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My Happily Ever After

General Stats:
Age -28
Height - 5"4
Weight Lost - 48 pounds [22 kgs]
At this weight - 2.5 years

Weekly Workout Schedule:
Yoga - 60-90 minutes/2 days a week
Pilates - 60 minutes/1 day a week
Strength Training - 30 minutes/2-3 days a week
Cardio - 20 minutes/2-3 days a week

Future Goals:
Start swimming again
Continue Yoga & Pilates
Reduce fat percentage to 18%
Improve muscle tone

I have been meaning to write on fitness for a really long time. I thought I will recap for all the new readers on what they have missed so far. Also, give an insight to how this blog actually started. 

I am a fitness enthusiast who used to be 20kgs over weight up until 5 years ago. And then what happened? Nothing drastic really! I was working in London, U.K. and in order to kill time and save money I started walking to and from work! A travel pass for a week would probably cost me somewhere around £80.00 which means I could save about £320.00 a month and that’s a lot of money! [I am a shopaholic! I would save on food in order to shop, if I had to!] Well, that’s how my fat-to-fit journey started - walking to and from work daily, total of 80 minutes. Within a month or two I noticed all my clothes had become at least 2 sizes bigger for me. That’s when I got motivated and have never looked back ever since. Soon after I joined a gym and started working out 5-6 times a week [plus the walking]. I was lucky enough to be able to save on gym membership as I disguised and went on my aunt's membership [Yeah! Yeah! I am a criminal]. In my defense she never went to the gym and at least someone was putting the money to use! Over the period of 3 years I had lost a little over 20 kgs and moved on to the next mission –> fit-to-fitter journey but more on that another time.

So even today I make sure that I workout minimum 3-4 times a week, no-matter-what/where. If I am swamped with work, I wake up an hour early or cut short my lunch and go workout, if I am on holiday I try and walk as much possible and watch what I eat, if I am ill I try and eat healthy and not find an excuse to binge! I do not give myself any excuse to fall-off-the-fitness-bandwagon. Fitness is a lifestyle change and not a passing fad for me.

I want to emphasize on the fact that to be fit and lose weight the first step, according to me, is to not pressurize yourself or obsess about your weight. Simply, focus on fitness and healthy lifestyle and weight-loss will become a by-product eventually. I am not an expert and neither do I hold any professional accreditations, I only speak from my experience. Every time I have obsessed over my weight it has never given me any results. My body goes under a stationary mode aka becomes stubborn and never gives into my neurotics!

People who have known me since my fat-days, needless to say, always ask me how did I do it? And how do I keep it off? For example, at my recent visit back home [Delhi] this girl who works at the local salon near my house asked me these same questions. Most of the time I politely smile and answer that I workout without indulging in another ‘fitness’ conversation. But sometimes I can’t help myself and feel compelled to pass-on the wisdom. I told her to be as active as possible. Always be on her feet and move around, at work! Also, told her to try and eat half the calories she was eating right now, i.e. reduce the portion size. Her response, “ That’s it? I thought you would give me a lecture on gym-ing and not eating fats and carbs, like everyone else!” Well, clearly she had asked this question from many others before me and hadn’t followed their advice. “This seems do-able”, she said. Anyone who wants to start losing weight should start with small, but realistic goals. When you see results, you will be automatically motivated to make further more healthier choices and changes. However, if from the word go you set yourself up for an impossible task e.g. lose 5 kgs in a week, then you will give up soon after you started because it is not all that easy. You sure took time in piling all those calories on your body, so at least give it equal, if not double the time to shed it off?

The idea is to believe that there are no short cuts. My personal mantra is ‘if it doesn’t feel like work, it is probably not going to work’. My parting thoughts to anyone looking to lose weight or simply be fit would be
  • ·      Do not obsess over the weight
  • ·      Set small & realistic goals
  • ·      Think of fitness as a lifestyle change
Full of Energy

Still Smiling through the pain

Alright now need a little more concerntration

Phew! Dead now!

Another Kill Day 

We push through it

Check those guns out! ;)

All workout gear is from Champion and/or Adidas! Shoes from Reebok [Easytone]. 


  1. Very good points. And congrats to you for the positive results! I have always worked out to maintain a strong core and the last 2 years I've been horrible at making it a priority. The last 3 months I've really dedicated my efforts into yoga, pilates and cardio etc. Because I just feel better and have more energy, besides the physical. I love that you were honest and real about your reasons behind it. Great post doll :) xoxo

  2. You're such a strong lady and your body looks smoking!! I work out on the weekends and run 2 times a week but I really need to gain weight first! xxoxoxoxo

  3. losing weight is one thing but keepin it off is where people go wrong aka me:-) Every year I loose and gain the same 10lb!!

    just curious as to where the 2nd,3rd and 4rth pics were taken? is it outside ur gym??

