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Movie Review - Love Sex aur Dhoka

I saw the movie few days back and ever since I have been contemplating whether to write a review or not [and clearly I decided to write]. The reason for this sha-sho-panj (confusion) was that the movie displays a stark reality about the society that we live in and it disturbs me. Well, more about that later ... let's discuss the movie first.

The treatment of the movie is similar to what we have already seen in Hollywood, for example, The Blair Witch Project (1999), Cloverfield (2008), or the recent Paranormal Activity (2009). However, besides that single similarity everything else about the movie is quite honest and relevant! The movie's narration is divided in three stories.

First story is a poor spoof on DDLJ showcasing two clichés of Bollywood. One, rich girl falls in love with a 'relatively' poor guy and daddy doesn't approve! Second, director falling in love with their heroins and rotating the movies around their whims and fancy! This is probably the weakest story of the three according to me with poor and draaaaggging screenplay which made me yawn! more than I would like to [during a movie]!

Second story is about an average-looking-naive-girl working to support her family. She falls in love with a colleague [or someone, I am not sure as it was not clear why that dude used to hang around the grocery shop!]. This is where the movie picks up a little and raises some form of curiosity.

Third story is about a small-town-amibitious girl who was promised a music video by some popular singer. Naturally, he wants her to pay a 'price' for that honor! The girl eventually comes in contact with a cameraman who works for a producer specializing in 'sting' operations who convinces her to catch the 'act' on camera and rest is quite obvious isn't it?

Well, here on the movies takes various twists and turns and they show how the three stories are linked together [I am leaving some parts out for the readers who haven't seen the movie and may be would like to?]. The climax of the movie is it's redemption I would say but I wish that the story was a little more engrossing throughout. Needless to say the title fits all three stories as they all have a tadka [dose] of 'Love Sex & Dhoka'

This would be the third feather in Dibakar Banerjee’s cap, after the earlier two National Award-winning films, Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Though, I appreciate the diverse genres he is attempting to show in his movies there were some weak links. For example, why was the camera on while people are having private conversation in their room? The CCTV and Camera while movie-shooting are justified but camera in bedroom while husband and wife are consummating their marriage is beyond my comprehension!

The performance of every cast member was top-notch. Everyone fit their character to the 'T' in my opinion. Last but not the least the title track of the movie [in the end] is KILLERRR & A Must Watch!

And now why I wrote this review is because I am afraid what the movie shows about our society is actually quite true. Globalization ...and exposure ...and modernization is all great but where is it really taking us? If this is who we are and how we live then there is something seriously wrong here. I do not mean to preach or say I know better than everyone else. However, the world I grew up in, or would like to continue living in is becoming a distant memory with every passing day. It could be my naivety and that 'better' world never existed or it could be that everyone has become a little 'too selfish' and stopped seeing the bigger picture, long time ago! 

It's about time we all wake up and smell the coffee because our 1000's of years of culture and heritage is going down the toilet and nobody [or rather very few] seems to care! Or ... am I wrong?

And now over to Clothes, Accessories & Shoes [Hehe] Outfit-of-the-day!

Tee - Vintage [Thrifted]
Tights - Thrifted
Shoes - Børn [Same as worn here]


  1. Torchbearer, Anita :-)March 31, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    I did not quite like the movie. Actually three reasons:

    1. Bad print
    2. The first half was not captivating enough-too slow
    3. Because of #2 I saw the movie in bits and pieces and if you ask me again I probably would not see it.

    I felt more 'DHOKA'(by anish) coz i loveee the soundtrack and he convinced me it's going to be a great movie and I gave it a shot! :-p

    Anywaysss, the only part I liked was how they connected the first story and the second..and the second story was a little disturbing..third..NO CLUE..i probably was online chatting to u :-p

    You have raised a good point- globalization and exposure are stripping away the essence of the's given a lot but in exchange a lot has been abandoned. Sad...but I guess life's about give and take..even on some abstract level. Let's hope, the ones that believe it in and want to preserve, pass on the torch to the others.

  2. Film is average, title is good, review is better but ur shoes are the best :-)

  3. Agree, its highly disturbing that a lot of people do not recognise the culture that you speak of...almost had me feel low, till the Orange in the dress (and esp the shoes) lifted up the spirits! Love the vibe :)

  4. Oooh! These shoes are just adorable!

  5. love the orange colours with the brown!

  6. Ani - I kinda liked the second half ... over all good attempt :P

    Meetu D - THANKSS :) I like the shoes best too

    Upasna -Thank You!!

    what i would have worn... - Thanks!!!

    Louise - Thanks :)

    Looks like orange shoes are a HIT :)


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