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Strive to gain pre-eminence

I love my country. I do! Really. Mera bharat mahaan (My India is Great) and all the shenanigans that goes along with it. We have a great culture, history and diversity. We are hospitable, warm hearted colorful people. But can we take a moment and address the facts which are not-so-great? We have become short-tempered people who highly lack in the matters concerning manners and common-courtesy. I have addressed these issues previously, upon my return from homeland in July (click here to read) but I touch upon them again today as a result of what I had witnessed this morning!

There was a traffic light failure at two consecutive junctions during the morning peak-hour (8:00 am). Of course, the traffic was moving at a slow pace due to this but guess what? there was no honking, no road-rage, no-one cutting lanes and beat this! there was no traffic police either. Everyone moved in an orderly fashion - letting one car pass, one at a time from each direction. And I am talking big transportation trucks, minivans, small cars, SUV's etc. etc. all on the same road. People even managed to help each other out in case something needed to change lanes or make U-turns, all with a smile.

How do you think this exact picture would have translated on Indian roads? Forget about a traffic-light failure, even when everything is running smoothly, people show complete disregard for each other and traffic rules. Why are we incapable of following rules? Why do we all believe that our problems are way bigger than the next person's? Why has all our olden-days charm and mystical mannerism blown up in smokes?

So while the West has well embraced Yoga, Osho, and even turmeric powder (curry) we are figuring out our way through Zumba, Paris Hilton and Tobasco. I am all for cultural exchange but not so much for a cultural drain! May be, I am being cynical but what if this is God's sense of humor where he has turned the table and offered India an economic growth in exchange for cultural-traditional bankruptcy? Have we really made our choice? Are we indeed a sell-out?
P.S. This is my 101 post on this blog. Wow! Would you call it a milestone? Ha!-ardly, right?


  1. GOOD Desi Girl :-p, AnitaDecember 20, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Very well written and quite an 'engrossing' piece. I wanted to read more. Awesome use of metaphors.

    I can so imagine the scene in India. Everybody would have surely returned home to pop a CROCIN and for sure a fight would have broken out!!

    Let's hope this 'phase' wears out and all us Indians realize that our old image of hospitable and our cultural pride is out greatest asset.

  2. Blog Loyalist, AnitaDecember 20, 2009 at 4:22 PM


  3. Thank you girls! What would I do without you guys :o)

  4. Get this article published.
    Loved reading it.It made me read twice.

  5. i was picturising it literally....m reading it quite late....but i enjoyed it thorolly

  6. I love your writing Tanvi... Sometimes you just express my thoughts (in much better English though -haha).
    The same thing happened in my country. Who can doubt the greek spirit, culture and contribution to the world? But we have turned to people who disregard rules a long time ago...
    I think it happens to countries when the individual becomes more important than society. We lose our bonds and we are on our own. The lack of central authority sometimes does that as well. And of course corruption and injustice too. I guess many countries have that in common. (do I make sense?).


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