  4. INCH-spired, Anita :-)April 15, 2010 at 8:12 PM

    Ooooh! Very nice post! Enjoyed reading it...It's a big change and a positive one...every time I see u..every six months, there is something new and ur outlook towards fitness is inspiring..keep it up...there's nobody else I know who is as dedicated as u..and u GIVE HOPE to people like me :-p

    Love the photos! Very different!

  5. I am so impressed. And you're right it's a lifestyle change. And not just with you but with everyone else around to accept. My mom passes her love (by force too) through do several other they feel I am perpetually on a diet, which really isn't true. Just that I don't prefer eating late in the night- which is a choice...*off she rushes to find that Yoga class*

  6. Awesome recap...although I had not heard the gym membership story before!
    Yup, it's simple, yet so hard.

  7. good luck with the workout ! your body is already looking fabulous !
    after reading your post, i feel like i should re activate my gym membership again..ahhaha

    michelle ||

  8. Taj Acosta - Thank You so much! The best part about workou is that it makes you feel good about yourself and lifets your spirtis :)

    Fashion Cappuccino - Oh! Gaining weight is harder than losing :) But I think strength training is a good way to go about it. But running is the best no-nonsense exercise!

    Sonali - Keeping it off it definitely harder ... but not impossible :) The pictures are indeed outside the gym!

    Ani - Thanks! You have me to motivate you everyday. And I am glad you are at leats doing something about it now :)

  9. Upasna - I know what you are talking about girl. I have my father who is exactly like that. Food = Love for him too. But eventually you just have to turn deaf ears to them and may be a little stern becoz you 'actually' know what is best for you. Have to push through their love, babes! :)

    Meetu D - Hehe! Yeah! I am cleaning the skeletons out of my closet plus i need to save material for my book as well, no? Else why would you read it ;)

    michelle - Hehe! Thanks dear! I hope you find your fitness inspiration here ...

  10. Very inspiring post.
    Loved the pics too.

  11. Wow seriously I'm so impressed! Tanvi, you have a great body and I completely adore you now for your gym love!! :)

  12. Great post and I love that "full of energy" pic...very fierce focus!
    The second pic...did you deliberately pose in front of all the "bad things" to drive the point home????

    Well done on your achievement and I'm sure you will achieve your goals.

    ps. what yoga do you do? I recall you telling me you do Bikram as well? I do Bikram at least 5 times a week and even though I do 5 other extreme activities, it is yoga that keeps me streamlined.

  13. Thanks for sharing these info!
    Very inspiring post.
    Well done Power-Woman!!! :D


  14. Mom- Thanks! Mwaah!

    Tamanna - Thanks babes! Your compliments motivate me more :)

    Dusk - Thank You so much! Haha ... no the pics weren't taken deliberately. However, I noticed them later and was like what-the-heck it emphasizes my point indeed.

    I do Bikram and Hatha Yoga. I keep switching every other month to keep it challenge and I do like variety. But U R right, nothing beats BIKRAM :)

    Kelly - Thank You! ... Far from Power-woman but getting there ... !

  15. It was actually what I was waiting for! super read! :)

  16. :o) Awww! That's very sweet. I am glad I didn't diappoint you!

  17. You are a positive inspiration my dear... and you know what, my next post is about workouts too. Though mine is a lot shorter and more of the "what I wear" thingy. Hahaha! Shallow I know. :-)

  18. So inspirational! You should be really proud of yourself. Anyone can go on a silly crash diet and loose weight but to do it sensibly and sustain it is a real achievement. I work out most mornings and do a pilates class twice a week but my real problem is diet. I can never say no to chocolate!

  19. THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - *blush*

    Leah - Haha! Not shallow. Just being human :) and I am pretty shallow too :P

    what i would have worn... - I can never say no to Chocolate and spicy food. But I have learnt to burn it out. I can't starve myself. I have tried and failed! :)

  20. You are a total inspiration!!!! Way to go :)

  21. Wow Tanvi...
    Walking I've been doing since though I am inspired to increase the intensity...

    And 20 kgs is a whole lot!!!!!!!!!
    Hats off to u...
    Stay gorgeous...
    Stay inspiring...
    Pleeeeeeeeeease stay around so that the dedication rubs off here too:-)


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  23. Ah so inspiring ! You made me hit the gym today ! :)



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