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Good Deed of the Day

I did my two years of high school in Dubai, U.A.E. Besides the fact that high school is supposed to be most awkward years of most teenagers, mine had an extra dose of cultural shock. This was my first time living in a foreign land [with a bunch of weirdos, I tell you]. However, this post is not about my awkward high school days, it's about this daily ritual me and my friends started soon after we got our driving licenses called the "Good deed of the day!"

Time for some flashback ... Back in the days [10 years ago] it was extremely difficult to get a driving license in U.A.E. I had heard horror stories of people giving driving tests for over 2 years and still not passing them. That's how strict they were. The government's logic, I suppose, was that the harder they are on the learners the better drivers they would have on the road. However, the cynics thought that it was a money making scheme, as every time you gave the test you had to pay the fees [and not to forget the valuable time you would waste waiting for not less than 5-6 hours!]. Some people even said that there are chances that the officials had formerly decided a fixed number of learners they would 'pass' each day!

Anywhoooo, we all managed to get our licenses eventually. I got it on my first try! [Yay for me! Just had to say it!]. It was, at that point,our biggest achievement in life. Bigger than passing high school or getting into a good college. Oh well, after all that drama we only found that the drivers on the road were terrible! Especially the 'locals' since they had no [or little] fear of the police [in middle east the original inhabitants of the country are referred to as 'locals']. 

So we all learnt to survive and reach our respective destinations without getting killed on the roads of Dubai. However, while doing that we had to often be selfish and make our own way through the manics driving on the road. But the 'kind and sympathetic young souls' that we were, we often felt bad for some people who were trying to change the lane, or take an exit and no one would let them [People there were mean!]. Hence, the conception of "Good deed of the day!" We let at least one person [car] go by before us, or let them get into their desired lane, or whatever it is that they wanted! It made us feel better and once we had ticked that off our 'daily' list we went back to being selfish and opportunistic. Hey! A girl gotta do what she gotta do! But the funny thing is that 10 years later, I still follow my "Good deed of the day!". I like the expression of gratitude and surprise on people's face when I do that. [Yes! it also makes me feel better about myself! Is that a crime?! :o)]

And for the outfit-of-the-day, I present to you -

Husband was trying the photography stint with the green tree in the background and green truck in front. I, too, thought it was funky! Specially with my contrasting colored dress!

Although, I was hoping the owner of the car wouldn't turn up while I am busy posing alongside! Thankfully, he/she didnt!

The weather was changing on hourly basis on Sunday, however it was pleasant for most parts. We had lunch plans with husband's colleagues and their wives. We went for some delicious Thai Food at Tong's Thai which has a great ambience and food! [I love spicy food hence Thai is just heavenly for me!] Rest of the day was spend running errands and hunting stuff for our guest room. We found this beautiful bed spread that I can't seem to get over [will try and remember to share a picture]. Anyways, back to the outfit. I paired this mini-dress with black leggings and all black accessories. I love yellow and I love florals. I thrifted this dress last fall when florals were not even 'in'!

Dress/Top - Wish [a local store in Austin]
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Leggings - Thrifted
Shoes - Payless

Also, previously worn as a dress:-



  1. lovee the way u write .. i cnt stop sayn dt lol ... n i love d dresss ur outfits gt bttr each tym ... fashionisssta :) muaaahh
    P.S ur fb profile pic shud be the dress pic florals yellow, shoes and YOU jus look hotttt !!!

  2. Very cute outfit! Love the bright color on you! Funny story about driving in AD, it's kind of like paying it forward but driving styles! xoxo

  3. I follow good deed of the month. I must say my Dubai driving skills are a big help in new York.

    - Sheetal

  4. Adorable outfit! I do the same thing with leggings and dresses during this time of year. You never know when you'll need to go bare legged! :)

  5. Ooh, I absolutely love your dress! The color is awesome.

  6. I prefer the dress as worn previously. Beautiful colours! And as for the good deed of the day- Anupam Kher makes ppl spell out a "good deed for the day" every Friday on Twitter. It's fun the kind of stuff people talk about... and I was reading elsewhere gratitude/ good deed is a stress releaser (things I read on long office day! :D)

  7. The dress is so pretty. I love how you wear it in different ways.

    Love reading your good deed of the day... keep it up. Even if it's just one small deed, it matters a lot to that lucky person. xoxo

  8. I always let women pass since most other people give women drivers a hard time!
    After seeing your outfit I will have to give yellow another chance in my wardrobe. Cute pics!

  9. My boyfriend always tries to line up interesting and artistic looking shots when I give him the camera... sometimes we even have silly arguments about it.

