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My Chances?

It's spring and I'm lovin' it! As if everything [colors, flowers, sun] is shouting out to me. Nature is so therapeutic. It heals me of all my worries [seldom!]

Sometimes when I need to reorganize my thoughts and figure out what is going on in my head I crave for open spaces. Being within four walls makes me feel claustrophobic. However, it is not possible to head to a park or garden every time I need to shuffle my thoughts [else I would be in the park for 20 hours in a day!

During my recent get away I spent a lot of time outdoors soaking in the sun and cool breeze. Nothing matches lying on the green grass, surrounded by colorful tulips and just sharing thoughts and stories with a girl friend. These are the moment when I feel, "This is how I intend to spend my [distant?] future!" Future with no agendas, no (over) ambitious goals, and no disappointments! Future with mental peace, paths sorted, and goals achieved. But then you look around and wonder no one else is living that life, so what are my chances? 

But then again, my girlfriends call me 'super-woman' and this time I wanna believe them. May be I will live that life! Amen!



  1. yeah i am the first to comment and i do like your pics sooo much.

  2. I need a vacation now!!..close friends who go waaaay back -- Best therapy for free:-) Have fun!!

  3. oh what lovely pics! I can feel the spring's air! You're lovely in denim! Xoxo

  4. Ohh Gosh!!! I badly need a vacation by looking at these pics:)

  5. Ahhh 'Superwoman'...doubt is your kryptonite... that's what lessens your chances. I say go for it! So what if you don't get it all... as Bruce Lee said;

    "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at"

    ...and your goals are noble, normal and achievable.

    Lovely photos...always good to ground and earth yourself.

  6. You look sooo happy!
    I really like your last photo!
    Keep smiling sweety!! :D


  7. Gorgeous pics :)) Very Yash Chopra movies from the 70's! You make me want to pack my bags and take off on a much needed holiday :) Keep having fun!

  8. I have recently started reading your blog and must say that you indeed have an awesome art of writing things.The pictures are lovely and you look gorgeous :)..Take Care and keep up the fun filled spirit.

  9. Yes dear we are attracting each other with like-minded energy! Great photos! xoxo

  10. hey, there is a paisley print dress that I posted today that has ur name written on it:-) if i find something similar here, will email u..


  11. Omg its like you live in paradise and how cute is the duck family!!!!

  12. Ring..ring..SPRING....
    Love these colors,flowres nd the breeze.May this continue for a month atleast!!!!!
    You r shinning.

  13. i really love the photos!
    gorgeous ..
    and looks like your having fun(:

  14. Kiran Sawhney - Thanks!!!

    Sonali - Come to Texas? :)

    Cocó - Thanks babes!

    anamika - Haha ! Well holidays are good for the soul :)

    Dusk - Thanks! You said it so beautifully. I will achieve it indeed then. And nature feels so calming. I love it, too!

    Kelly - Thanks babes! Compliments like these .. how can I not smile? :)

  15. My floor is red - Not as good as yours, but I am trying :)

    Hippie Holly - Haha! I am a YRF fan too ... Everyone go on a holiday! We all deserve it after all this blogging ;)

    Intelligent but Wavering mind - Thank You for the lovely words. Welcome to my blog. Glad to have you here!

    Taj Acosta - Thanks :)

    Trishna - Haha! Thanks. I don't live there, these are taken on a vacation!

    Elaine - Yes! And so pretty and colorful ones at that :)

    Mom - You are the best! I love spring like you do :)

  16. Manjari Singh - I am sure 'nature' is happy with so much love it's getting :)

    Nicole Jarecz - Thanks :)

    Yaary - Thanks dear!

  17. OMG, that pizza looks sooo yummy..did you save me a slice? hehe...thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my me its appreciated ~:)

    and sometimes a good get away is what we really need...believe you are superwomen, and you shall be ! :)

  18. loving denim on denim, I wore it today too ;) xoxo

  19. that pizza is making me so hungry! Your pictures are lovely. Spring is beautiful! If only it weren't winter here in Oz.

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  20. Oh my God that pizza looks amazing! My mouth is watering right now!
    The pictures are just gorgeous hon. I’m totally loving this double denim look. It can be tricky to get right but you’ve nailed it.

    Re: no disappointments, I think I would rather risk them and keep my big dreams than be safe…

  21. Girl, what shades are you wearing? I love them!! Good to see you're having fun!

  22. LINDSEY MAK - Hey Girl! Thanks for your comments. I am glad you visited too ..

    Lions, Tigers, And...- I will surely check it out :)

    Amanda - :o) Thanks! I like fall too ...

    WIWHW - Yay! Thanks for noticing. It is hard to wear denim on denim and I am glad you commented on it :) About disappointments, I didn't mean I wld like be safe but it would be nice to look back after 30 years and have as few as possible!

    Tamanna - Thanks Girl! They are Ray Ban :)

  23. lovely pics. looked like you had a fun in boston.

  24. Chatting with girlfriends is definitely therapeutic!

  25. hey r u? looking gr8 as always n i really like ur draftin skills

  26. Kajal - I loved it!

    Meetu di - You would know ;)

    Richa - Hey! I am good. Thanks for the comment :)

  27. Love the flowers!

    And let me not get started on how tempting that pizza looks.

    Remember you have always shown that whatever people find impossible or 'not a chance' you end up somehow overcoming or taking those on that POSITIVE note, let's hope that u can make this a new way of life..


  28. Anita - That's one of the best comments ever. So positive and supportive. Sounds just like you ... Always by my side. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate our friendship! Kisses :o)


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