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Men Men Manly Men

For the longest time I have maintained my view that I like the 'quiet-serious-sorta-men' [QSSM] who only talk when they can 'actually' improve the silence. They, in my opinion, have a certain mystery and charisma attached to them. Mind you, I do not mean the boring-with-attitude-kinds but silent-with-brains-kinds. Although, I am well aware that this is a highly debatable area 'coz while girls like guys with brain, they do like to laugh as well! These are like two bi-polar qualities, hard to find in the same person.

While I still stand by that silence is golden, nonetheless this past week has been a revealation. QSSM do not make good arm-candy! (*wink*) No really, let me elaborate. While a teenager or a girl in early 20's might be drawn to such men (Or may be not, and I am the only freak who did!) but as you grow up (finally!) you would discover that you need friendly-socially-compatible-men to enjoy life!

Enter: Husband! He is an absolute opposite of a QSSM! He loves to talk and intereact with all. He is friendly and gets along with almost everyone, of any age. And his this quality is such a BOON for me! The ignorant-me is only realising this now. Everyone we meet loves him and half of my own family & friends prefer him over me (and I love that!). So I guess, what I am trying to say is that I am just-about-ready to wave Goodbye! to QSSM 'coz I have realised that it's the fun-and-friendly husband, who I actually prefer. [I'll silently continue to admire the QSSM, 'coz they do have their own advantages :P]

The other day at lunch my friend Anubha said and I quote, "Everyone finds their fit!" So true. Everyone does. [ ... and if they don't they adjust and make it fit!]


Ready to start shopping! Off to celebrate my brother's birthday with loads of (instant) presents!

Don't particularly like this picture of myself but it displays the interesting work of my top! Love the Pink and I think it goes well with the black leggings. You like?


  1. i looouuuveeee d picccc ....and i so like youuuu ... but my TYpe is not TH qssm .. :P

  2. Tanvi, this is toooo cute! It's beautiful, springy, and ethereal!

    And about guys...they should talk when we need them to talk. And ditto about silence :-)

  3. I like !!! the outfit and you in the outfit. Looking Great.
    love Div

  4. QSSM-Qweet Sweet Sensible Me :-pMarch 15, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    i want the top!!!! :-p (though i wont fit into it!!)

    "Oooh...Boysssss" -Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge..

    I agree with u...happy interactive friendly men are more attractive! And I am glad Ashish is a not ur QSSM...(and he laughs at MY jokes, too! ;-) )

    Sweet pic of both of u..!!

    P.S. I am still upset at u :-p

  5. Hey Sweety,

    I finally read your blog and I guess I was destined to read this one.

    As I know with 'QSSM', you were referring to me, but sorry sweety I'm TAKEN. ;-)

  6. And to add, my wife is upset at you for not coming!

  7. Tans...I looove the top!

    And thanks for quoting me on your blog :)

    Glad you found your fit!


  8. Tanvi - ...and I fancy you too honey ! :x ...I feel that even after three years of knowing each other, we are still in the discovering mode. The element of mystery keeps the fun/passion alive that makes us keep falling in love with each other all the time.

  9. Dear Tanvi..You are looking very beautiful. Aur jo likha hai woh bahut achcha hai. Bahut bahut pyar.

  10. How cute and how true..husband dear is the much better than you!!haha!!
    Ashish in reading: was great meeting you..just edit the last part from the meet :-)
    N i aboslutely love the pink!!u look hot!!

  11. Remember...?
    Speech is SILVER n Silence is GOLD.
    You love silver.Now start loving GOLD.Both make you smile,have their own value.
    You r glowing in Pink.
    Bless you.

  12. I totally agree!!!

  13. pretty top babe. love the color!

  14. lv the pink it suits u

  15. i always wanted a QSSM type ;)


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