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Hello?...why NOT me?

We often see people facing-up-towards-the-sky to some invisible phenomenon and complain about their life, using the words - "Why Me?". I, however, have an absolutely opposite complaint or rather a personal issue of - "Why not me?" 

Let me start from the beginning... 

  • I was a chubby kid all my life
  • I was not popular in High School
  • I was never part of any school 'club' or 'fun' activity
  • I never played sports (unless it was an ultimate requirement)
  • Neither was I an academic genius! (I am kinda glad about it though!)

Thank God! I was not born in poverty. That would have, definitelynot suited my personality and lifestyle (sooooo grateful). However, let me help you catch up with my stream-of-thought for this post. I have been watching the telecast of all the Awards shows (in Hollywood and Indian Cinema) every weekend for past 4-5 weeks. I have also been catching some of the sports tournaments on television - Snow Boarding, Ice Skating, etc. (qualifying for the up-coming Winter Olympics in Vancouver). I can't help myself but wonder why is that God (a.k.a that invisible phenomenon in the sky) has deprived me of any 'talent' what-so-ever? I do not mean the mediocre-level of activities that I keep indulging in, I mean the mind-blowing-earth-shattering kinda talent! Talent like what Meryl Streep has, Beyonce has, Roger Federer has, Muhammad Ali has or even Giselle Bündchen has! I, my friend have no-such-talent to boost off! 

Giselle Bündchen

Don't get me wrong. This is not a self-pit-loathsome post. Kindly do not leave comments helping me count my qualities. I am aware of, all of them. Trust me! Modesty is not one of my virtues! And neither am I ungrateful for all that I have, I am only stating the facts and honestly wondering why not me? 

I am aware that everyone has their set of problems and issues (just like me). But I am totally ready to exchange my life for Beyoncé's or Giselle's (for example) in a blink of an eye. They are more than welcome to come and live my life while I 'struggle' in theirs. 

Beyoncé Knowles 

I guess the 'wise' point I am trying to derive out of all this - is that - I would definitely like to stay-in my own life ... unless, of course, I am given a chance to exchange it for some ultra talented life. Hopefully, glamour is involved too, since I love dressing up and clicking pictures ;)


  1. Tanvi, you raise a good point but my answer is statistical. Talent is supposed to be rare. If everyone could be Michael Jordan or Giselle then it would NOT be called talent.
    Having said that, I also think that talent is 99 percent perspiration. You have to have aptitude...then you need to identify it, and work hard on it to make it a talent! Practice, persist and you will succeed.

  2. I really dont think u should change ur life with them, u never know what happens at closed doors.. u are perfect the way u are!!

  3. Here is another 'WHY NOT ME?"!
    I just wish I can find something in this life....

  4. I think its all about being at the right place at the right time...

  5. Meetu D - I shall drink to that! ;) Haha

    Elisa - I wanted to exchange my life for a 'talented' one. I think more than me, others should be scared to living 'my' life ... haha ... I know what you mean sweety. I am just doing wishful thinking of 'having it all'

    Hongmi - I know, we belong to the same club ;)

    Kajal - Hmmm ... true that ... but I really think I lack 'the' extraordinary talent. It wldn't matter even if I managed to be at the right-place at right-time! :P

  6. i love the photographs..alll sexxxyy girls! i think all ur fitness dedication would be your karma for the next life :-p HOPE! haha! might as well get your autograph now..

    as for glamour-so much im telling u...work on that book...get famous...make a movie on it..and kick that harry potter chick's tushi :-p

  7. p.s. your talent is ur dedication to fitness. About 99.9999 percent of the people can't do what you did...
    But how to turn it into a marketable talent? That's a whole other ball-game.

  8. Anita & Meetu D - I shall try and turn it into a marketable talent ;)

  9. Gosh i LOVE you!!!!

    ...even more... I will swear by this... your honesty is a rarity...


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