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Fashion 101

Since my last Fashion blog, almost 2 weeks back, I have been thinking relentlessly about - "What makes an outfit work?" (My reader - Meetu D asked me to elaborate on this and hence the post!). However, I am a staunch believer of 'individualistic' fashion & style. I do not think that any one fashion mantra can probably work on everyone!

Nonetheless, after mulling over this for over 10 days I have managed to make a list of some basic style parameters that I apply for myself. Please! let me know if anyone else out-there puts as much thought into 'what-to-wear' as I do? Sometimes I feel guilty of using so much of my precious 'think-time' into my clothes ... but I owe it to myself. I have to look & feel fabulous - everyday! (Absolutely any excuse to dress up!)
  1. Dress according to the place - I always make sure I am appropriately dressed for the venue. I am not self-concious, however I do not feel comfortable wearing shorts dresses (or any clothing with shorter length) if I am in the company of elders or in a professional environment. 
  2. Dress according to the weather - Besides the fact that I am afraid, I might look a little 'silly' wearing leather boots in summers or mini-dresses in winters ... it is also extremely uncomfortable! While many fashion advocators would support style over comfort but I am all for comfort first! (I believe humans started wearing clothes in the first place to be more comfortable in the changing weather conditions!)
  3. Work with colors - I have tried to include each and every color in my wardrobe. When putting an outfit together, I try to pick a color first and then work around it.
    • Stream-of-thought No.1 -> Color, Clothing item (Dress/Skirt/Jeans etc.), Shoes, Jewelry 
    • Stream-of-thought No.2 -> Shoes, Clothing item, Jewelry. 
  4. Worth my Money? - I love shopping. I do not even need a reason to shop. Sad->Shop, Happy->Shop, Lonely->Shop, With Friends->Shop, Birthday->Shop, Anniversary->Shop ... You get the picture, right? But I also value my money, that's why I always hit the Sales rack first. (I am not a celebrity. No one cares when I bought the dress!) Before buying I always divide the cost of any product by the number of times I 'believe' will be wearing it. If that makes sense - I buy it! e.g. If something is for $50 dollars and I will probably wear at least 5 times - the cost is justified but if it costs $500 and I will probably wear it only once (in an year ... may be) then Really!? Do I 'really' need it?
  5. Don't collect Junk from Sales - I always pick up basics, like plain under shirts, leggings, socks, pajamas from Sales. While, Sales are an excellent way to splurge and yet be within budget, yet a lot of stuff on Sale is useless! I try and chant this mantra that while shopping. 
Below are some of my fashion choices over the last 2 weeks. As we know, unfortunately I cannot share elaborate information about my outfit but I can share my stream-of-thought while I was putting the outfit together. Here we go, again ...

I had my weekly coffee date with Hongmi. It was drizzling and a little chilly outside. We were going to indulge in some 'window-shopping' as well. Hence, my simple skinny-jeans and a light sweater with comfortable shoes. The neck-wrap is the highlight, obviously but I started putting the outfit together starting with color. 

We were off for an early morning breakfast followed by a day full of errands. It was a pleasant day with a slight chance of rain. Again, chose a comfortable cigarette jeans with turtle neck and a loose polka-dot top. I procured this top from a thrift shop for an extremely economical price (Yay! for me, since I lurrvee it). Needless to say, I started putting this outfit together starting with the top followed by the weather!

Nothing special about the day. It was a pleasant sunny-yet-chilly-afternoon and I had to go get the car serviced. I hadn't worn this fuchsia pink top since last Feb and wanted to wear it. And that's where the outfit started, followed by my favorite skinny pants, boots, jacket and lastly the sunglasses that have a hint of pink too!

It was really ... really cold that evening. We had plans to catch an early dinner followed by a movie. So I chose my warmest-long sweater with grey leggings and matching pumps. Perfect outfit to wear my heart-shaped pendant with. The outfit started with sweater and everything just came together :o)

Okay, don't be jealous but this was again the same agenda as the previous day. Out for an early dinner followed by My Name is Khan (Indian Movie). I had spent the day pampering myself at the Benefit counter (Macy's). I had received an invitation for a free makeoverrrr! You can't see the make-up here but I was looking decent. This outfit began with the uber-cool flower top with a zipper at the back (my fav!). I paired it with snug black leggings and super cute booties and finished with the metal-neck-chains.

Without rubbing it in-your-face, we probably had plans to continue celebrating my favorite month of February! It was not-that-cold in the evening. Again, I hadn't worn the dress in over a year and really wanted to wear it. So, started with the dress, followed by the leggings, then beaded-neck-chain and creamish-grey shoes! 

Oh! Finally an example of an outfit which started with shoes! It was The Valentine's Day. I didn't wanna wear 'pink' or 'red' for obvious reasons. Then I remembered that I had a t-shirt (which my mom forced me to buy last year) which matches perfectly with a pair of boots I own (which I bought against the better judgment of my brother). The jeans also happen to be my favorite pair of skinny-jeans!  Voila! (Green looks good, no?)

Phew! This brings us to an end of Fashion 101. (I hope y'll learnt something *wicked.laughter*) 


  1. OMG, Tanvi, this is faaaabulous!!!
    This post has so much going for it. So many ideas....You have a career in fashion (remember your own post about hidden talent?)

    OK, one more idea...You look great in these pictures and you could do one post a day on your "outfit of the day." But you should add ideas like how one can take your look and tweak it for older/shorter/tubbier/etc, women. I totally see a book or a sponsored website coming out of this work!

