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Eat to Live ... not the other way!

Another manic monday with too many things to do ... I wonder why all my errands always pile up on the first day of the week? Hmmm ... could it be, something to do with 'being-lazy-over-the-weekend' ... you think? ... Never-mind! Don't answer that :P

This morning, I have been thinking really hard about food vs people and food vs fitness. Specially, since it's winters and is exceptionally hard to keep my mouth shut! No silly, I do not mean too much talking ... I mean too much eating! You know, what I think the problem is? We over-glamorize the food we eat. We let the food define our happiness and satisfaction. I have had to learn the hard way but now I know better than obsess over what I eat (or not eat). Oh! a birthday without a big-fat-cake is a sacrilege - No! It is not. Holidays without non-stop sugar munching are not worth it - Absolute non-sense. Buffets without over-load of desserts is a waste on money - Shut up! and get some brains.

I am not saying that I would ever have a birthday without a cake or go for buffets and not replace the main-course for desserts ... what I am saying is that I do not obsess over it. I do not have to have it! It's like you drink water, breathe air, ... you eat food (desserts included!). It doesn't require neurotic focus or attention. While I still crave my chocolates, cakes, and Starbucks among other forms of suicidal food, I have managed to (with a lot of will power) make healthy choices during the day which kinda balances out my acts of sin. Though I am no where near a perfect lifestyle ... but I am surely and consistently trying to stay on the path of attaining one (that ought to count for something! Right?)

Some random thoughts and affirmations to keep myself focused on my narrow waist :P
  • It takes about 6 weeks to make or break a habit
  • 90% of people gain all (or more) weight back in 2 yrs (since they first started losing it)
  • Toning your butt makes your waist look smaller
  • It takes 100 too many calories each day to gain 10 pounds over the year
  • A pound of muscle burns 9 calories while a pound of fat burns only 2
  • Eating oatmeal, citrus fruits and honey can boost your sex drive

P.S. Just an observation, that this is my first post in 2 months about health and food. So there ... all you people who think I only write about fitness! Hmph!


  1. I wish i can control myself in this winters.
    M being too lazy and too busy to exercise.Hahaha.

  2. New Resolutions, AnitaDecember 24, 2009 at 4:17 AM

    So my New Year's Resolution:

    Whilst working on the many other resolutions, give it 6 weeks of patience!!!

    May you continue on this fitness path in the upcoming year and choose alll the healthy choices! Wishing you a Happy Last Week of 2009! :-) (what happens in 2009 ends there..the calories won't follow you to the next year!) How I WISH!

  3. Tanvi, I need to confess.... i am addicted to tiramisu and mud pie..... i live to eat.... =P

  4. Anon - I know how you feel!

    Anita - From your mouth to God's ears :o)

    Enid - I know you are blessed with excellent metabolism .. but can I just say ... too much sugar and salt contribute to aging and wrinkles! Wanna re-think abt your addictions? :o)


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