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On a solemn note ...

Queen Rania of Jordon

I woke up in-the-middle of the night in a sullen mood. I tried to go back to sleep but thoughts kept me awake. When I tried to track back my thought-stream I was amused that it jumped from movies-to-life-to-marriage-to-communication-to-ambition-to-cancer-to-women-to-men-to ... it went on ...

I found myself wondering about Queen Rania of Jordon, out-of-the-blue. First of all, I find her explosively beautiful (not that 'beholder-beautiful' cliché). She is married, has four children, and is an advocate, a philanthropist and a humanitarian. She is extremely charming and is putting her charm and intelligence to good use - world aid! I admire her for the multi-tasking she does and all of it with such grace.

From Queen Rania my thoughts jumped to Lisa Ray. She is a Canadian-Indian actress whom I loved in the movie Bollywood/Hollywood. In my opinion it was a cult-movie which was a laughing riot. I watched it for several days on repeat mode! She is currently fighting Cancer. I had read her blog posts several months back and it ached my heart (still does) to read about her struggle. (but hey! Sistah can write! She should publish it)

Amid all these thoughts and all these women I cannot help but wonder the meaning of my own life. All these years I have believed that I am born to do something great and special but now I feel the time is running out and I haven't even figured out what that 'special-deed' is? I read about all the achievements and struggles of these women, admire their courage and resilience, and then continue to wonder ...

Eventually I spent 5 hours lying awake in bed figuring out my purpose. Haven't found it - yet!


  1. i feel the feel you feel.

    I love Queen Rania too and she is indeed a beautiful woman.

    Hopefully, you shall find your purpose and calm the rampage in your mind. :-) Your calling will call in soon.

  2. Dear Tanvi,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading all your articles, though I have never posted a comment on your blog.

    This article compelled me to do so, specifically because it is associated with Queen Rania. :)

    The question 'What is my purpose in life' seems to have taken a permanent place in my mind aswell.
    If it helps in anyway, your not alone.

    With your writing skills and intellect you can definitely pursue journalism,and put your views across to a wider audience.

    Please give it a thought.

    Merry Christmas!

    Kind Regards

  3. Ani - Amen to that! Hope we ALL find our purpose and achieve it :o)

    Bhavna - Thank you so much for your kind words. I know Journalism has always been an invitation to me since teenage ... but I can write only what I want to ... which kinda won't work as a profession, don't you think?

    Let's hope I realize my calling sooner than later :o)
    Take Care and Merry Christmas to you too...

  4. on a lighter note, i wanted to buy that bag!

  5. Hey! nice pic.,nice lady,good figure,good human being,well dressed.One of my favourite woman:).
    Making a note of what v want with priority can b achieved with efforts.I know u have this great quality! All the best.Muah!

  6. Red Ginger - I echo your emotions :o)

    Anon - Thank You :o)

  7. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks up to Queen Rania! She's an activist, but also so very beautiful and elegant. Love her! :)

  8. with my birthday approaching in 2 days i have been feeling same way- there is so much to do, see, learn, explore and time is running out. I did not know about Lisa Ray- my heart aches for her too :(


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