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Christian Louboutin - Current object of lust!

Now that we are done praising the whole world, can please bring back the focus to, your's truly? It is, my blog after all. And since, no one in my life is about to write a blog praising me, I think it is only fair that I indulge in some narcissist talk? What do you think? [No? Well, stop reading and move on then!]

Anyone who has been around this space for sometime would know that for the past year I have been trying to be a better human being ( and man! it's hard ... Phew!). Honestly, being nice is all good-and-fine but really! mean and selfish is more like my thing ... suits me better and I am really good at it too! Yoga and Pilates help me stay in the state of zen (and country of Om!) but the inhabitants of this earth always bring me back. 

While I can be all the 'good' in the world, there is a 100% guarantee that the people I come across I mostly going to be an a$$! Then, isn't it only equitable that I behave like 'Romans' when in 'Rome'? [I can already hear all the wise-cracks telling me to keep my calm and not stoop down to their level!

Matter-of-fact is that I have always been one of those few people who have always had the right-response at the right-time. [Unlike most people, who tell me, they always feel they know what to say, right after the moment has passed!] I never regret giving a piece of my mind to anyone who deserves it. The trick is to say it in the right-tone and with dignity! 

However, lately I have been practicing the 'power of silence' [following Mom's advice] while it's working well 90% of the time, but yet there are days when I all I really want is to go-back-to-being the old me [whoever that is!].

For now, let's let-this-be and move on to the exciting part of my day -> Outfit-of-the-day!

Maxi's have been 'In' for last 2 summers and I am glad they are still on the scene. Since there is absolutely 'nil' opportunity to wear gowns in my life [since the Graduation Prom, where I looked like fat potato] this is the closest to anything long and flowing I can wear. It's a tube-top and to add some jazz I paired it with a dark-denim-vest [not to forget that denims are 'In' as well!]. I, luckily, also had some flats to match the color and voila! I was ready to do a coffee-run [yeah! not much social activity in life right now!]. Sooooo ... you like? P.S. So see how I wore it last year click here.

Maxi - Thrifted (U.S.)
Vest - Stradivarius (Dubai)
Necklace - Flea Market (Ladakh)
Shoes - Steve Madden (U.S.)


  1. You look ready for a major party...hope you went there after the coffee run! Love the outfit, and esp the pairing of the denim vest.

  2. Party time is a few weeks away!M excited.
    Liked mix-match.

  3. Pretty dress and Louboutins are always a drool. :)

  4. b-RIGHT talking, Anita :-)March 28, 2010 at 4:51 AM

    i have the sameee shoee :-p they are the best coz they go with everything.

    The 'other' you is full of zing and super entertaining, too!!! :-) It's good to shift from one to the other, as you keep surprising yourself and others and the unpredictability is helpful in many ways coz u wont be taken for granted then!! In fact I would love some of that potion for "having said the RIGHT response at the RIGHT time' to people...I am sure I wouldn't be in my situation right now :-p

    Love the turq!! :-) Keep it bright!

  5. Oh wow!!!! I really love louboutin shoes! Dreamy shoes! You look fantastic in this outfit, really nice!
    I'm your follower. I hope u'll follow me too on: . See u soon! Xoxo

  6. Be your old true self. I find your original spark much more interesting than a tamed girl, who is talking about power of silence. You are a very intelligent person.
    Christian Louboutin- My all time favorites. The more I have them, the more I crave for them.
    M not too particularly fond of maxis. (despite being tall etc). I prefer dresses personally.
    But you are carrying it soooo well. Kewl girl.

  7. Those heels are KILLER!! You can't see me now but I'm actually drooling over 'em ;-)

  8. Meetu D - Thanks! I think vest is a good alternative for everyone who is shy to wear tube tops, in general.

    Ira - Thanks!!! I am excited too ... I am planning something ... I'm sure you will like ;)

    Rati - I hear you! The shoes are a droooooool.

    Ani - I know you have it. I think we got it together, no?
    Thanks, I will keep the 'zing alive then.

  9. Cocó - Thanks, girl!! I am already following you. Don't worry! :)

    Kiran - You have convinced me. I prefer the spark too :) If some people don't like it, then who cares .. right? You are sooo lucky. I have yet to own one CL's ... and about the Maxi. I love wearing everything. I am sure you will look good in them too. Try it :)

    Slumber Designs - Haha! That makes the two of us! *drrrroooolll* - that is :P Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. oww loving it :) hot shoes and hot dress.Hotness personified i say:) nice

  11. Vintage Obsession - Thanks babes!!! *blush* Hehe


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