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Discipline is Wisdom

My Mum often describes me as "someone who can do anything, if she puts her mind to it!" What I understand from it is that anything is possible if you are disciplined. All throughout my past 28 years I have often ridiculed my childhood as the time of my life lived under the "Hitler regime" [Hehe]. Mom was very strict and forced us to live in an extremely stringent routine. Without narrating the whole story again, I would only say that all throughout our childhood [me and my brother] it has been instilled in our brains that 'the day begins at 6am [sunday and holidays included]' & 'you eat what is cooked, no special meals for anyone'. 

It was the discipline that helped me stay in focus and do well in studies throughout. It was again the discipline in lifestyle which has helped me stay healthy and fit. Today, when I am turning a new leaf in life and need to be more proactive and proficient, the only help I have - is from myself - and that is again, discipline! 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment - Jim Rohn

Personally, I believe that discipline has many complimentary traits as well like self-control, determination and strong will power. Something else I have discovered is that discipline also comes from priority. Till I don't think something is absolutely necessary, I will not have the will or courage to do it. But then if you have led a disciplined life for the most parts then you are kind-of on an auto-pilot to lead a 'relatively' healthy and productive life in future too ... do you get where I am going with it? 

Oh well, to summarize, all I am saying is that I am, after all, thankful for the disciplined life my Mum made me lead and I hope to always prove her right [ ... that I will succeed super-balastically in anything I put my mind to ;)]

Now let's put our minds to the Out-of-the-day. Today I feel like doing a Party special! So below are the clothing choices I have made in past weeks while I was in company of others ;)

More than the dress, the venue was amazzzzing! It's an Indian fusion restaurant called Veda. Anyone who is in Delhi or is about to visit Delhi must eat here. The appetizers we simply divine. Really!

Had a very busy evening, first dinner with family and then drinks with friends. Delhi had the perrrfect weather for the jumpsuit. I absolutely adore this jumpsuit. The fit is phenomenal, the waist band makes me look tiny, and the easy-breezy material was super soft on skin! 

 This is the same denim dress I wore a couple weeks back (Click here to see) but this time sans jacket, belt and leggings. And can I remind that denim is apparently 'In' this spring!

Few months back our place was burglarized and among many valuable the bloody burglars also took my costume jewelry [some of the stuff I had since my middle-school days! *sad.face*] My Mum-in-law was sweet enough to help me indulge is some new fashion jewelry as she is aware that I luurrvee dressing up! :o) 


  1. The computer ate my last comment
    You look fabulous in the Veda outfit. Hope you ate the crispy bhindi there! My hubby and kids love the food too...
    BTW, I am hoping that my sons will soon appreciate why I am strict with them...may they gain your wisdom soon!!

  2. Hahahaha!Love my honest+disciplined daughter:)Credit goes 2 my parents!Muah..
    After a while discipline transformes into habit and that too healthy habit.Thank GOD!

  3. Lovely post Tanvi! ;-)
    Absolutely love the jumpsuit.. Would like to know where is it from?

  4. You reminded me how papa used to be so particular for the timimgs..especially leaving us for the school...onbarding us Delhi party schools busses...
    Me and Richa without complaints used to go.. all my friends used to come 2-3 days late always...

  5. very inspiring! love you x

  6. Meetu D - Thanks! and I did have the crispy bhindi. Yummm! Will definitely go back there again.

    And the boys will definitely appreciate it. Good parenting is in all of your genes ;)

    Strict Mom - Love you too! Muah!

    Nandini - Thanks :) The Jumpsuit is from UO.

    Ruchika - So I guess it's a family disorder ... hehe ... we are tahnkful though, aren't we?

    Annabele - Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  7. I loveeee the jumpsuit girl! So 'Of-the'moment' ever moment :-p

    I remember those 'strict' days too :-p We used to study MATHS remember :-p

    But jokes apart, it's very good that you have discipline instilled in you from the start..but i say that as an individual the fact that you accepted and TOOK on and integrated all those disciplinary acts is what counts a lot too!! So credit goes to both your mommy and u :-)

    and MAY U SUCCEED all the time!!! :-)

  8. Hey Tanvi,

    New follower here. :) It feels like I have been missing so much around this part of the blogosphere. Loved the second and the last dress especially.

    It would be great if you could also mention the clothing brands. I am also from Delhi, I might get my hands on something I like on your blog. :)

    WIll stay around.

  9. Ani - You are RIGHT! I deserve a pat on my back for being discipled ;)

    Rati - Thanks! I will keep your request in mind for the next post :o)

  10. I like your necklace! The color is so pretty

    -Shoeless Simone

  11. Shoeless Simone - Thanks! :) You have a nice blog too!


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