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Friends, by choice!

Photography courtesy Corrie Bond

I have been staring at this picture for hours. The colors, the look, the model, everything about the picture seems to calling out to me. 
What you see in the picture, is how I feel this weekend! 

So this weekend, I was visiting a friend of mine [who called me shallow, remember?]. She is soon going to graduate from Grad School and fly away to another continent. This trip was special for many reasons. One of which was that I was seeing her for the first time since I got married. [She is happily single!] We both are extremely opinionated-free-spirited-women who enjoy yapping non-stop about everything under the sun. In last few days we have discussed everything under the sun from politics, world economy, religious views, emerging markets, hospitality industry, fashion industry, food and .... [I can go on ... and on ... and on] and of course the usual quotient of gossip!

That's what I had been missing! Someone to have an mentally stimulating conversation with which does not stop at absolutely anything. She is my middle school friend, with whom I wasn't that close in school but we re-kindled our friendship few years back and it has been worth-our-while, ever since. She is someone who will call a spade a spade, which is one of her endearing qualities. [Caring, ambitious, friendly and intelligent are few adjectives I would use for her]

You know, one always hears that old friends are the best ones or that eventually you are only left with a handful of friends, or some other cliché like that? I some how do not agree with any of them! I have found friends at different walks in my life and most of them have stayed. I have different, yet significant friendships with each of them! I think after a while any friendship can sustain as long as they give each other breathing space, independence and doesn't impose over-familiriaty [personal opinion!]. 

The best part of the weekend [besides her amazing hospitality ...]? She complimented me [for a change, should I say? :P] that I haven't changed 'at all' after marriage and she appreciates that I am still 'my-own-person' [in her words!] and I haven't lost my life to the role of a wife. I like it! 

Her only advice was that I should consider doing a MBA at some point in my life 'coz she can picture me 'doing it'. Unfortunately, I do not think that is going to happen in this life time [I am so over with the whole studying part of life!] so let's move on to the pictures ...

Below is actually an account of my outfits, proving my point from the previous post - The Packing List

Day 1. Straight from the Airport. I promise you, this is all the luggage I landed with!

Day 2 spent chilling and sipping wine with friends and catching up! Thank God for the sun :)

Day 2 (Evening) Changed clothes for a girl's night out! First Dinner & Margarita's at Border Cafe then Parrrrty! ....Parrrty! ....*thud* [off to sleeeep]

Day 3. Ready for the brunch at Hi-Rise Bread Company with more friends!

Day 3 (Evening) Chilling by the river ... Perfect! :)

Sitting by the river and enjoying the view. P.S. 2nd pair of shoes besides the booties! :P

Day 4. Lunch at the best Pizza place called - Figs! Yummm!

A jail converted to a Hotel - The Liberty Hotel

Day 4 (Evening) - Back from an interesting dinner at a Middle eastern Restaurant - Oelana 


  1. Ohh girl!! Tanvi, I love all your pics, but the second one is super chic glamorous!! Glad you had so much fun!! It's always great catching up with friends and I cant seem to get enough! :)

  2. love your lil blue dress! great blog you have here. pls come check out mine when you have sometime =)


  3. Wow, this first picture is really amazing in its colour palette. And I really like your outfits

  4. nothing beats quality fun time with girlfriends. Love all the outfits, especially the second one and last one is fab too :)

  5. Loved the dress in the second picture and the white top is just adorable. I have been searching for the perfect white/cream/neutral color top, no such luck, as yet!
    Glad you had so much fun, seven outfit changes in a weekend! Wicked! :)

    Loads of love,

  6. Wow! U sure do travel light! Good...though won't share that fact with Mr.A or he's gonna tell me to 'LEARN' :-p which I won't coz i like my bag-packing. (so...secret...)

    Love the white top...and the grey one too...

    Your trip looks fun! Any more photos?

    I still have to meet "ur friend" :-p

  7. ok , should i pick one outfit and say i like this , Dont make me do it i like em all:)

  8. You look fabulous!! I absolutely love those booties!

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. Tamanna A. Shaikh - Thanks girl! I indeed had a lot of fun!

    Persis Shah - Thanks :) I will be visiting your's soon, too!

    Nathalie - Hey! Thanks :)

    Hippie Holly - Thank You! Thank You!

    Dee - Thanks dear! Well seven outfits in 4 days is okay, right? :)

    Ani - Thanks! You can meet her soon ... one day! ;) I won't tell your Mr.A don't worry! :P

    Smrithi - Hehe! I won't make you choose. You are too kind to break my heart ;) - Thanks :)

    Elaine - Thanks! I am glad I used them A LOT in last 4 days!

  10. Love your outfits, the way you have assembled and coordinated them. You seem to have a ball of a time with your friend. Keep going gal.

  11. you look fabulous..U have to tell me where you got ur day 2 dresses and day 4 white top - so lusting after them!! I refuse to believe u packed all this in one bag:-)

  12. You look fabulous and I am very impressed that you travel so light and still manage to look as fabulous as you do. Now that's an art!

    Sounds like you had a great time. Your 'friend' should be complimenting you all the time. You are pretty damn fabulous Tanvi.
    ...I can't believe I have only just started following you! I really enjoy your blog and I have some catching up to do!

  13. loved all ur outfits.sp.white n Blue ones.

  14. Kiran Sawhney - Thanks! Love your comments. Keep them coming :)

    Sakshi - Yay! You made it :P

    Sonali - Dress is from a flea market in London and White top is from Urban Outfitters :) I did pack it all in one bag. Planning is my secret ;)

    Dusk - ** Wow! Those are some serious compliments. I am in seventh heaven ... Thanks! ... and I like how you call is art ... hmmm! That's what I am gonna call it now- art of packing!

    Mom - Mwaaahhh!

  15. gr8 post---so you practice what you preach :-)

  16. tanviii ur white cotton top is like sooo good... drool

  17. Meetu D - Thanks :)

    MM - Come and borrow it *wink*


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