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Always Daddy's Girl!

My Daddy Best-est! *Touchwood*
I am most definitely biased because he is my father. Nonetheless, I have no hesitation in acknowledging where the praise is due. My father is a mobile-encyclopedia on work-ethics and life. He is the most positive and alive person anyone would ever meet (guaranteed!). He has been probing me to write a book on his life (a.k.a. his biography) for years now. After working with him closely, for only two weeks, I am thinking - Book to banti hai, yaar! (Book is a must!) 

I have learnt from my father how to deal with people, how to handle them, when to be (or not be) aggressive and firm, how to keep an open mind and take life as it comes, 'in the real sense'! What I am taking away from him this time is how to be professional and maintain your sophistication and calm no matter what!

No one is perfect and we are most certainly not discussing perfection here either. However, if for the majortiy of his life, a person is efficient-> commercially and appropriate-> personally, in my opinion, he is as close as you can get to perfection in today's world. As a daughter, life always seems easier and happier around him :o)

Some of the 'Commerial (Pearls of) Wisdom', I was able to pen-down while working with my Father, are as follows:

Lesson 1 - Daily Working + Uncertainity = Business

Lesson 2 - Life (work, included!) is a constant journey of improvement! Every day think you'll get closer to perfection, tomorrow...

Lesson 3 - Growth or Failure, you as a person should never change. Maintain consistent behavior!

Lesson 4 - Experience is important but not more than Result (oriented)!

Lesson 5 - Success in Business is measured by Goodwill first and Monetary Value second!

Professional Outfits in this week

While I am extremely experimental in my casual/social wear, I am relatively conservative in my professional clothing. I prefer subtle colors, mostly trousers, and probably the only exciting part is the shirts/tops! I call is it the 'no-non-sense-dressing'. While at work I prefer to be comfortable and not have to bother about clothes. Therefore, I prefer simple straight cuts, loose fittings, and least time consuming ensemble. Belts, Shoes and waist-coats are optional but preferable, always! 

P.S. Although it's my Mother's birthday today I decided to write about my Dad 'coz this time it was all about him! Nonetheless, none of us (me, Dad or Brother) would get anywhere without her. Happy Happy Birthday Mom!

P.P.S. Also, Haaaaapppppyyyyyy Birrrrtttthhhhhday to the micro-blogger of this Blog - Anita! You are my Rock, babes! Life is wonderful because you are my friend :o) May you live a million years! 


  1. Happy birthday, Anita!
    Tanvi, I love the Lessons, and esp. #5. And I am totally thinking of stealing the vest look for tomorrow.

  2. wowwww DEEEE....MORDERN outlook yet ROOTED is the best attitude of yours (salute to that)....its like an inspiration to many of those who just to be in the crowd forget about appreciating their parents values and the morals learnt from them..... Happy Birthday to Cutest Aunty ever....
    P.S It was gud to see u and fav jiju the other day....:))))))

  3. Birthday Girl, Anita :-)March 18, 2010 at 4:31 AM

    Thaaanksss a lot!!! Happy Birthday to your mommy and me :-)

    And your dad rocks! Seriously, all his lessons are straight-forward and if implemented can really simplify life and motivate for self-improvement constantly. Please let him eat some gulab jamuns from me :-) Hope to see all of them soon. Maybe ur next trip down, I'll come and live with u like pre-marriage :-p

    Love the white shirt!!!

  4. Birthday Girl, Anita :-)March 18, 2010 at 4:31 AM

    Thaaanks Meetu D! :-)

  5. GOD bless u Beta!
    I always love your writing spirit.You are too good.Keep it up.

  6. Love the lessons Tans...esp #3

    Wish uncle well.

    And a very very Happy Birthday to Aunty!

    Anita: Happeee Birthday. Its good to read your thoughts here...very enlightening.

  7. awww thats such a wonderful post about your dad!:)love the last outfit the best and the 8framed glares !!hottie:)

  8. love it, so perfect

  9. How sweet! Girls are ALWAYS daddy's girl :)

  10. hey:) sure give me your mail ID will send you the details :)

  11. Meetu D - Then did you steal it? Next time click a picture for me :o)

    Shilpy - Was grt seeing you too! Thank you for your kind words always!!!

    Ani - :o) Hope you had a good bday! Dad doesn't need anyone feeding him sweets, he helps himself ;)

  12. Mom - Hugz!

    Anu - Thanks :o)

    Vintage Obsession - Thanks! Check your inbox ;)

    Stacy - Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon again!

    Kajal - So true! :o)


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