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Sometimes the best 'man' for the job is a 'woman'

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Last week I visited my Orthodontist for a regular check up and cleaning. I say, if the insurance covers it then better get it done, right? Well, I have to say that the staff at this particular practice is exceptionally pleasant. All three visits of mine in the past year have been a delight, considering I am saying this about a dental visit. So, when I entered in the middle of the afternoon I was greeted and checked-in by a nice lady. She looked at me and said, "Are you a runner? You look like a runner!" Now, I am no expert in receiving compliments (sarcasm!) but that sure sounds like a VERY good compliment from a stranger. I shall most-definitely put her on my "Potential-Friend-List". Then entered my Hygienist who complimented me on my shoes (They are these old 'fashionable' Tennis shoes that I refuse to part with). Then followed my doctor's assistant who complimented me on my handbag (a classic
Fendi bag, so I can't blame her; what's not to like?). As one can probably make out, I am gonna stick with this dental-practice, clearly they take care of more than just my teeth! *big.grin*


Mostly in life, I try and refrain from using any phrase which classifies people in a stereotype or cliché. I personally disdain people who use sentences like " All Americans are ....", " All females are ... ", etc. etc. I know various researches are done over the years to form some sort of pattern in behavior, habits and culture. However, how many people are 'quoting' these researches and/or are even aware of such facts in real life? Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my Latin American friends, about stay-at-home mothers versus working mothers. Naturally, we both didn't have any real-time statistics to prove our statements but I cannot get myself to agree with her. She said something on the lines of ... "American women (I presume she meant caucasian race) are more spendthrift and need big houses and expensive cars and hence, they cannot afford to be stay-at-home-mothers." Really?! How can one derive such conclusions? Even if you know 10 American women with similar lifestyle, that still doesn't constitute 'all American women ...'. Nonetheless, if a woman is in a Doctor/Surgeon/Advocate/Judge-kinda profession, society is more lenient and accepting of their 'working-mother-status' in comparison to if she is a Marketing Executive or a Model?!?

I know the world doesn't operate the way I 'believe' it should but that isn't stopping me from behaving the way I believe - 'I should'!



  1. Ah, the old "Mommy Wars"...
    Personally, I believe that some women are better mothers when they have a job. But to any woman who thinks that giving up her career is the BEST option after having a baby, I have only one book to recommend: The Feminine Mistake by Leslie Bennett. I guarantee that you will think a thousand times before quitting your career for full time mommy-hood.
    Tanvi, maybe you should do a review of the book for your friend???

  2. Judgement Day, AnitaNovember 24, 2009 at 3:25 AM

    Nice dentist practice- knows how to put a 'perfect' smile on your face!

    Yeah, it's unfair when you're categorized! Ask me, I am a Sindhi (in Dubai!) You know how many conclusions people draw based on that? Also a very weird one I keep getting is when I'm asked by a stranger where I'm from and when I respond India, they look shocked and say the following: "You don't look Indian, all Indians are black/dark" Otherwise it would be offensive, but they say it so harmlessly that you just let it pass. Several others include on the accent.

    It is indeed discomforting when people judge based on behaviors they know off or expect. But then again, I think we all do or have at one point classified people by the cliches of society.

  3. Hmm..Agree with Anita. I guess we all have a natural tendency to classify or group people basis cliches of the society.

    But yes, its a bit annoying when they revolve around feminist issues...For instance-working moms behave in a certain way...and the likes. Thats not fair!

    Anyways, enjoy your thanksgiving tans!n the Black friday :)


  4. Well written--Well commented...

  5. Meetu D - I will first try and read that book :)

    Ani - I know we all do that ... what I am trying to say is that we should at least TRY to change!

    Anu - Thanks!!

    Maa - Thanks :)


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