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Embrace the Winters!

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November was a hectic month with exhausting travel (travel that doesn't involve relaxation and shopping is pointless, hence exhausting), husband & his PhD, and packing (We are changing apartments). While I tried my best to include workout in my busy life but lack of transportation, weather (It's freezing out here), and my own indolence made it quite hard. And I have to say that without pumping iron and/or breaking into a sweat, a perfectly sexy coca-cola bottle can feel like a thick-fat carton of lard! I might not have put any weight but I definitely do not feel (and most probably even look) as fit as I did ... say few weeks back!

However, after 5 years of roller-coaster lifestyle, one lesson I have learnt is to never be disheartened. It's your body and you are in control at all times. Personally, every time my workout is adjourned (due to circumstances beyond my control) it has proven to be good for me. After a short break of few days/weeks whenever I get back to my regular routine I am able to push my body a little more and in turn reach new fitness levels. I am sure about this, because no-matter-how long my break was, whenever I returned to my Holy place aka Gym, it was with a bang!

Of course, just because I am not working out doesn't ever mean that I stop using my brain too. I always stay active on my feet, watch what I eat and do squeeze-in whatever little fitness-activity is possible.

So, once all the moving is done this weekend I plan to give myself 2 more days to settle-in and then get back to my healthy life, which oh! I miss so much ... Only if God would be a little more kind towards my cause, as Winters here are really harsh this time (and it's Texas, not to mention!). The thought, of the temperature outside itself, is making me *shudder* ...


  1. Winter Whining, AnitaDecember 5, 2009 at 2:02 AM

    Oh!! Winter is reallly a bummer-if it's as cold as how London was. (the coldest winter in 13 yrs had to be the one when I was there!) Remember how we didn't use our fitness first account because it was simply tooo cold to step out and walk to the gym. :-p (atleast, that was my excuse!)

    Happy Moving and getting back to the 'breathe in breathe out...run..1,2,15..3 sets..box..kick healthy fit lifestyle!!'

  2. Happy new home !
    And, no, Texas winters are not really "winters" :-)

  3. I have moved and settled and LOVE my new home :o)

  4. I know how trablesome moving can be..... I also just moved to a new condo. Packing & unpacking..... The weather is still pretty nice down here in SoBe MIA. Wanna come and do your work-out here??


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