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Leave Me Clean

I love the days when I have enough time to 'kill time'. So I have been staring at the screen for almost an hour and procrastinating ... but now clearly I have gotten around it! Excuse me if this ends up being a lethargic post, 'coz that is clearly my state of mind right now - lethargic!   

For today's post I decided to discuss my skin-issues. Skin (facial) is definitely one of my least attractive features but nonetheless I do try and take a lot of care of it. Since, both my parents had oily skin while growing up, I sorta got that in abundance in my gene-pool! [Why do mostly the bad genes win over the good ones?] I had been struggling with acne and breakout right from the time of puberty up until recently. The skin did clear out every once in a while but it was never consistent. After numerous dermatologists and treatments I had sort of given up and stuck to the good old CTM - Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. However, sometime last year I think I got desperate and stubborn that I wanted clean-clear skin. Period! So this is what I did, 
  1. Went to the dermatologist for the n'th [and hopefully last] time
  2. Followed his instructions and prescriptions to the 'T'
  3. Drank enough water to fill a dam! [You get the point!] 
  4. CTM my face three times a day, but definitely before going to bed [No matter what!]
  5. Used sun screen regardless of the 'time of the day'
  6. Refrained from eating deep-fried food as much as possible
  7. Slept for seven hours minimum, daily
  8. Exercised regularly [which you all already know!]
  9. Stopped touching my face with my hands
  10. I don't use make up everyday [the only thing I didn't have to work on]
So the million dollar question is that did it work this time? Well, I do not want to jinx it [I hope I do not get a pimple first thing in the morning tomorrow] but I have bee clean & clear for more than 4 months! Not a single breakout. Now the only damage left are irreversible scars due to my relentless picking on them since puberty [I wish I had listened to my mom!]. I have made my peace with them though! [The picture on the right is untouched-unphotoshopped-makeupfree] This is the best possible skin I can have and if I continue with my healthy life style, who knows, may be the scars will disappear too *wishful.thinking.look*

And for the Outfit-of-the-day, we have ...

This wasn't planned but incidentally this is at facelogic where I am waiting for my facial appointment. Simple ensemble which is easy to put on and take off ... [you know for facial and everything!] Top is more than 3 years old but I love it's sheerness and colors and the pants are 2 years old but I haven't found anything more comfortable than these, yet! Everything in this outfit is old and almost deteriorating but I love all the pieces so I am gonna keep wearing them till their last 'thread'! 

Top - Bershka [Dubai]
Harem Pants - Gift from Mom
Necklace - Gift from Mom
Bangle - Local store 
Slippers - Gift from Mother-in-law

Also, the top was previously worn as, 



  1. I love ur top's combination of stripes with print - very chic!! have to say ur mom-in-law gifts u awesome stuff:-) Maybe we can trade?? our mother-in-laws, silly - my husband's return date has expired:-)

  2. gorgeous girl!
    love the photos and the post(:

  3. Oh I wish I were more regular with the skin (it curses me all the time)...but I keep thinking I am running short of time- I think that's a lame excuse, no? Sigh!
    I got similar looking pants (very comfortable!!)- nothing fancy- but to wear at home, wasn't quite sure what to wear with it. This is interesting!

  4. I used to have real bad acne prone skin too myself. Should I give you my tips and secrets?
    1. La Mer- Nothing in the world beats it. No dermatologist, home concoctions, brands...nothing. Just go to La mer counter and buy everything they have- their miracle creme, diamond scrub. It is expensive but worth every penny.

  5. In love with the black baggy pants, they look so comfy!

  6. wow love you look, and you ar so pretty :)

  7. I used to have the same problem and still get the odd pimple. I definitely think drinking tons of water and thorough cleaning has helped.
    And your outfit looks fabulously slouchy hon.

  8. You look fabulous :) loving the alli baba pants and the color in the top :)

  9. I should totally be following a regimen... I've been too lazy to do so, but this is some good inspiration! Love the sheer top- it is beautiful!

  10. Love the outfits especially those black pants! Have you tried Micro-dermabrasion for the scars on your face? It really improves them to almost nothing. xoxo

  11. Sonali - Thanks :) My Mom in laws likes to give me stuff I would use!

    Yary and Sary - Thanks!

    Elaine - :o)

    Upasna - I love these pants! Show me when you pair them with something interesting.

    Kiran - I will listen to your advice. I trust you! Let me get back to you ...

  12. My floor is red - Thanks!!!

    Anita Putri - Thanks Doll!

    what i would have worn... - Thanks! I drink a lot of water and clean a lot too...

    Smrithi - Thanks so much!

    alltumbledown - Thanks!

    Taj Acosta - I have heard that. I will definitely give it a try once the derm treatment finishes!

  13. touch wood miss clean and clear!

  14. One very interesting fact I have to share with you- facial are apparently not very good for the skin my derm had once told me and thank the lord I've never done one. I agree with the CT not sure bout M for oily skin.

    on the other hand, glad it finally working out for you!!! Try Ice for scars- works wonders xxx

  15. Hey this is 2 in succession;)..my skin is also acne prone and inspite of all, it does not get better.. Gd that its wrkng for u n gives me hope that sm regime might work for me too sm day:)

  16. Funnily enough, my skin was also driving me nuts this week! Like you, I have been to n doctors, have had 1000 facials since I’m 15, know all the products in the market…however, I cannot get rid of annoying spots! If I put cream on them, my skin becomes awfully dry the next day. Then if I put on moisturizer I seem to have more spots the following days. It is SO annoying! it's not all bad news though, people with dark and oily skin tend to have far less wrinkles than others, hey!

  17. Meetu D - Thanks!!

    Swati - I know! *knock on the wood*

    Minal - Thanks for the advice babes. I like facial becoz my pores need them. But I will check with my derm too. But M is needed even for oily skin coz when you clean your face it rips you off the natural oils which can make your skin dry. Oh Well!

    Ritika - There is definitely hope. I promise you :)

    Aline - I hear you girl! The story of my life too! But you are right havign oily skin means fewer wrinkles. Always looking at the positive .. :)

  18. Nice look! The pants sure look comfy- good enough to travel in.

    I have to confess I don't do a lot to my face except for my daily cleanse, tone (not consistent), moisturize (very consistent)! But luckily over last year, I haven't been suffering from a lot of breakouts (crossing fingers for anti-self-jinx) and I thank AVENE Gel cleanser for it. When it was unavailable here for 2 months and I ran out, I switched to another brand, I noticed my skin going through 'issues'. I guess once you discover what works and what doesn't (or until ur regime eventually doesn't work) STICK to it. So the 'myth' of changing cleansers (or skin will get immune) I keep reading does not apply to me so far. :-) What about you?

    And I still have facial phobia.. I do it annually coz I am so scared if my skin reacts! The last was with you last summer!

  19. Love love love!!! You remind me of Parveen Babi when she was Queen of Indian Cinema!
    ...you are probably too young to remember...she was the bomb!

    [hahahahahahahahahaha @ BSD's comment!]

  20. i m trying all this frm 2day..this is the nth (hopefully last)time i m pledging this...i wish this time i WILL...


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