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Learning without Ego!

I have spent first half of my 20's being an egotistical snob and I am spending the second half making up for it [Humility does go a long way, doesn't it now?] First of many thing is marriage that has taught me that the world is not made up of only me [how I wish it did, though *wink*]. Secondly, failures and disappointments have taught me to ... keep moving. Nothing is about to stop just because I am having a bad day! [Dammit, why did I always believe I was a princess, then?] Thirdly, life has taught me - 'to each their own' ... in everything! If you don't help yourself, no one else is about to either. Lastly, yoga is teaching me to be at peace and breathe. Before doing yoga I doubt if I actually ever took a proper breadth! 

I hope you do not feel that this is going to be one of my first dispirited post, 'coz it is not! I was only spending my afternoon wrapping up work and pondering over what I have learnt so far [work wise] and suddenly my thoughts took me to what I have learnt -oh! well- in life so far... And lately I am learning a lot. Like how to keep my head always on my shoulders, strip naked of any ego at all and the most difficult - be open to criticism. One person who is helping me do all this [and is unaware of it] is my brother. He is being exceptionally patient and encouraging me. It's refreshing to learn from him since he is younger to me. 

We have always been an unorthodox siblings. You might find two brothers who are very close, or even two sisters who adore each other but I doubt that you will find a brother-sister as close-and-corny as us. When we were kids we used to find common ground in whining about our mother. We took turns in getting scolding from Mom as whoever she saw first would have the hell break lose on him/her and the next one would only get few harsh words ;). Then later when he was in college and I was working we were roommates for almost 2 years [where we both gained like 20kgs! thanks to Ben & Jerry]. Soon after we both decided to move back home and renovated our house together [and lost more than 20kgs respectively ... and still counting ...]. Now I have been married for 3 years and in spite the fact that I live saat samundar paar [7 oceans away] he is the only person I spend the most time with 'coz he is the only one who makes time for me [and can travel on demand *wink*]. 

He, I believe is my, only best friend. I can say the meanest thing about the world [and people] and know that he wouldn't judge me. In fact, we wait to tell each other the most judgmental and meanest thoughts we have, 'coz we know it will make us laugh like a maniac! He is one of the few people who can criticize me and get away with it. 

I am so proud of him in so many ways and am really glad that he is doing well in life. I hope he gets everything that he sets his heart upon. I remember a lot of my friends who didn't have sisters but wanted one [to share their life and stuff] but I never wanted another sister or brother. The one I have is perfect :o)

P.S. Wow! My stream of thought is really insane. What did I start writing about and where did I end up? Anywhoooo, at least this will make Tanuj's day when he wakes up! ;)

As for the Outfit-of-the-day, let's see what we have today. Oh! Linens. Unlike Texas [which doesn't even have spring yet], Delhi already has a full-blown summer in the middle of March! God has really gone crazy with the weather this year. Someone might wanna check with him, "What's up with the weather, Jesus?"

Linen Top - Giovanni
Leggings - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Børn
With Surbhi & Anubha :o)

This is the last outfit from my Delhi trip. It was a beautiful but busy Sunday afternoon starting with lunch with school friends, followed by plans to see a movie with family and little window shopping in CP, ending with a rather 'heavy' dinner at Lé Meridien, Delhi. 


  1. ...and Tanuj's pics on your blog are killer !

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Beautiful blog.
    Please keep in touch!

    ♥ MADISON thing


  3. I so so so agree to your 1st paragraph!!!! Marriage and life teaches a person soooooooo much, especially girls (not being biased ;-))
    Your bro looks cool.. are you the photographer?

  4. Ehy, your really pretty and chic! I love your lovely blog, and your orange ballerinas! Love also your fantastic chanel bag! Nice shots!
    Now I'm your follower, I hope u follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com .
    See u soon! Xoxo

  5. Ashish - Yes! They are ... Let's go for a shoot now? ;)

    Madison thing - Thanks! Will surely do!

    Nandini - Hehe! Marriage is what happens to a happy-go-lucky-care-free-girl and bring her to the kitchen door :P Bro's pics are professionally done babes! I can only wish to be that good while clicking ;)

    Coco - Awww! That's so sweet! Thanks. Will surely return the favor :o)

  6. Absolutely love! And for the record, you were, are and always will be a princess! Hahaha (Now don't you dare tell me otherwise, let me believe in this concept while it lasts! lol)

    Last but not least, Life is a learning process... Sometimes we learn it the easy way, other times the harder way, but yes it's how we deal with it is what really matters!!! You go girl!I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY YOUR BOOK IS LAUNCHED!

  7. Wah, wah! awesome photos of Bro! Stylin'...
    Tanvi, the trick is to marry a man who does believe the the whole world is about YOU :-))
    Then you neighter have to give up your fantasy nor grow up.
    OK, just kidding here.

  8. Tanuj's 'Wannabe' Sister :-p, AnitaMarch 26, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    i absolutely love all the photographs! TANUJ..mindblowing!! Like..as old as I may sound saying this: "itna bada kab hogaya?!?!?!"
    keep up the modelling :-p

    tanvi very sweet...tanuj deserves all those words and more! may you guys always share this bond-regardless of age, location or marital status. :-)

    and bullseye about the marriage and ego check :-p our husbands help us maintain some kind of equilibrium..and VICE VERSA...don't u think?

    keep up the positivity, 'never give up' attitude and the inner peace mantra.


    Love the ORANGEEEEEE!!!!!

  9. Nice one! Enjoyed reading it.
    P.S. Brother is hot! :)

  10. wow, your brother does look like a model! I love your nose ring ;) xoxo

  11. How beautiful to read about you and your brother. My sister and I are like this so I know how lucky you are.
    And your outfit is incredibly chic too!

  12. Minal - You Rock! Missed having you around. I will remember I am still a princess [may be Queen, now?]. I do hope that book happens one day!!!

    Meetu D - Are you sure this a good advice for someone who is already married? ;) Oh well, you can ONLY have the husband rotate around you, what about rest of the world!??! :P

    Ani - THANKSS! Mwaaah!

    Kajal - I am sure Bro will appreciate all the attention :)

  13. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! - The nore ring is my thing. Have worn it for almost a decade now. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    what i would have worn... - Thanks!!! Siblings are the best ... I am indeed very lucky :) Thanks for the compliment too!

  14. Aww~! such a sweet post Tanvi. I also have a younger brother but we used to fight a lot during our younger years. lol! But over the years I have found him closest to me.

    And I so love those orange shoes. Thank you for taking my request to post the details about your outfits. :)

  15. Thx u sis for being there..and letting me know tht u always care...

    Thx u, sis when the times got bad u stood by me as no one had.

    Thhx u, sis for being my firend...i wil love u until the very end.


  16. Rati - Thanks :) Brothers are cool, aren't they! And you are most welcome. I am glad you came back to notice the change ... Hope you had a good weekend!

  17. Tanuj - Awwwwww! No one has written a poem for me in the longest time ... and you have definitely NOT written one for me ever :) Sweet. Thanks. Touched.

  18. i loved the post!!r u from FAS delhi?


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