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Read, Write and ... Dhoka!

Photography courtesy Marcus Ohlsson 

I don't know why but all my thoughts, mostly come crashing down on me while I am in bed dozing off to lala-land [far away from a pen & paper or a laptop]. Sometimes I feel I will forget all my thoughts and hence I have to wake up and write them down, immediately and that's what I am doing right now. It's almost a compulsive disorder!

So, all of you who are a regular here, might have noticed that few days back I added a counter at the top-right-hand-corner of this page. No! No ... it's not to boost my ego by keeping track of the daily traffic to this site [well, may be a little ... so sue me! ;)]. Actaully, every now and then, there is a blast from the past, an old acquaintance, a forgotten friend, a long lost cousin who will suddenly appear in my life and declare - Oh! I know everything about you, I read your blog. And I would think to myself - Woah! This 'almost' stranger knows all my thoughts and I know nothing about them!!! And then I would calm down 'coz let's face it I have awesome thoughts [:P] and who wants to know about anyone else, anyways? Helps me keep it 'all about me'. Hehe! Anyways, my point was that since everyone doesn't leave comments, the tracker at least let me know how many people bother to read... 

Well, jokes aside, it is quite unnerving to realize that sooooo many people know all your naked thoughts but at the same time, it's quite liberating as well. Reinforcing my quest to be honest and true-to-all [and myself!]. I sincerely appreciate everyone reading  my blog and  a special thanks to everyone who makes an effort to leave their feedback on every single post! [I have thanked everyone important in my life in past few weeks, why leave you all out, right?]

However, since we are on the topic, can I also use this opportunity to address something that has been on my mind for quite sometimes now. While I do appreciate you all coming out here and being part of my manic-world but let's not forget that this is after all my world [I mean the the blog, in case that's not clear]! Everything I write here is only my opinion about stuff [Food, Fitness, Films, Fashion, Family, Friends & F-ilosophy!] and I do not expect you to agree with it all but while leaving comments please keep it civil. I am open to criticism but not antagonism!  

Phew! Having laid that burden off, let see the Outfit-of-the-day!

Oh! Spring! Love it. The weather is like a dream. Bright-beautiful-warm-sunny-days with light-cool-breeze. Yum :) Was out to meet my ace photographer - Hongmi for some coffee & conversation. [Next time I have to remember to click a picture of her as well, to show you all] So for this perfect spring afternoon I wore a simple cotton dress with my favorite booties and a layered-metal chain with a hint to pink ... making it a little feminine, don't you think?

Dress - Urban Outfitter
Necklace - Francesca's
Shoes - Flea Market [London] Can you believe it??! 

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr Seuss



  1. hey hi gal..lovely outfit..loved the teaming of he accessory n footwear!
    Jyoti :)

  2. Love the look!! :-) And simply adore the chained necklace!!

    By the way, I like the new fishies on the page too...cute!

    Keep the blog running and I'll keep the micro blogging running too :-p

    Once again, Hongmi rocks!

  3. Liked the quote by Dr. Seuss..very true !

  4. U look really pretty! Love the shoes :D

  5. LOVE the shoes...but can one actually walk in them?

  6. Loved the pics!
    Hongmi!you are rocking with your shoots!You have found d right modle
    Totally agree with Dr.Seuss Quote.

  7. Tanvi, this might seem like an odd comment but I love that tattoo the most today. :D

  8. lol!! the links on the top RHS read

    You are : "web counter", "furniture sale" ROFLLL!!

  9. Mehak (Jyoti) - Thanks :)

    Ani - You can borrow the necklace anytime :) and the fishes for the Piscean ... hehe!

    Ashish - :o) I found a new Mantra!

    Emilie - Thank You!

  10. Meetu D - They are actually very comfortable :o)

    Mom - :) I will let Hongmi know how well appreciated she is on the blog!

    Rati - *blush* Thanks! And ya, I have tried to change the counter adv. but some how can't! But it's kinda funny .. hehe! :P

  11. Love the dress AND the shoes! And your tattoo is really cute too!

  12. what i would have worn... - Thanks :o)

  13. You know mismatched isn't my style, but the way u've worn the necklace with the dress is totally inspiring!!
    It makes me want to experiment with something like that myself.
    I love, love. LOVE how it looks on you!
    As for the shoes, Man I'd steal them if I could!

  14. The Goddess of Boho - Haha! I am glad a fashionista like yourself approves ;) Thankss!

  15. I love going through your old posts! I love your writing hon, you are SO funny!!! And honest. LOVE your honesty.

    Unfortunately we can't do anything about those 'brave' people who sit at their computers and complain about everything and like to spew their bitterness and insecurities at others to make themselves feel better.
    These people are called Trolls.

    The best thing to do is live life to the full [which you do] and blog copiously about it!

    Love the look and the shoes are killing me!!

  16. Yes, this *is* your blog and readers need to respect that.

    For me, that's the attraction -- you aren't generic; your ideas and outfits are unique. This blog showcases YOU in all your glory. Long Live The Blog!

  17. I have just introduced myself to the blog world, and came across you and your posts. I started reading them the other day and can't get enough of them! I would just like to say keep up the good work, and you are truly an inspiration! And you're so pretty! :)


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