  2. Hey!While reading this and last post i commented on the other post about the fashion post.Change it if u can.

  3. Fashion Admyraa :-pFebruary 16, 2010 at 3:14 AM

    Hey!! Really like all your looks. Especially love the roses with the zipper in the back! Totallly Hot!
    Do you remember the day when you actually said "Floral, eyuck!" :-)

    And I can go on and on about how I like the other clothes, too, but then it may be too wussu no? ;-) Okay I can't resist, I love the pink coral sweater too..and the perfect shade of blue..and i am not starting about the polka!

    I agree with Meetu D- there is a book in there somewhere..

    Photographer husband is only getting better :-p

    Happy Countdown Week!

    P.S. The pink top was your bday top :-p

  4. Fabulous Tans!

    Love outfit no. 1...the light sweater and the neck wrap

    Love outfit no. 3 even more...the long blue sweater..WOW

    And love the green tee and matching shoes...Green does look good!

    Very nice pics! Stream of thought makes a lot of sense...agree with the 2 ladies book beckons!


  5. I have a few points and some comments fot fashion and pics...
    1.Amazing pics of the photographer.
    2.Polka dots looks nice on you in this weather.Very few ppl can carry this.(not to miss the muscles)
    3.Brown boots are stealing the show.
    4.Blue being my favourite color & happy go lucky shade brings exact figure of yours.
    5.You look stylish in the mirror.
    6.Perfect legs in black on d road.
    7.Blue beads of neck string strike out with ckecks legging.
    8.Green may not b yr liking but it goes well with black other than blue jeans.Matching boots adding smartness to the pic.

    Gr8 going.Full marks to FASHION! Clap..clap....

  6. I enjoyed ur blog... I loved ur pics more:) gr8 goin babes!!!

  7. Extremely curious to know :
    1. How much time do u spend shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories per mth? (U might want to change that to per week or day if the no. is too big to calculate)
    2. How much time do u spend thinking abt clothes u'll wear, daily?
    3. How much time do u spend actually dressing up, daily?
    4. Which is that item which costed $500 and how many times did u wear it?
    5. What does hubby dearest feel abt all this?
    6. Do u get depressed when the shops close down for the day? ...or have u discovered some 24x7 outlets?

    ...Pl take all of the above in a lighter vein...

    Honestly spking, I'm impressed that someone can actually put so much thot into clothes...
    I agree with Meetu... U've missed ur vocation...
    U shd start seriously thinking abt monetizing ur understanding of dressing up.

  8. why do people waste so much time on abt solving poverty

  9. Why do people waste so much time on passing useless comments and being unsupportive..aka anonymous! You are not welcome here and if you are being rude on that account, LOG OFF and solve it!! Donate your internet 'fees' amount!

  10. Meetu D - I am glad you liked it. I think my passion for the things I enjoy always shows ... if something comes out of it ... Great ... else I am not really putting any extra effort ... I wear clothes daily, regardless :P

    Mom - You are the cutest :o) Isn't my mom sure cute?

    Ani - Yeah, it's 'that' same top ;) And Thanks babes! Love you muaahhhh! I will write the book if you click the pictures, deal?

    Ritika - Thanks :o)

    MM - You are funny! Hehe

  11. Manish - (bhaiya, I assume :P) I hope these are not Rhetorical questions. Coz I am about to reall answer them. :o)

    1. I shop only over the weekends probably once or twice a month.
    2. Five minutes max. I am not indecisive and organized. So it helps!
    3. 30 minutes total.
    4. I haven't bought any clothing for $500 dollars. The max I have spent on my clothes was during my wedding and obviously I have only worn those clothes once!
    5. My hubby dearest says. "Glad You didnt turn into a bhenji like most woman do" Honestly his words not mine ;o)
    6. Haha! No I do not get depressed. I am passionate about fashion not CRAZY! P.S. There is ALWAYS online shopping. God Bless America ;)

    Last but not the least, Thank you for your interest in my Fashion & Style. I appreciate your compliments too ... I will may be become 'famous' and monetize on my skills, one day!

  12. Anon - I don't have to ... I am sure you are doing that for all of us? You are, right? Solving poverty, that is?

    Oooh Anon - Though I know who you are I shall respect your privacy. But THANKS for sticking up for me. I love you!

  13. Anonymous - Although everyone has a right to pass judgment no matter how neanderthal it is (ya anon..go google that word for what it means), people should also have the guts to say it openly and not like a coward using anonymous names.

    I hope this 'anonymous' person doesn't pick up a Vogue magazine to look for World News.

  14. Loved your choices of color Tanvi. I guess I should also work on the color..... my clothes are mosly white or black..... haha

  15. You have completely transformed into a New You. Truly amazing and you are an achiever.

  16. i absolutely loved ur fashion blog.. i think there is a lot of talent there that needs the right channell and direction. plus u know wht ure doing in april now, and in july in london

  17. i love your fashion sense tanvi.. and i second sakshi that u really need to do something about it.. it is time to take this blog and your talent on to the next level..
    oh..My fav. blue outfit :-)

  18. the neck wrap is hott! you are rocking it ...

  19. Husband - Thanks :o)

    Enid - Thanks. You look great in your recent pictures .. and I saw a fuchsia pink dress if I am not wrong ;)

    Harpreet - How sweet! Best Compliment ever :o)

    Sakshi - Thanks ya! I hope you find that direction and channel one day ;o)

    Shivi - Thanks babes! Simple pleasures in my otherwise boring mundane life!

    Kajal - Thank You! It's one of my fav. :o)

  20. I love d cream color chicken kurti....its beautifull....where did u get it frm...???
    Ur lookin really pretty in it...


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