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Mental Purging

This is my fourth trip back home after marriage and each time I come back I have to try 'that' much harder to not give people a chance to say that I have been 'Americanized' [I promise you, that it is never said as a compliment but as a worst kind of insult]. However, slowly I am realizing that I have, indeed, been "Americanized"!

Once you are used to live an organized, simpler, and independent life, it's hard to live any other way [specially a disorganized and hectic way]. It's not the traffic, neither the dust, and not the weather that bothers me - It is the people's thoughts and their inability to simplify their lives that frustrates me the most. Even before I make an attempt to reason or discuss the usual daily lifestyle [of people around me] I am greeted with hostility and the disdain look which can be translated to "Oh! You Indian-turned-American!"

Of course, if you ask me, I would not agree. I am an Indian and I am proud to be one [I shouldn't even have to spell that out]. My sensibilities, emotions, and behavior is quite a reflection of my conservative "Indian" upbringing. I would not even go as far as crediting my international exposure to be a reason for my way-of-thinking. It is simply who I am and who I have always been. While I can be quite self-righteous and full-of-myself, I do believe that I some how acquired [or may be inherited] the skills to simplify life and live hassle-free. [Only if there was a law for people to abide by my rules *wink*]

I would love to go on and on and on and explain my point further but before I do that I realize that I better get my life on track, first and preach later. However, I cannot promise that such thoughts would not strike back, again in future posts [As you can see, I can't help myself!]

Meanwhile everyone - KISS! [a.k.a. Keep it Simple, Stupid!]

Me and Hongmi had a Movie date. It was a nice breezy afternoon, hence simple denims (of course skinny) with a blue top and light jacket. 

The only part of the outfit which is probably standing out are the cute-red peep toes. I think it's a simple way to accessorize an 'over all' simple outfit with bright color shoes. 

Hongmi is polishing her photography skills on me and I am happy to oblige ;) Incase anyone is wondering we went to see 'Dear John' at the movie and got tortured. Please skip it if you can, because it is a pure waste of time. Instead we went back home and saw Emma on DVD. Gwyneth Paltrow is a delight to watch on screen. Also, I could helplessly related to the character of Emma. [Jane Austin was a genius]  

Unfortunately it is not clear in any of the pictures, but this top has interesting neck and back. Although the top is absolutely plain, it's the stitching that makes it attractive. Oh! well in another outfit ensemble, probably! 

Adios Amigos! I shall be back, 'coz I am addicted to blogging [read: mental purging]!


  1. Western 'Union', Anita :-pMarch 7, 2010 at 3:56 AM

    Heylooo Desi Girl! :-p Don't you feel proud everytime you hear that? I think it still is one of my favorite songs when it comes to Girl Solo.

    By the way, you don't have to live in America to be called 'Americanized'. Here, too, any new/different/conflicting action or thought or conversation is attributed to the WESTERN WORLD. And yes, I feel ur feel, it's always said in a negative tone. But like you pointed out, it's just the way we are- mostly I think it's the way we become to cope with our experiences and the others' actions. The trick is listen, nod, smile, listen, nod, smile and then when u are alone, call me and VENT :-p

    I love the trench coat..amazing and classic color that goes well with all. And I JUST LOVE the first photograph- with the house in the background. Very interesting angle and the shades of the house compliment ur look. Keep it clicking, Hongmi! :-)

  2. Hey, good to know you guys went back to India safely. Like your outfit and the pic Hongmi took:)

  3. Welcome!
    I like your art of accesarising.Keep it up.
    Congrates Hongmi for her clicks!

  4. You are one of the most narcissist and self obsessed person I have ever ever come across in digital world or anywhere...You clearly think losing weight as an accomplishment that you have been bragging about since 2 yr...Gosh!!Wat is your purpose of life???Wat will u say after 20 yrs that you have achieved in life..My perspective..U need to do some introspection....All the best!!and bye bye to ur blog...wat a yawny read (ZZZZZ)

  5. Hey Tanvi!

    Look good :)

    Anon: Dude, self obsession aint a bad thing...of course when its not overdone! Loving the self is important...I'd say a very (perhaps, most) imp love.

    I happen to like her attitude and zest for in the form of clothes, travel, fashion, movies or looking good! We all have diff intersts and obsessions!

    And YES, losing weight is an ACCOMPLISHMENT...staying FIT is a feat to be proud of!

    And all that talk about her purpose in life and accomplishments and what she'll talk about 20 years from now...Gosh, relax and let her worry about her 'purpose' in life and just leave the blog alone..its just blogging and an expression of her views..and enthusiasm!

    Tanvi: Look forward to seeing the "Americanized" you :)

  6. Anonymous - Seems like you are a fat old grumpy bitch who is just plain jealous. Haha! Smile honey, pray to God that in next life you are born a little less ugly. And probably taking a break from the digital world and actually exercising will help your cause. HAHA (wicked laughter)!!

  7. I'm digging the jacket! Would be nice here too for a hot Indian spring :)

    I tease friends of being 'phoren returns' all the time, but I'm always pleased to see how much they can hold their own even in such diverse exposures :) I've noticed though, they almost always return wiser, with a better idea of what's mportant. I like that.

  8. Well it sucks that they blame your thought on the country you live in now.
    When will this country stop looking down upon open minded people?
    You hang in there girl and try not to be too in your face about your beliefs, because it's just one of those things nobody appreciates.

    P.S. Like the look. It's very cute :)

  9. Ani - You are right ... it's not that where you are from .. but instead simply what you think. If it's different from majority then you are bound to be categorized under one or the other box!

    Eric - Thanks! Tell Hongmi - I miss her :o)

    Mom - You are the best :o)

    Anon - Thank you for your best wishes!

  10. ANUUUBHHAAAA - I love you! :o) Haha! Babes can't wait to meet you now.

    P.S. For all your love ;)

    Ashish - *kiss*

    RoC - Thank You! ... I think new places gives you new perspective ... new thoughts. I happen to agree with you ;)

    Upasna - Thank You!

  11. Goddess of Boho - I will keep your advice in mind :o) And Thanks for the compliment. I happen to like your blog too, it's ├╝ber-interesting! :o)

  12. ANITA! And I am not an 'anonymous' CHICKEN!March 15, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    Yeh kaun hai PAAGAL!!

    Anonymous aka ASHISH's description of you...I am sure when you enter a room, people eventually ask you to leave coz you are in the same the DIGITAL WORLD (oops you can't have an identity here either!!), kindly LEAVE THIS SPACE!

    We all are here because it makes us happy and contributes to our life, friendships and communication. I have no idea why you are here! Go spread your misery elsewhere!

  13. Ani - A friend in need is a friend indeed ;)

  14. I really happen to agree with you. Really everytime I go back my biggest frustration does not have anything to do with the weather but with the clutter and complicated lifestyles people lead. Things have to be done a certain way, you have to dress and talk in a certain way and do absolutely unnecessary things and waste your time in the process, just because everybody else is doing it, or that's the way its done.

    God forbid if you even try to protest. Then you will definitely hear you have turned into a dreaded vilayti person (somebody from abroad) and there will be no end to the criticisms you'll face.


  15. Trishna - I am glad there are more people like me. Sometimes when I do show my disagreement I am greeted with such mean eyes [read: judgmental & sarcastic] communicating that I am craaazyyy! So I learnt to keep my mouth shut, but it's always hard!

  16. Hey Tanvi! For someone who has lived in India all her life and still gets accusee of being quite American I hear what your saying! I feel everyone needs to be able to express themselves without the tags of cutural background attached to their behavior! Oh, n I also loved the peep toes! xx


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