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Over the last year I have been following a number of fashion blogs. A few days back I stumbled upon this really cool blog of Jessica Schroeder. What she does is, photo-journal her daily outfits on the blog with details about where she bought each item she is wearing from. Though I am aware that she is not the first person to have a blog on this concept but what struck a chord with me are all her outfits! I love them all and thats a first for me. Everyone has their own style and fashion-sense but her's resonated with me.

I, too like to mix-match my outfits, not have any one particular way of dressing. I like it all whether it's the biker-girl look with leather jackets and metal accessories or bohemian look with long flowing skirts and cotton blouses or a classic hollywood look with figure-huggin gowns and diamonds. I give a thought before putting on even my daily wear ... even if it's a simple jeans and top to do groceries. Over the years, I believe, I have finally found my comfortable-fashion niche. I am not intimidated by the fashion trends but instead try and incorporate them in my wardrobe only if it works for my body type. In teenage and early 20's I never followed 'the' fashion mantra, but I have realized it's actually true - Own a few good pieces and then mix-n-match. P.S. Don't forget to accessorize!

Well, so today I am 'blog-lifting' Jessica's concept and trying it for myself. I wore the outfit on Christmas day. My aim was to stay away from red & green deliberately to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. Yet, I wanted to look & feel 'fun' and 'merry'!

Photography courtesy my Husband
Jacket - Armani (Austin)
Dress - Flee Market (New Jersey)
Tights - Miss Sixty (Dubai, U.A.E.)
Shoes - BCBG (Austin)
Necklace - Flee Market (Ladakh, India)
Bangle - Old Navy (San Antonio)


  1. love mix-match...... but never good at it..... XD

  2. Priscila BarrenecheaDecember 27, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    I Like!

  3. Enid - Practise makes you perfect *wink

    Pri - Mwaahhh!

  4. Love your style.
    Have a gr8 time on Nyear eve.

  5. Accessories Junkie, AnitaJanuary 2, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Love the shoes girl!!!! And I think this fashion bloggin is FUN! Keep it going! Lemme know the website and i'll check it out!

  6. love the tights,,,,,they r hawtttt,,,,, nt to forget u luk super chic and hottttttt

  7. Ani & Shilpy - Thank You Girls!!!

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  12. Cool to not wear the standard red and green, very pretty.


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