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Men Vs Women

I am not a Feminist and No... No! Don't worry this is not about to be yet-another-cockamamie-debate about who is better - Men or Women. It's just that for sometime it has been on my mind...Wondering what? Here goes...  

While there are probably over a 100 exxtra challenges that a woman has to face on daily basis in comparison to men, yet it totally ROCKS! to be a 'girl'. (Here on I'll exchange the word 'girl' for 'woman', as it really sounds kinda-old, don't you think?!) Here's why, 

  • Girls do not need to exchange their 'knowledge' to bond with each other!
  • Girls can have a blast even when no alcohol is involved.
  • Girls support each other even when they don't know each other. 
  • 'Guy talk' nowhere matches the 'Girl talk'! [Just take my word for it!]
  • Girls can be in a bad mood and blame it on PMS!
  • Girls can 'cry' and get out of half their troubles! [@Scorning Men: Hey! No one said it was fair! don't forget - PMS, Childbirth, Menopause comes in the same package!
  • Girls communicate with words while guys go 'uh huh, errms, yep, ok!'
  • Average looking girls have got make up, but ugly guys? [tch.tch]
  • Girls can look good with or without clothes [;)]
  • Last but not the least, girls can fake it [Phew!]

So now that everyone is convinced that being a girl totally rocks, this is how I realized it - Lately, I have been interacting with a lot of fellow bloggers who are just unbelievably sweet & supportive. [Friends in Cyberspace, is how I address them!] Today I received my first Blogger's Award from a fellow blogger Taj Acosta @ Gorgeous Glam

Thank You! :o)

As part of the chain I am supposed to reveal 7 unknown facts about myself and then pass on the award to 7 other Fabulous Bloggers. 

7 Unknown Facts About Me:
  1. I wash my hair everyday and have 7 different shampoo/conditioner for each day
  2. I only like Chocolate Ice Cream
  3. Since childhood I believe I will die in a car accident [Spooky!]
  4. I love writing in lead-pencil
  5. I wish to visit every single country in the world
  6. I believe I am a pretty decent at innovative cooking
  7. I prefer the world before Internet & Technology
7 Fabulous Blogs you might wanna browse through:
  1. Amy @ tastes like red
  2. Natalie Johnson @ what i would have worn
  3. Holly @ Hello List
  4. Smrithi @ The Vintage Obsession
  5. Ruhi @ Republic of Chic
  6. Karishma @ I'm too sexy for my shirt
  7. Rati @ Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog
Pass on the torch ladies :o)

For the Outfit-of-the-day, let me warn you, it's nothing glamourous or fancy!


We had spent the weekend home bound after the Friday Date Night [My husband had pulled a muscle at the gym, hence 'we' were recovering!]. But Sunday evening was so pleasant with cool breeze that we felt like going for a walk [and I felt like loading on calories!]. Quarry Market is my favorite hangout and when the weather is good there is no place better to walk around. Amy's Ice Cream is a Texan chain which started in Austin and I love it 'coz it's got a very 'Keep Austin Weird Vibe'.

As for the outfit, these are my first pair of shorts I ever bought after hitting puberty because to tell you the truth, I didn't have the legs to even wear anything above my ankle, till 5 years back!. Eventually, I had to get them altered as my waist miraculously reduced more ...and more ...and more .. [well, you get the point!]. When I had bought them, I thought they were too 'short' but then over the years my shorts have gone wayyyy 'shorter' [;)]. Oh! and the clogs on my feet are really old too. Very many years ago I had convinced my Mom that I would definitely wear them ['See, Ma! I am wearing them'].

T Shirt - Target
Shorts - Banana Republic
Shoes - Campers
Hairband - sc√ľnci


  1. You are thereby banned from uploading ice cream pictures on your Blog :( :P
    Two things.
    Firstly, Yayyyyyyyy! Yayyyy! My first Blog award. I'm very sentimental about this :) So thank you very, very much :)

    Secondly, I love the girls are better than men part, especially the alcohol part. My girls and I are always high and giggly. :)

  2. You are thereby banned from uploading ice cream pictures on your Blog :( :P
    Two things.
    Firstly, Yayyyyyyyy! Yayyyy! My first Blog award. I'm very sentimental about this :) So thank you very, very much :)

    Secondly, I love the girls are better than men part, especially the alcohol part. My girls and I are always high and giggly. :)

  3. wowhoo!! that makes my day. :) Thank you.

    *love* :)

    I am running away from here. Don't even want to see such yumilicious things these days. :D

  4. Girl Power, Anita :-)April 7, 2010 at 5:20 AM

    Hey Congratsss!! The award is so cool!! Will surely check out the other blogs.

    I STILL remember these shoes and I STILL love them! Very funky!

    I agree to all the points..basically being a girl is awesome! (especially our shopping options are wayyyy more fun) Though I think I could do with one of the guys characteristics of 'Being Indifferent'. :-p

  5. Very funny write up! Love the shoes! And I miss Amy....

  6. awesome! thanks so much! you are much too cool and as always look too cool in your cute outfits!

  7. Very cute outfit! It looks so comfy x

  8. I love that you wash your hair with different shampoos every day! Too cute! xoxo

  9. Dear Tanvi,

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  10. Congrates!
    Outfits r cool n comfy.

  11. The Goddess of Boho - I love your spunk girl :)

  12. Rati & Amy - You girls Welcome :)

    Ani & Meetu D - Thank You, as always you rock!

    Devon - Thanks :)

    Taj Acosta - hehe! yeah my little quirks!

  13. I love those shoes! They are adorable! And I think you're right about being a girl, it's a pretty sweet deal!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  14. completely agree with all of this; its not about shallow relationships in this world.
    and that ice cream- deliciousss!

  15. being a girl does indeed rock! were great lol! could you imagine being a smelly boy! bleugh x

  16. i think these pics are amazing keep up the good work. i absolutely love ur style and the shoes are amazing follow me on blogger thx.
    ps: i love da nose ring

  17. completely in love with ur shoes!!!I love being a girl becoz there are way more shopping stores for us then men!!


  18. Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks :)

    (always)alanna - Haha! Thanks :) Welcome to my blog!

    kirstyb - Glad you agree :)

    Fragalist - Hey! Thank You SO Much!

    Sonali - Thanks babes!!!

  19. Thanks so much hon! I promise to spread the love.

  20. I am a Woman. I love men. I am in love. I am a mother of sons and a daughter. I love fashion. I am a feminist.

    To me, being a feminist means that I can be whatever I choose to be as long as I chose to be it.
    Being a feminist simply means that I as a woman, believe and know that my social, economic and political rights are equal to men.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  21. I respect your opinions. You have good reasons.

    As I see it, everyone is equal and has equal rights [men, women or aliens]. I do not like to give myself any label to prove any point. As you said, I can be anything I choose to be! Peace.

    P.S. This post [Men Vs Women] was written with humorous intentions.


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