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The Forgotten Virtue

Since the time I can remember I have always got a kick-out-of-it when people have compared me [in any possible way] to my father and found us alike. However, after marriage I have discovered that I am like my mother in more ways than I can count. We both run our households quite similarly, I caught the fashion bug from her, we even deal with stress and tension similarly [we simply go to sleep! It's hard to be stressed or pissed if you are asleep!], etc. Among many things one similarity that I am actually most glad about is our need for a routine and punctuality. While many would find a routine boring, we find it a relieve. I would say a routine is what keeps me sane; for the control-freak that I am! 

I am a planner [There I said it, happy? :P]  and I love planning. Organizer has been my life-line for most part of my adult life. I love making lists, just so that I have something to tick-off at the end of the day. Besides the fact that it makes me feel in control, a routine, I believe also increases my productivity and efficiency. I was definitely not born to lead a nomadic lifestyle. There are things I need on daily basis [like one needs oxygen] e.g. some form of workout or activity, a good healthy breakfast, a clean house, and an hour to indulge in reading/writing/or dancing [not necessarily in that order]. 

The only spontaneity I indulge in lately is either while making travel plans [I am famous of getting-up and going anywhere anytime!] or over the weekends. From Friday evening till Sunday afternoon we [me and husband] forbid any routine to take over unless we want to!   

And don't even get me started on punctuality. While the west it still considerably better than the situation back home, nonetheless, basic courtesy of informing is missing everywhere. Last weekend when we were out with our friends Adam & Suzanne and we all were discussing how frustrating it is when someone is running late and they do not even call to give a head's up. Rule of thumb : If you are not going to make it within 5 minutes of the the instructed/assigned time - CALL [preferably as soon as you realized you will be late!]

I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time. Charles Dickens 


Me and Hongmi decided to go see "Date Night" to fill our lazy afternoon [followed by Starbucks, of course]. I am not going to write a review on Date Night 'coz really it's not even worth it. It was a decent time pass but Tina Fey and Steve Carrell can do so much better [I am just saying!] Anywhooo, about the outfit? I hadn't worn Indian clothes in a long time and I was itching to wear a salwar [the pants] so I decided to wear it with a twist! The pink top which I had worn previously with leggings here, I thought went quite well with the printed salwar. It was an easy-breezy outfit. My idea of Indian slash Bohemian look. 

Top - Fetched at a Flea Market [London]
Salwar - Cottons [Delhi]
Bangles - Local Boutique 
Shoes - Pretty Fit [Dubai]

P.S. The picture on the right-top-most-corner is courtesy Jamie


  1. Those pants are so cool! I love that you added a pop of color! You look great doll ;) And I am sort of the same way, I need routine, I need order, and organization or I go kkrazy!! hmm, the next time I am stressed I'm going to sleep! xoxo

  2. Yea to punctualtity and order in our lives! Love the outfit--very Delhi-summer-inspired look.

  3. Lovely baggy trousers, you fit great in them!

  4. Absolutely love your look! I love the way you've teamed your printed salwar with the pink top! Very nicely done :))

    P.S: I am a planner too, almost to the point of being obsessive! But I think its a good thing be :)

  5. That is my favorite shade of pink!! the top is very unusual..pretty, pretty, pretty..and I am a list person too - u take my lists from me, I will have a breakdown..I think it helps me to remember stuff since my memory is really awful..


  6. You could organize my life. I am not a planner by any means. However, as disheveled as my life is I am ALWAYS on time (if not early). I cannot stand when people show up 10 minutes late without acknowledging that they are. Big pet peeve.

  7. Those pants have an amazing print! Very cool!

  8. I love the slouchy pants ! They are incredibly gorgeous.
    follow me too,

  9. That pink looks cute on you!

  10. Oh me too! I LOVE writing lists and organizing things and my day just doesn’t happen if I don’t get my morning work out followed by my breakfast. I simply can’t function!
    We’re kindred spirits.

    And I love the colour of this top on you.

    p.s. I have a shopping question re: Delhi on my blog... would be great if you stopped by to see if you can help.

  11. I looooove salwars!!!
    So cool those pants!
    You look great with this outfit!


  12. Taj Acosta - Thanks babes! And I promise you if you sleep through your stress you will be so refreshed when you wake up :)

    Meetu D - It is INDEED a Delhi Look :o) And Order and Organization is in our genes ;)

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thank You! And Welcome :)

    Hippie Holly - Planning is definitely a good thing :) And it's your blog that makes me miss my Indian wardrobe the most :)

    Elaine - Thanks & Welcome :)

  13. Sonali - Thanks! Considering you run a fashion police blog, approval from you mean a lot :o) And I guess we conclude all girls are planner, mostly!

    Robyn - haha! I cld definitely organise your life if you let me :o) It's my fav. activity. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Jess - Thanks! It's very very ethnic Indian!

    Enrapture - Thank You! :) and Welcome!

    t - Thank You :o)

  14. what i would have worn... - Oh that mean we are very alike :o) No wonder we get along! Haha :o) Sent you a mail regarding your questions. And Thank you for the compliment!!!

    Kelly - Thank You, Kelly! :o)

  15. POST IT Collector, Anita :-)April 15, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    COOL LOOK!! Very summmer full and exciting..

    If I know one thing you love is POST-its! Remember how it was used as our personal messaging system in school??! (pre blackberry days!)

    Planning really helps utilize the whole day well...atleast you feel motivated to do new things coz u realize what u have or haven't done..need to spring back into action and control the 'plans' rather than them controlling me! :-p

    Bring out the post-its!

  16. I believe if i hav a routine i feel healthy.When am punctual i am energetic.
    With these virtues never have time for boredom.Thanks to MUSIC industry.

  17. You nailed it with that look, Tanvi!

  18. Ani - Miss our POST IT days! :( ... I am sure the POST IT industry took a big dip in their revenue once I left high school, eh? More power to planning!

    Mom - I learn from you and take all my interests/hobbies from you :)

    Tamanna - Thanks babes. Appreciate the encouragement. :)

  19. Lady this blogpost made my day!
    You have no idea how much I love it.
    So much so that I want to put it up on my own blog :)

  20. The Goddess of Boho - I am honored! :)


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