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Movie Review - Bounty Hunter

At Movie's Paris Promotion - While she looks bright like sunshine, he looks blah! Agree?

Last night, I don't know why but I tortured myself with - Bounty Hunter. Oh God, What a drag! Jennifer, sorry darling, I love you but you have got to make better movie choices. And as for Mr. Butler, I happen to notice today [on TV] that you played a 'one second' role in 1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies? I suggest you continue doing that 'coz it's definite now that you can't act and really with that personality I do not think you are going to be getting anywhere, anytime soon either [Not to mention you are 40+ with zero sizzle].

Synopsis - [Don't panic, any cynical readers, I am not going to spoil any suspense for you!] Aniston is a investigative reporter who stumbles upon a suicide case which 'probably' involves a corrupt police officer, or may be not! So while she is busy in her 'search-for-truth', Butler is a bounty hunter who's next assignment happens to pick up his ex-wife who has skipped bail! It is a rom-com, made to attract all tootsie girls, I suppose, whom the producers assume they can drag into the theaters just to show another cliché movie where they live happily ever after, minus a few speed breaks to add drama, is it?

While the movies tries reaalllyyy hard to be oh!-so-romantic, it fails miserably and falls flat on it's reel! There is zero chemistry. Zero character. And a very poor screenplay. I beg you Andy Tennant [director] to stop making such hopeless movies [first Fool's Gold (2008) and now this!]. They really spoil my day, as I am a sucker for chick flicks!

As for all of you, if you have anything better to do, then please skip this dire-attempt of cinema but in case [just like me] you are sleepless in the middle of the night and do not mind something going on in the background putting you to sleep, like a lullaby - go ahead and watch it! 



  1. Baaaaabes...Love your outfit of the day!! :)

    The pics are oozing postivity...enthusiasm....confidence...looooooove them!!

    keep it up!!


    P.S. Sorry..was away from the net last week...was a lil unwell...will def catch up on your ol blogs!

  2. The "BOUNTY" Eater, Anita :-)March 29, 2010 at 4:46 AM

    More than me, I think ur review saved anish a trip to the cinema :-p no more "please, huny, one last movie..just for me" But I agree, Jennifer's movie choices are weird! Have any of them ever worked? I guess the only good thing about it is the name-coz BOUNTY is a chocolate :-)

    RUN RUN RUN!! Very motivating t-shirt and your photos just made running seem fun! :-p

    Enjoy the SPRING!! (and the new shopping that goes with it!)

  3. I am highly motivated after seeing those!! Seriously summers have arrived and time to hit back to gym. I so love Jennifer in Friends but wonder why she has not been able to deliver par excellent movies.

    Run babes, run. ;)

  4. Your review saves me $10. Thanks!
    You look like a fresh-faced 16 year old in the pics! Also, my boys will climb that tree with you anytime.

  5. So motivated by the pics than having any inclination to watch the movie hahah! lovely!

    Agreed 100% Jennifer's choice of movies are pretty weird!

  6. Anu - I hope you are feeling better now :) Thanks for your equally enthusiastic comments. Love 'em!

    Ani - Hmmm! I am itching to shop really badly nowadays! God save my husband ;) P.S. Thanks and Starting running with me, virtually :P

    Rati - Haha! Let's all run and call it a Fashion Marathon? What say? ;)

    Meetu D - It's funny you shld say that! Ashish also said that I look like a kid running around in a park :P

    Minal - Heheh! I hope inclination translates into action. And I hope Jennifer makes good movies choices like she makes good fashion choices! :)

  7. luv ur outfit!

    i ws luking fwd 2 seeing ths movie :(

  8. Swati - Thanks!! Not worth the money babes! TV pe dekh lena in few months :)


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