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Fitness, Anyone?

Alright people ... let's take a break from the 'heavy-duty-emotional-atyachar' (translation: torture) in my previous few posts and return to my popular topic - Fitness! 

Just today morning, I was telling my Pilates instructor, Dawn, about how I am the poster girl for fitness, in my friends and family's life at least. And I would like to inform you all that I take my role very seriously. So, how many of my avid blog readers are still on the healthy band wagon with me? and how many have fallen off? *heavy.breadth.out.with.wicked.eye.roll* People who never joined in .... errrmmm why are you here, by the way?

Anywhooo, I am still working out (Like duhh!), sweating myself away and I must warn you guys that today is definitely not the day when I am indulging in self-loathing. I was admiring my ba-tooty the whole time in the mirror while I was doing all the cat-woman-like-poses in Pilates and man! it looks good ... my gluteus maximus, that is *wink*. 

I might have put on a couple of pounds during the holidays but I am thinking may be it's the weight of my hair (they have grown long, you see) PJ! In spite, of the fact that I do not have the luxury of all the time at my disposal any more, I am still managing to keep a decent body! (Yes! blog-readers I have finally managed to occupy myself with things-to-do besides household chores and working-out) So, I don't see why you cannot do it, if I can!?

From my previous blog we have established that"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius. Healthy body contributes towards healthy mind which then help form happy thoughts. Therefore, to summarize for the logically-challenged people -> Healthy Body = Happiness! Now, chop-chop ... get moving and losing (pounds)!


  1. Hello.V never got bored.Serious topics were as interesting as Body-Fitness and Glamour.You are good in all.
    Keep it up.(entertaining).

  2. ur blog fan is back! hehehe love it as usual!!

  3. Mo(re)tivated, AnitaJanuary 19, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Yesss!!! I am happy already that I am trying..actually more like I keep trying. I fall into the category of 'falling out of the bandwagon' with a big bang, crash, thud, OUCH! (reaction after stepping on to the weighing scale some time later!)

    But, with a new beginning, I am back on with excess motivation to keep to what I have planned out in my current scheme of 'let's lose some fat'!

    Keep the motivation coming :-)

  4. Have been mulling over Wise WOman Tanvi's advice: "If you dislike a certain exercise, then definitely push yourself to do it. You need it more..."

    Hmmm...who would think that l'il Tanvi would give me advice...that too Verrry sound advice....

  5. Mom - Thank You! You are also in my Fan List now :P Heheh

    Enid - Missed you!

    Anita - I shall try my best to keep to motivated this time!

    Meetu D - *blush* Now I am a little embarrassed! But I hope you are able to conquer your demons ;)

  6. would loooove to see more posts about your fitness regime/diet etc. Since im going through the fat-ugly-desp-trying-to-lose-weight phase! =(

    and yes, Kudos to the blog! you can now count me in as part your regulars :D



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