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2010 - Here I come!

I am in love with 2010, already! I simply love it ... I think it's got some pizzazz in the way it rolls on my tongue - 20/10. I love new beginnings, new years, new everything ... because it means I can go ahead and buy new stationary and start planning 'something-new' again. Personal organizers are my favorite buy of the whole year because even after many, many years they let me visit my past by simply turning pages and seeing how much I had travelled, achieved and enjoyed (or not!) in the 'days gone by' ...

We have established that I do not have any new year resolutions for this year but I have managed to think of a list of things (that I can note in my organizer and start using it!) that I would like to accomplish in next 12 months (hopefully!)
  1. I want to be more organized (right down to becoming a penny-pincher, if that's what it takes). I want to plan and be prepared for every minute thing in my life, because as they say if you can conceive it ... you can achieve it!
  2. I want to find my soul-satisfying job. I am sure it exists. I am certain it's out there. I have promised myself to get out of my comfort shell and explore and discover all the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer me. My mantra is 'You don't have reasons, you have excuses - Go find the solution!' [God! Give me courage to follow through with these 'strong' claims that I am making!]
  3. I want to continue on my path towards ultimate-fitness. I am healthy and I want to stay healthy. It is almost 6 years and I have not once deterred from my path of nirvana. It rejuvenates me and has become an extension of my personality now.
  4. I want to be a better person. I am drawn towards people who are polite, pleasant and charming. I wish to acquire all these qualities . I want to be sensitive towards others and their feelings. I want to observe people and judge myself ... not them.
  5. I want to travel. I can compromise on everything but not on my passion numero uno! I want to travel to new places, meet new people, click lot of pictures and shop from local shops. It might sound the most trivial wish on my list but that's who I am - full of contradictions! (Take it or leave it!)
... and just like that ... she came, she saw, ... she conquered!


  1. Universal Positivity, AnitaJanuary 5, 2010 at 4:10 AM

    I love it!!

    Your 'goals' are very exciting and knowing you, you probably are the few that accomplish what they start of writing in their list of the things-to-do at the start of the year.

    Good luck and hopefully I can be a part of Point Numero 5! :0)

    And you know what,I feel the same for 2010! There is something abt this year. It's filled with positivity. Remember our "talk to the universe theory".I think it's everybody reaching out to the universe and hoping and praying and believing. It's the positivity in the universe towards this year that is making the energy in the air sizzle! Last year's troubles, challenges and obstacles are going to be replaced with adventures and opportunities.

    Ride on!

  2. Yea...all abt 2010. See u very very soon !

  3. Hey babes!

    Love your positivity (Anita's too)...And love your goals!

    Here's hoping a great enriching 2010 to all of us!


  4. All the best Beta.
    I love your thoughts and self analysis.Goals clearly defined sets the rules.
    Happy & Gr8 Twenty Ten!

  5. Thank You Everyone! Let's rock 2010!

  6. If you like 20/10, wait (ten more years) till you see 20/20! Haha!
    You have so many goals...mine is to have fewer goals :-)

    Also, I was thinking..."She came, she shopped, she conquered..." (Not you, of course.)

  7. Meetu D - 20/20 sounds more like the cricket matches. Well you have already achieved MOST of your goals ... with how organized and multi-tasking you are ... while I am just getting started. Besides I love making Longgggg to-do-lists!

    and I like the "she came, she shopped ... " part ... of course - That's ME! :)

  8. Good post!! 4/5 is not bad at all...it's actually pretty good!! I should really start doing this..making a list of goals at the beginning of the year and evaluating myself towards the end..it's a really productive exercise!!


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