  10. Send me your mother's number ASAP .thank you :-)

  11. Genuinely your blog is becoming more and more interesting and very professional every day. Hats of to your sweet husband who supportively clicks your pics for the outfits of the day. Love the whole look. You Rock.

  12. And yes, in delhi, while driving, as a rule i always give way to ambulance. Rather at times make way for them. But if someone dares honk at me from behind, to give way, you know what sign I do- (go fly from the top).

  13. Love both the ways in which you've styled the same dress. Love the red ballet flats in the last picture :)

  14. You just remind me that I've a pair of leggings that I need to wear as fast as possible! You look super!
    Have a nice day!

  15. Yay you got your license first go! Good Road Deeds means less Road Rage.
    ...and hubba hubba* look hot in this dress! I like this dress with leggings but I love the pic of you without!

    *seriously showing my age now... who says that anymore???

  16. Please accept my first comment on your blog..You are really beautiful and have a great sense of dressing:)

  17. I love the corset style top part of this dress... Its tough deciding which look is better - with or without leggings since u rock both of them!!


  18. That was a nice story :) I like the idea of a good deed a day!

    Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  19. Priscila BarrenecheaApril 21, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    you should writte about your collage days :D

  20. that reminded me my days in England and Italy also..... by the way, looking great in that dress Tanvi!!

  21. the more i read ur more similarities i find in u and me...piscean connection :) i too do ths...

    though only SOMETIMES but i thnk the title "Good Deed of the Day" is perfect to make myself feel elated :)

  22. Hey thou i must admit that i dont follow ur blogs very religiously... but i read this one and i think that u really have an amazing art of writing (since childhood.. i stil remember those letters..;) n u simply luk FAB... gr8 going gal:)

  23. Soms - Mwah! Thanks babes! ... and I will think about your advice on the profile pictures! :)

    Taj Acosta - Thanks! :) True, it is kinda like paying it fwd!

    Sheetal - I concur. I know what you mean!

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - You said it! and when you can't go bare legs, leggings are a savior :)

    Catherine - Thank you so much! Welcome to my blog!

  24. Upasna - I didn't know Anupam Kher did that. Well for what it's worth we started 10 years ago ;) Hehe ...

    michelle - Thanks :)

    Leah - Thank you so much. I agree with you. Every action matters :)

    Meetu D - May be I can come and give your wardrobe a makeover? Sounds exciting! ;)

    Robyn - I hear you girl. I try to keep my calm and follow my photographer's lead. But if I really don't like the shots I ask him to click again and he obliges :)

  25. Kiran - I know driving in Delhi is like playing a Video Game where you have to save yourself ;) ... and thanks for your lovely compliments. My husband will be happy to know he is appreciated by so many people :)

    Hippie Holly - Thanks! I am glad someone likes 'both' the looks :) The ballets are also thrifted!

    Nathalie Maggiori - I am sure to catch the leggings in in one of your future posts, then? Thanks for the compliment!

    Dusk - Haha! Well, age doesn't matter, specially with you :) And you make an excellent point. More good deeds = less road rage! :) Thanks for the compliments!

    Anamika Sureka - Thank you so much. You are welcome to my blog. Hope to see your around :)

    Sonali - Thanks! I like them both too :)

    Elaine - Thank You! ... It's worth the try, isn't it?

  26. Pri - I was such a 'bore' in college. I have no interesting stories to tell :( [Can you loan me yours? Hahaha]

    Enid - Thanks doll! I guess drivers everywhere in the world are equally inconsiderate.

    Swati - Haha! Really? Well there's a reason why we connected instantly and have stayed in touch regardless of the distance. Don't you think? :)

  27. Ritika - Haha! Okay you are forgiven for not reading it regularly since you said such nice things here :P Kidding!

    Thanks babes. I am surprised that you still remember my letters and a little embarrassed 'how lame was I?' :P [and still am!] Hope you haven't saved them to blackmail me later *wink*

  28. Goody Two Shoes, Anita :-)April 21, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    'Good Deed of the Day'..I still do it!! :-)...and I am a sucker for the smile people flash you when you stop the car and let them cross, when they least expect it!! By the way, Tanvi, I think we were the few good drivers left in Dubai..they have just gotten worse and not to make it harder, the taxi drivers think it's their mission to play dodging cars on the under construction (forever) lanes here!

    Love the yellow!

  29. Ani - I am so glad on so many levels that I am outta there, but as far as drivers go .. I think they have gotten worse every where in the world. Lack of patience and consideration :)

    Kajal - I can totally relate. Easy gratification. Now it's so hard to feel elated over small achievements :)

  30. Hey I dont really think they were lame in any way n i do have them so wait till u r exposed;)


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