have a great trip! :)

  4. Hey Tanvi,

    Like your shirt (different and interesting). Skirt is classic.
    Like your organized packing list. I do such list very mentally. But one habit of mine- however late and tired, i come back from a trip, I would not sleep until I have unpacked and organized every thing. Clothes would go to laundry, be stacked in their right place, suitcases meticulously emptied,only then I would retire. It is irritating for husband. But thats me.
    Hey I need your inputs/ comments on my present blog post and fb status.

  5. I love ur top - its very different..have fun on ur trip!!

  6. Wow. I am in awe of that list! I pack quite a bit more randomly, and usually rely on accessories, which take up little room in my bag, to change an outfit up so I can wear the same pieces over and over differently. That blouse is amazing, too! Love the pseudo tie gone girly.

  7. Haha, thanks for sharing, you are a very practical young lady. Being a male I do not need a list when going away, and no, I never forget anything. However, anything else I need a list as my memory is more or less as long as my nose. I tend to forget everything, so my cell phone's calender has to remind me of most things I have to do.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my last post, it was great hearing from you. I love your site, very informative and interesting. Love your pics, I am following you.

    Have a wonderful week.

  8. I love the shoes especially the shade. I am going to save this page for my packing. I make lists purely for the joy of ticking things off, but this one is so critical (esp with last minute plans!)

  9. Wow you are just like me, I am obsessed with lists. Grocery lists to life goals lists I have them all! Post-its are therefore essential to my well-being!However I always pack more than I should plus I end up shopping on my trips so it's always a battle against excess baggage by the end of my trips. Love the outfit, the shoes are very pretty. Have a great vacation :)

  10. I should be at least as organize as you about packing, but actually it's always hard for me getting really the usefull stuff back with me! Lovely outfit, the skirt fits you great and that blouse has the most beautiful sky blue color!

  11. This is so cute! I love the shirt and skirt together!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  12. i loooove making lists. i am obsessed. i make them every day!
    p.s. i heart your skirt.

  13. I have a travel list too!! :-) Can't pack without it and since i started using it, I never forget my phone charger :-p

    But I usually travel heavy-and it doesn't bother me coz I usually never exceed the weight limit.

    Love the top!

  14. Really elegant and so cute and cool!!!

  15. Oh you look so cute and purdy! Packing is a crazy event for me. I always visualize this glamorous woman and then try to pack like her! lol. I'm trying to pack lighter these days though so I have more room to bring back goodies! xoxo

  16. Oh you look so cute and purdy! Packing is a crazy event for me. I always visualize this glamorous woman and then try to pack like her! lol. I'm trying to pack lighter these days though so I have more room to bring back goodies! xoxo

  17. Robyn - Try it! Lists make life so much easier!

    Leah - Haha! I used to be like that and then I decided to be more organized and it has made my life so much simpler and my luggage so much lighter :)

    Dip-Tea - Yeahh! Thanks. It was beautiful!

    Kiran - I am exactly like you. I have to unpack immediately I reach home. It's crazy :)

    Sonali - Thanks!

    alltumbledown - I think I am slowly mastering the art of packing enough to be chic on vacations too!

    Colin - Thanks for the compliments and following me :) Welcome to my blog!

    Upasna - I am glad you find it worth saving ;)

    Hippie Holly - Thanks to the blog I am discovering most women are similar ... It's amazing :) Plan and pack less! Works all the time!

    My floor is red - Thanks! :) P.S. Practice makes you perfect :P

    Elaine - Thank You! Thank You!

    What Would a Nerd Wear - Any interesting lists you wanna share? :)

    AAA - Traveling in America is different. You are forced to travel light. And sometimes if I am visiting only for 2-3 days I do not want to waste time waiting for luggage on the belt!

    Le garçon avec les lunettes - Merci :)

    Taj Acosta - That's my motivation too... the less I carry the more I can bring back :)

  18. Very pretty outfit!

  19. soo cool.. if you have some extra time can u make my packing list? hahahah

  20. bhabhiiii im soo Impressedd .... i hvnt been sucha good one wid travelling and the travelling list ... but plsssss if im travelling somewere alonee im gonaa assk u fr hellpp .. ur lik soo organizedd .. i lovee itt !!! :D SO cool !!! n i lovee d outfittt :)

  21. Meetu D - Thanks :)

    Elisa - I would ... if I could! But you are too far away ... :P

    Soomya - Thanks doll. And you can always count on me for anything :)


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