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Unsolicited Fashion Advice

Spring 2010 Fashion Trends Courtesy Elle.com

I notice that often my stream-of-thought changes with geographic locations. I suppose, a psychotherapist would only find it normal, but I find it intriguing. However, the topic of this post is about to revolve more around fashion than f-ilosphy! 

Seldom, while traveling or viewing pictures of other's touristic adventure, I wonder 'why are they wearing; what they are wearing?' Hence I decided to address this topic here and let people at least have a chance to make wardrobe changes. I am aware that I am at a risk of offending many-many people here, therefore the use of the word - Unsolicited!

I am mostly addressing people over the age of 25 here. I believe everyone has a leverage of 25 years to form fashion opinions and find their own comfortable niche. After that you have either learnt or you are living in denial! 

Let's start with men first: 
  1. Do not wear body-fit clothes guys (unless of course, you are a model, but I am guessing that is highly unlikely for the majority). Nevertheless, after a certain age they simply look crass and end up emphasizing on your belly region more than anything.
  2. Do not wear too shockingly bright colors (God forbid if you choose to wear Neons, you are beyond help, in my eyes). Mostly Indian men have dark or wheatish complexion and bright colors are just-not-for-you! End of story. 
  3. Wear comfortable clothes. How hard is that? When men are in clothes they do not really feel at-ease in - it shows! They end up being fidgety which is really unbearable to the on-looker. 
  4. Avoid wearing too much of any one brand. Often I see people wearing one brand over-the-top. There is nothing technically wrong with it, only it seems that you got a cheap bargain at it and you decided to pick it all up. If you really like the fit then at least try to pick different patterns, colors, and not in-your-face-logo of the brand! Personal advice - Avoid bulk shopping at Zara, Polo, Armani Exchange after the age of 25 (Ok 30 max.)! 
  5. Don't blindly follow the western fashion/celebrities. You don't have the same body structure or skin tone. Hence, it doesn't suit you (often!). And about following celebrity-fashion-trends (Indian or otherwise) - They are woe-ing the audience, and have an 'image' to represent. However, you are not representing anyone but yourself and no one is about to air-brush your pictures. So dress according to your age and body, not fashion trends. Food for thought - Trends will go, but pictures will stay! 
Now coming to women. This is going to be way more tricky because women are way more sensitive to criticism (myself, included). Of course, what right do I have to tell anyone what to do? None, what so ever! Please feel free to make digs at me, too. As long as they are not out of envy and/or jealousy (Really!)
  1. Don't follow fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker once said, "Don't wear clothes because others are wearing them." I happen to agree. Wear clothes which makes you look & feel good. Fashion can take a hike! It's good to be fashionable but only when fashion makes you look good! 
  2. Don't forget your paunch! Really! how many of us have a perfect-flat-stomach? And yet, we are determined to wear body-fitted dresses circling our paunch almost, as if with a compass! It's even more tragic when such disasters are recorded on camera everyday and posted by friends/family on facebook for everyone to witness! Really tragic ... My condolences!
  3. Watch your make-up ladies. I do not know why, but most (if not all) asian women are on a mission you look fairer. If the fairness cremes don't seem work, they trade for a foundation one shade lighter than their skin-tone. Unfortunately, it only makes their face look white washed almost like a geisha. Personal tip -  Click a picture before leaving home. If you look like a freak there, you are most likely to look like one, when you step out in public too! 
  4. Break the rules. Where does it say that night-outs mean dresses and day-wear means Jeans & shorts? Well, personally I love to mix-n-match. I would wear Jeans in the evening with a nice top, when I know everyone else will be wearing their 'paunch-hugging' dresses. Simple and effective way to stand-out and sit comfortably! ;)
  5. Keep it simple. Either work the clothes or use the accessories. Don't do both, ever! You only end up looking like a circus, really. Even while accessorizing, choose one - bunch of bangles/bracelets or bunch of necklaces/chains or one of each! Never ALL!
I can go on ... and on ... and on ... but then that would be just me being 'mean'. These are mostly advices for what not-to-do rather than what to-do. These are not about any 'one' person but only my observations which, due to social decency I haven't been able to address to people one-on-one (How I wish I could, though *wink*). I am hoping everyone will read my blog and put me out of the misery of viewing their bad (sometimes really bad) pictures! 

P.S. Today is Veronica's birthday! Send her wishes people. She is so young and already paranoid about her age. Best wishes & Strength! 


  1. nice one tanvi. i am SO fed up with seeing EVERY guy wearing polo, wish they would get over it.

  2. I enjoyed this Fashion Blog...... Thanks for telling everyone that it was my birthday... lol :)

  3. Happy B'day Veronica! Does this mean you don't work out today, or does it mean you do extra push ups for fun??? :-)

    Tanvi, LOL! One of my favorite blog posts ever! I think if you combine fashion, fitness, "filosophy"(and maybe even films) then you have the four big Fs ;-)And you have established your brand! Your blog/book/column will stand out.

  4. Oh, and not to forget the fifth F..
    That would be Food.

  5. :o)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) This blog entry seemed to have made an appearance after ages . . . . where were you absconding pretty lady?

    Once again "Thumbs UP" to you,

    And not to forget,


  6. Very Good One Tans!

    And glad you included tips for guys as well :)

    Even more glad to have you back on the scene!

    And dont think you have offended any of the women...you are right! :)

    Last but not the least - Happy B'day Veronica!

    P.S. My b'day is arnd the corner too :) Hope u ll write a blog on V-Day! ha ha


  7. Sharan - You said it! About time guys got over POLO!

    V - Thanks! Hope you have a nice birthday :o)

    Meetu D - You haven't noticed but that is exactly what I have been doing. About book ... errmm I am too amateur, yet!

    Viintii - Been busy babes. But trust me, this time I missed my written outlet- The Blog! I'll always come back, so do not fear :P And thanks for always reading :o)

    Anubha - Thanks! :o) And you got it babe! There shall be a blog post on 14th Feb, come what may :)

  8. All Dressed Up, Anita :-pFebruary 4, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    Happy Birthday to u! Happy Birthday to u! Happpy Birthday Dear Veronica..Happy Birthday to u!
    Please indulge in lots of cake :-)

    Tanviiiii! Amazing piece. ;-)
    It's an informative piece rather than an offensive one. I am sure everybody would want to take a step back and filter through all their photographs just to learn what they are doing is right or wrong. Somethings may work for one, but not the other- due to size, skin tone, age, personality!

    One thing I have learnt is to DO MY OWN MAKEUP...as fun as it may be to get makeup done from others or professionals..i feel (from alllll experiences which u are aware of) i know how much or how little i want on my face. :-)

    Keep the writing sweety!

  9. Very funny ( and true)..you are getting better with each post !

    P.S.: I was planning to buy that body hugging fluorescent green T shirt that we saw at Polo the other day...ek dum dhinchaak !

  10. Haha! Husband Oh! Husband! From Dhinchaak it will go to phatak-phatak out of the house :P

  11. hahaha... really funny... i loved the term 'paunch-hugging'

    to b honest i was self-conscious reading ur blog... but no indirect mention for MM... yeah

  12. MM - Haha! You are my style icon babe! You always get it right. Ppl shld follow you when in fashion-doubt. Mean it!

  13. haha :D It's true!!
    We are on a mission to be fairer.
    Simply, fairer = prettier.


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